SecuX STONE Hardware Wallet Review | 15% Discount Coupon

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Hacking histories during the past few years thought most of the investors know to adopt a hardware wallet to keep their crypto-assets.


Once and for all, to get rid of the hackers stealing your cryptocurrencies in the exchange is to keep them offline completely.

Despite all the cryptocurrencies are no more than a set of digits on the blockchains, and the transaction data hash unveils the amount of the cryptocurrencies on the blockchain explorer transparently yet anonymously.

The real crypto-assets holder is the only user to transfer to another address (transaction) with the private key. 

Many hardware wallets provide offline storage or a no-touch-use scenario for the users to transfer their crypto-assets from the Exchange to a hardware wallet.

Once it is done, the users can really sigh in relief for a pleasant sleep. Furthermore, it could also support the users to transact peer-to-peer to another address, or to manage their crypto accounts, and so on.

Nevertheless, it differs a lot to manipulate their crypto-assets on the device that each hardware wallet has its unique proprietary firmware to execute the device.

Theoretically speaking, the more complicated procedures to send/receive the crypto-assets on the wallet come with the more secure preventions from the hacking behaviors, such as cyber-attack, malware, man-in-the-middle hacking, a physical attack on the device, stealing away the wallet, phishing site, etc.

You may imagine designing a comprehensive hardware wallet it shall consider all the potential and possible scenarios the careless users will behave and the sly crackers may act sneakingly around corners on the hardware wallet holders at all times. Is there any chance to get a truly secure yet simple to use a hardware wallet?

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User Friendly UX

The most attractive feature of SecuX STONE is a 2.8” color touchscreen.

Unlike other famous brand hardware wallets, I can intuitively finger-tip on the panel to create the accounts, add coins/tokens, send the funds, and view the full address at a glance on the screen.

The receiving address can be shown as a QR code! Not worth mentioning that 4 accounts can be shown on 1 page of the device.

It is a clear view of all my crypto assets! I feel much happier about myself when using a modern 3C gadget!. I notice that I can rename each of my crypto accounts on the portfolio and every time the onscreen keypad is randomly reallocated for the Device PIN access into the portfolio after an idle time. This is undoubtedly an attentive design in case of a peeping tom for stealing the user’s funds. (The SecuX mobile iOS app doesn’t support renaming asset accounts for the time being.)


Physical Verification

I started to learn why it requires a large screen on the STONE. When I am going to send funds to my associate as a test, the device shows an instant OPT when pairing with a mobile phone, I need to key-in the correct OPT to confirm the pairing is correct.

Then I can use the mobile camera to capture the recipient address without key-in the long letters and digits, after that I have to see the actual address on the device is exactly the same on the host device.

Later on, I have to tap to confirm the sending on my own STONE wallet. This behavior is rigorous that maybe once a lifetime, there is malware installed in your friends’ or associates’ mobile phone and you just took it as a random host device, it could create another recipient address to induce the sender to transfer the funds to the cracker’s wallet. They call it a man-in-the-middle hacking.

Secux Stone Hardware Wallet Review | 15% Discount Coupon

Account Recoverability

I won’t be surprised that SecuX STONE is fully compliant with BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44, which are able to recover existing accounts from the standard 12, 18, or 24-word passphrases. That means you can easily swap your hardware wallet to another one built in the same portal from, even once a week for the new models on the market.

Hidden Wallet

SecuX STONE hardware wallet can generate a private key randomly from its microcontroller unit (MCU), which is your distinctive key to keep all the crypto coins/tokens you hold on the blockchains. Another key is possible to be generated from the Device/ Dashboard/ Setting/ Hidden Wallet if you could like to create as an option.


Military-grade Secure Element

SecuX STONE is equipped with an Infineon Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Security Chip to safeguard the users’ Wallet PIN and Private Key.

Such a security level is even higher than most of the banking systems to prevent any cyber and physical attacks from malicious crackers. Meanwhile, there are SecuX STONE proprietary secret channels between MCU, Security Chip, and Wallet App that communicate with the strictest authentications to secure the crypto-assets with zero probability leakage from the PIN/KEY generation till the transactions are completed.


Chrome OS Web App

Nowadays Google Chrome definitely domains the web browser market nearly 70%.  SecuX STONE adopts a web application that is designed to manage the hardware wallet passively through a host device, a PC, or a mobile device.

It is similar to a cloud portal accessing the blockchain that you may retrieve all your crypto-assets through the nodes of blockchain from anywhere at any time. Meanwhile, Brave and Opera browsers are built on the Chrome OS that is compatible with SecuX STONE crypto hardware wallets.

Cross-platform Wallet

SecuX STONE is compatible with most of the host devices running in major operating systems such as Windows OS, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS on the Desktop PC, Laptop PC, Chromebook, Tablet, and Mobile phone.

Even I am using a Windows 7 PC, I still can download the Windows 7 driver and have a smooth operation. (W10 doesn’t support OTG and Bluetooth for the time being)


Battery Life

Normally a big screen comes with a big battery, so it does the STONE V20 and W20. They are all embedded with a 600mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery that requires for about 2 hrs. for a full charging after the unboxing.

You can use it continuously for around 7 hrs., and shall be lasting for about 6 months’ cold storage. During the period, you can review the account balance when booting up the STONE anytime.

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Coin Support & Account Expandability

SecuX Technology’s official statement proclaims that SecuX STONE can store up to 500 crypto accounts, although their devices support only 10 crypto-coins that include Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dash coin DASH, Dogecoin DOGE, Stellar XLM, DigiByte DGB, Groestlcoin GRS, and all Etherum ERC-20 Tokens (Tether USDT, Binance BNB, etc.) for the time being.

That means if I can add manually ERC-20 Tokens one by one up to nearly 500 accounts mixed with the various ERC-20 Tokens. The most benefit for me is that I can recall my remaining balance on the device at all times even it is in an offline mode.

(SecuX Mobile iOS App now supports BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, DGB, GRS and all ERC-20 Tokens)

Stone V20 New


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Stone W20 New


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Zero Vulnerability

From the official website of SecuX, a 360∘comprehensive multi-layered shield design express explicitly the SecuX STONE starts from a simple concept that takes all details into account.

There are all possible leakages from the beginning of a hardware wallet, such as its’ supply chains, engineering designs, production flows, and producing processes to the warehouse storage, packing with anti-tampering stickers, logistics, and so on.

In a way, the most impregnable hardware wallet is born to prevent the users’ crypto-assets from the virus implanting, physical invasion, cyber hacking, clone swapping, man-in-the-middle malware, etc.


SecuX STONE Pros and Cons


  • Cross-platform OS compatibility.
  • User friendly UX.
  • High level security for crypto funds storage.
  • Uncompromising transaction process.
  • Personalized wallet and account scalability.
  • Long-lasting device on-the-go and balance check.


  • Lesser coin support.
  • A bit bulky size in a jeans pocket (a trade-off for a much larger screen).


I would highly recommend SecuX STONE crypto hardware wallet for all kinds of the cryptocurrency holders unless that you have large amounts of the Alt-coins. According to SecuX Team that the coins and tokens at the moment are “natively” supported.  Perhaps this concept slows down the speed to add more coins and tokens in their R&D development. Yet I do respect the insistence and consistency toward their design. For example, I can send my Stellar Lumens from a native-support-wallet without the domain redirection through a linking icon. It is simply convenient for the coin holders to transact the assets from a universal UI hardware wallet.

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