6 Best Crypto Trading Bots in Singapore

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It is evident that you have a lot on your plate and probably might not be able to spend enough time behind a screen.

Therefore, below are some of the best crypto trading bots in Singapore that you must try at least once. Further, with the Pionex GRID Trading bot, you can earn UPTO 270% APY while playing video games or doing dishes.


NameFounded in PricingBeginner Friendly
Pionex 2019 FreeYes 
3Commas2017$22/ monthYes
Coinrule 2018FreeYes
Haasonline 2014₿0.009 per six monthsKind-of
TradeSanta 2018$14/ monthYes

What are Cryptocurrency Trading Bots?

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot is software that allows you to automate your marketing strategies and investments, increasing efficiency by monitoring changes in the market, and prices and making high-speed decisions.

Further, the use of trading bots reduces risks. It makes you superior to manual traders as they carry out orders from your trading and marketing strategy without any manual intervention.


Pionex allows you to access 16 unique trading bots for free. Furthermore, it supports manual trading using crypto-to-crypto conversions and will enable you to automate your investing strategy, therefore, abolishing the need for constantly monitoring the market. 

Further, you can earn UPTO 50% APY using the Pionex Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot. Apart from this, you can learn more from the Pionex review.

Best Crypto Trading Bots In Singapore: Pionex
Best Crypto Trading Bots in Singapore: Pionex

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  • Firstly, the Grid Trading Bot automatically purchases an asset determined by its low price and sells it when it hits a high price. You can earn more from the market volatility continuously. 
  • Furthermore, leveraged grid bots, it provides access margin to increase returns.
  • This platform provides the trailing sell bot feature that allows you to set multiple target prices that increase value.
  • Moreover, The dollar-cost averaging bots allow the traders to set different target prices that later on hike the value. 
  • Lastly, its spot future arbitrage bot allows traders to capitalize on differences between the current spot price and the current price in the futures market.


  1. Currently, Pionex users have to pay a charge of 0.05% out of the total trade value whether they are market makers or a taker.
  2. Moreover, no minimum deposit is required.
  3. A withdrawal fee that varies by coin, alongside quantity limits. If you give your KYC details, however, increase the withdrawal limits.

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Is Pionex Safe?

  • Pionex platform offers a safe place for its traders as it is backed by Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital, and ZhenFund. 
  • Further, it has gained the U.S. FinCEN‘s MSB (Money Services Business) License. It’s the same license that Binance and other top exchanges have applied for. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Subscription-free trading bots platform.Might be overwhelming to beginners.
The screener feature provides a scanner and customizes pattern recognition.
It helps you create a trading portfolio with Artificial Intelligence Investment ideas. 


3commas is one of the best crypto trading bots in Singapore where you can utilize the benefits of automated trading. Established in 2017, the company behind it is based in Toronto. Read our 3commas review to know more.



  • Copy Trading: 3Commas particular platform allows you to copy the portfolio of other traders by assessing their statistics, such as historical profit and losses, preferred trading pairs, and volumes.
  • SmartTrade: This platform SmartTrade feature allows you to execute trades across multiple exchange platforms. 
  • Trailing orders essentially allows you to adjust your stop loss and profit-taking parameters automatically.
  • Moreover, The innovative sell feature offers you to sell a specific coin and purchase them back later.
  • The user can customize your bot which is sensitive to TradingView signals to receive notifications.


  3commas provides its members with 3 main packages.

  1. Junior Plan or the free plan, which includes the vast majority of features.
  2. Secondly, there is the starter plan for $22 with added benefits along with automated trading. 
  3. Advanced Plan: Further, With the advanced plan of $37, you can utilize automated bots within your trading strategy and have direct access to the TradingView pricing signal feature.
  4. Pro Plan: Lastly, its Pro plan, which charges $75 per month, utilizes both Simple and Composite bots. Moreover, you also have access to the entire portfolio management suite.

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  •  Although this platform does not provide us with many details regarding its security protocols, the funds are not held on the platform. 
  • The exchange account and trading bots are linked through API, and then automated trade takes place, only the provisions API keys generated by their exchanges. 
  • Lastly, one drawback that has been observed is that it collects personalized data. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
User-friendly platform.The onboarding process is lengthy 
Comprehensive education and learning tools.Users experience minor lags in the mobile application of this platform.
Active customer care service team.Trade Bot Commission on Lower Tiers.
7-day free trialLimited features in the trial version.


Superalgos platform offers crypto markets research and trading automation. The goal of the platform is to integrate all the crucial elements required to produce trading intelligence. Users choose Superalgos to build sophisticated crypto trading bots. It’s mostly oriented at users looking for robust, flexible, and powerful tools. You can read our Superalgos review to know more about the platform.


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Superalgos is 100% forever free to use, modify and distribute. There is no tiered or gated access. Everyone has unrestrained access to all features.

Is Superalgos Safe?

  • Yes, Superalgos is safe to use. The platform does not implement any particular security measures as the software runs on your premises, under your control.
  • There is no login, no registration, no personal info required to download or install. Superalgos is as secure as your machine may be.
  • You don’t need to trust your funds, exchange keys, personal info, or strategies with any third party.
  • Moreover, the software is open-source and there’s a large community of developers looking into the code base every day.
  • No third parties are involved in network communications. Your bots deal directly with the exchange’s API, and you trade directly from within your account at the exchange.

Pros and Cons

Superalgos is a user-centric platform.Doesn’t cover contracts (derivatives). It will at some point, but not at the moment. So it’s only spotted markets for the time being.
The platform features impressive integrated documentation that interacts with the interface.The current trading bot is low-frequency, working with time frames of 1 minute and above.
Superalgos is absolutely free to use.
Superalgos Pros and Cons


As the website claims, Coinrule empowers its traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders, hedge funds, and no coding is required. Its goal is to be a “Lego toolbox” for both technical and non-technical traders. To learn more, read the Coinrule review.



  • Customizable trading: Being a trader on this platform allows you to create customizable trading strategies and tools, which can be particularly helpful for experienced traders and offers more than 130 trading strategies templates to perform trading activities. 
  • Technical Parameters: It lets you adjust the parameters of the technical indicators to provide effective outcomes.
  • Track your trading: Furthermore, You can test your new trading guidelines and track them to improve your profitability.
  • Free demo: The user can test the strategies and know their performances on the free demo to determine the right strategy for you.
  • Key insights: Moreover, it provides you insights into cryptocurrency trading that amplifies your confidence, boosts your knowledge, and helps you earn more profit.


This particular platform offers its users 4 plans.

  1. The Starter Plan: This plan is for a certain duration of time, and can be used free of charge, providing 2 Live Rules, 2 Demo Rules, 7 Template Strategies, etc.
  2. Hobbyist Plan: For additional benefits, there is a Hobbyist plan for $29.99 per month with 7 Live Rules, 7 Demo Rules, 40 Template Strategies, 2 Connected Exchanges, etc.
  3. The new trade plan: Additionally, the new trade plan for $59.99 includes 15 Live Rules, 15 Demo Rules, Unlimited Template Strategies, 3 Connected Exchanges, etc.
  4. Pro Plan: Lastly, the Pro plan is for $449 per month for 50 Live Rules and Demo Rules, Unlimited Exchanges, Template Strategies, and Trade Volume.

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  • Coinrule holds and confirms critical information through algorithms and military-grade encryption technology. It associates with CloudFlare to monitor and stop the platform from going offline.
  • Coinrule does not ask for payments or personal information directly, instead of routing all prices through Stripe. Stripe marks the payments as merchant-initiated transactions and eliminates the need for credit cards. The extra layer allows Coinrule to secure your information.
  • This platform is protected with the help of API keys which are kept in encrypted form with dedicated private keys that are generated for each user separately.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It has an excellent customer care serviceThey offer limited fundamental and technical indicators.
User-friendly interface.It is a relatively new platform.
Military-grade security and encryption.No mobile application.
Offers more than 130 strategies templatesNo backtesting of the strategies


HaasOnline provides high-frequency trading products. High-experienced traders prefer using HaasOnline to maximize efficiency and profitability within cryptocurrency markets. Further, this particular platform allows you to integrate with over two dozen spots and leverage platforms. To learn more, read the HaasOnline review.



  • Flagship Product: They have pre-built cryptocurrency trading bots and allow users to automate their trading strategies. With HaasOnline’s flagship product, its members enjoy the ease of cloud management without the technical complexity of managing their instances. 
  • Automated trading : Moreover, HaasScript allows you to create complicated automated trading algorithms, technical indicators, generate and interpret signals, and much more.
  • Backtesting engine : HaasOnline’s backtesting engine provides you to choose from closing or order book prices. 
  • Paper trading is another remarkable tool. It saves you from taking any risks with actual capital during your testing phase and allows you to choose from price reached or price breached while paper trading with your simulated wallet funds.
  • Growth of the community: It educates the community with the help of blogs, community projects, tutorials, and guides.

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HaasOnline provides 3 plans to its users where you need to choose the type and duration. Further, all payments must be made in Bitcoin.

  1. Firstly, there is the Beginner plan for 0.009 BTC.
  2. Secondly, the Simple plan is ideal for growing investors for 0.016BTC. 
  3. Lastly, the Advanced plan for seasonal investors is 0.026 BTC. 


When it comes to security, Haasonline has taken sufficient steps to satisfy the necessity of making its platform safe by taking the following safety measures.

  • To maintain the privacy of the data given by the users, the HaasOnline Trade Server infrastructure has been set up in a manner that activates integrated intrusive analytics tracking so that the trade activity cannot be monitored between you and your integrated exchanges.
  • Furthermore, to keep the exchange wallets secure, HaasOnline Trade Server does not require withdrawal permission to execute trades on your behalf. This is a non-custodial platform. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Over 100 different bots are available. No trial version is available.
A high number of exchanges and trading pairs are supported.More complicated setup than cloud-based bots.
Features like backtesting and paper trading are available No Mobile Application yet.
It is a good platform for experienced traders.It is not that user-friendly.


TradeSanta aims to simplify cryptocurrency trading using customizable bots through which traders can enjoy the advantages of automated trading.

Further, this cloud-based platform links to your exchange and places orders on your behalf, based on your set custom criteria. Therefore, it can be one of the best crypto trading bots in Singapore. To learn more, read the TradeSanta review.



  • Trading strategies : The two cryptocurrency trading strategies include Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Grid bots. Although the main principle of both these bots is the same, The main difference is that the take profit order is placed for every buy order separately unlike DCA bot where the bot places one TP order for all buy orders executed.
  • Extra orders: This tool manages averaging, adding positions (orders) while the user is trading against the trend. Thus, open positions are averaged, and the take profit price will be recalculated so it will be easier to approach.
  • Flexible Trading bot : You can program your bot according to your need for a long or short strategy.
  • Technical indicators : Additionally, Technical indicators include relative strength index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger signals. 
  • Stop loss : The stop loss feature protects you from losses and will activate a sell order if the price decreases.

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TradeSanta has 3 plans to offer. 

  1. Every new user can enjoy a 3-day FREE trial of the Maximum package.
  2. Firstly, this platform offers the Basic plan for $14 per month with Up to 49 bots, limitless trading volume and number of pairs, all strategies, telegram notifications, and general support.
  3. Secondly, with its advanced plan for $20 per month, which includes Up to 99 bots.Trailing Take Profit, Unlimited trading volume and number of pairs, All strategies, TradingView signals for Binance and others, Telegram-notifications, New Statistics
  4. Lastly, its maximum plan for $30 per month where along with features from the advanced plan, it includes Custom TradingView signals and Trailing Take Profit.


  • It uses two-factor verification to protect your account. 
  •  Further, the API key you use in your exchange account only permits trade permissions, not withdrawal permissions.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Free 3 day trial.Lacks support for any decentralized exchanges.
User-friendly platform. The free trial lasts for only 3 days.
Trading strategies include DCA and Grid bots.Not suitable for taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities.
The stop loss feature protects from loss. No demo account. 

Crypto Trading Bots in Singapore: Conclusion

We want to conclude by saying it’s significant to determine the right platform among the numerous platforms available to you online. Of course, the right platform would be the one that suits you the best, so it’s best to do your research. Let us know which forum you found was the best in this list in the comments. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Q.1. Do cryptocurrency trading bots work? 

A.1. Cryptocurrency trading bots work when you have backtested your strategies and taken care of all the technical factors. However, it can result in a loss as well if you don’t strategize properly. 

Q.2. Are cryptocurrency trading bots legal?

 A.2. Bot trading is entirely legal in cryptocurrency and the stock market (although only certain brokers allow it).

Q.3. How to pick out the right Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

A.3. To select the right Cryptocurrency Trading Bot, you must know your requirements and everything you want, including whether Coding skills are required or not, budget, etc.

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