10 Best Crypto Lending Platforms

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When it comes to cryptocurrency lending, tons of factors equate to a good earning profile. Also, the borrowing part of the lending ecosystem is almost always missed out on. Therefore the article covers concepts of lending, borrowing, and process steps for the 10 best crypto lending platforms.

What is Cryptocurrency Lending?

The method of lending crypto assets or fiat currency to the person who wants to borrow it at an agreed-upon interest rate constitutes crypto lending. Therefore, it has the same execution as that of investments and loans in a traditional banking system. 

  • Lenders: They are usually someone who has an accumulation of cryptocurrency and is looking for a way to earn passive income.
  • Borrowers: They are usually someone who requires a loan against their crypto asset. Getting a loan helps them to retain their asset without selling them.
  • Lending Platform: The platform which allows users to lend or borrow crypto assets.

Where to Lend your digital assets?

  1. Centralized Finance (CeFi) Platforms

The platform which acts as a middleman in the execution of the lending process comes under this. It means that the lenders and borrowers give up their respective asset and collateral to this platform until the time borrowed amount is settled in full.

Both parties will not have control over their assets. Moreover, a KYC process is standard on these platforms, meaning that anonymity is not possible. 

  1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platforms

These platforms have code-based contracts known as Smart Contracts to execute lending. The contract executes when the specified demands are fulfilled, and this process is automated. Thus, one does not need to undergo the KYC process, and since it works on a set of rules, it is pretty transparent.

How does Crypto Lending work?

Let’s have a look at lending at an operational level.

Cryptocurrency Lending: An Overview
Cryptocurrency Lending: An Overview

Pros and Cons of Crypto Lending

It is readily available to anyone who is holding crypto.Security is a big hurdle.
The process is not as long as traditional systems.Centralized platforms are vulnerable to online attacks.
High interest rates and reward incentives.The Crypto market is volatile.
Highly diversified in nature.Over collateralization of assets. 

Best Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms

Here is a list of some of the best crypto lending platforms


Binance is one of the largest crypto exchange platforms globally. To learn more, read Binance Review.

  • Binance Earn is the product for the investment of crypto assets and providing multiple services to earn a passive income.
  • Crypto Loans is the product where you can borrow loans for trading or staking.

Binance Crypto Lending

It has two ways of earning interest on crypto assets. 

  1. Flexible Savings
  2. Locked Savings
Binance Earn For Lending
Binance Earn For Lending
10 Best Crypto Lending Platforms
Binance Earn

* The Annual Percentage Yield is calculated yearly; they look at the last 7 days to calculate approximately how much growth you can expect in a year.

** As of latest. It can, change in the future.

Crypto Loans

Borrowing on Binance happens through Crypto Loans.

Borrowing On Binance
Borrowing on Binance
Apply For Crypto Loand At Binance
Accessible Across all platforms:
Web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Tokens SupportedAll popular tokens.
Interest Rate CalculationHourly calculation
Rate is determined by the time a loan is made.
Variable rate depending on crypto tokens.
Duration07,14,30,90,180 days available
Initial LTV65% (BTC)
It is different for different tokens.
PaymentNeed to be completed before the due date.
Penalty for Overdue07-14 days: Overdue duration 72 hours
30,90,180 days: Overdue duration 168 hours
Interest charged 3x hourly interest.
Failure of repaymentLiquidation of the collateral to cover the loan.
Binance KYC Required.
EligibilityRegistered User of Binance.
Binance Liquidation Fees2% of the total borrowed amount if liquidation happens.
Minimum and Maximum AmountVariable


Youhodler is a FinTech platform that provides crypto lending and exchange services. To learn more, read the YouHodler review.

Accessible Across Web and mobile platforms(iOS and Android).
YouHodler Security CCSS Compliant
3FA supported.
YouHodler Insurance~ $150 million
Tokens SupportedMajor tokens are supported, and more token support is underway.
YouHodler Interest RateInterest Rates are variable with each asset.It is compounding interest.
Collateral AcceptedTop 20 coins
YouHodler Minimum Deposit$100
Maximum Amount for Interest generation$100k worth of crypto in your portfolio.
Interest PayoutIn terms of assets deposited.
Tokens for BorrowingUSD or Stablecoins (USDC, GUSD, PAX)
Borrow Interest Rates 4.5% – 9.75%, depending on LTV.
International rates are higher.
Loan Duration30,60,180 days.
Loan Fee payment before the end of the duration will keep the loan open.
YouHodler LTV90% – 30 Days
70% – 60 Days
50% – 180 Days
Interest PaymentCrypto, Bank Wire, Credit Card, From your wallet, Close now feature.
Liquidation of Collateral80% or above this, collateral will be liquidated.
Minimum Loan$100
YouHodler KYCRequired.

Note: YouHodler has a service charge for many of its services.

Kucoin Lending

Kucoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017. Kucoin Lending provides an easy-to-use platform for lending and borrowing crypto assets and invites new investors to lend their assets in a low-risk environment. To learn more, read Kucoin Review.

KuCoin Crypto Lending

Kucoin Lending

Kucoin Borrowing Process

Kucoin Borrowing
Accessible Across all platforms: Web, Android, and iOS.
Tokens SupportedAll popular tokens.
KuCoin Interest Rate0 – 0.2%
Duration07,14,28 days
Order when borrowingFOK: Executed immediately and completely or not at all.
IOC: Executed all or part immediately, and any unfilled portion will be canceled.
KuCoin Borrow LimitYou can borrow up to 9 times the principal in the margin account. 
PaymentNeed to be completed before the due date.
Penalty for OverdueIf the Debt Ratio is >95%, System sends a liquidation alert.
If the Debt Ratio touches 97%, the system will automatically liquidate the collateral.
Automatically Renewed RuleTriggers itself on the Borrower’s side due to insufficient funds to pay off a loan
The system borrows assets = remaining debt principal+interest.
Fail: It will fail if the debt ratio is greater than 96%.or the token has been delisted from the market.
KuCoin KYC Not Required.
Kucoin Fees5% of accrued interest as fees.10% as an insurance fund.


  • If there is a failure in auto-renewal, the system will start to partially liquidate the coin of the highest value estimated in BTC until it repays off the debt.
  • When a borrower’s debt crosses the 100% mark, all withdrawal and trading activities of that account are suspended.


Crypto.com is a crypto application that provides products savvy to the field of cryptocurrency. You can buy/ sell or earn/ borrow, opt for a wallet facility, and trade in the native exchange. To learn more, read Crypto.com Review.

Crypto.com Lending

Crypto.com Earn

Crypto.com Credit Process

Crypto.com Credit
Accessible Across mobile platforms (iOS and Android).
Crypto.com Security Multi-Factor Authentication.
Whistlisting is mandatory.
ISO/ IEC 27701:2019,
CCSS Level 3, ISO/ IEC, 27701:2013,
PCIDSS v3.2.1 Level 1
Crypto.com InsuranceHolds cryptocurrency insurance of about $360M 
Tokens SupportedMajor tokens are supported everywhere. However, some tokens have restrictions in certain areas.
Eligibility for EarnAll users except citizens and residents of Hong Kong SAR, Switzerland, or Malta.
Holding Term for Crypto EarnThree options: Flexible, 1 month, 3 months.
Interest EarnAfter the deposit, interest starts accruing immediately except for flexible terms.
Repayment Deadline12 months from the start of the credit term.
Borrow Tokens TUSD, PAX, USDC or USDT
Collateral TokenMultiple cryptos are supported.
Eligibility for Crypto CreditAll approved users except for citizens and residents of France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Malta, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, or the United States of America.
Collateral HealthDenotes the risk of the collateral getting liquidated.
Liquidation of CollateralCollateral Health is critical, and LTV goes beyond 85% of the threshold.
Minimum Loan100 USD equivalent stablecoin.
Maximum Loan1,000,000 USD equivalent stablecoin.
Crypto.com KYCRequired.
Crypto.com FeesNo fees.


  • Crypto.com also provides Crypto.com lending, which is different from crypto credit as lending is supported on the exchange while credit is supported on the mobile app.
  • More or less, the dynamics are the same except for multiple loans supported on Crypto Lending and the provision of taking out crypto loans in BTC.


Nexo is a cryptocurrency platform that provides instant crypto loans. It is centralized and aims to remove inefficiencies wrt to lending in the crypto world. In addition, it extends its lending to 40+ Fiat currencies across 200 jurisdictions. To learn more, read Nexo Card Review.

Nexo Crypto Lending and Borrowing

Nexo Earn And Loan
Accessible Across Web and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).
Nexo Security Military Grade Security and 256-bit encryption.
ISO 27001:2013 Compliant.
Funds are stored in cold storage.
24/7 Customer Support.
Nexo Insurance$375M 
Tokens SupportedMajor tokens are supported, and more token support is underway.
Does not support wrapped coins.
Nexo Interest RatesCryptocurrency: 4%-5% 
Fiat Currencies: 4%-6% 
Stable coins: 8%-10% +2% on all (When paid in Nexo)
Nexo: 7%
Terms for Earning InterestFixed Terms: 1 and 3 months.
Flexible Terms: No lock-in.
Token Supported for Loaning40+ Fiat currencies stable coins: USDT or USDC. They can be swapped easily for crypto of your choice.
Borrow Interest Rates Ranges from 13.9% to 6.9% depending on loyalty tier.
Maturity of Nexo Loans12 months
Eligibility for LoansNexo account necessity.
Deposit funds onto the Nexo account.
Loans in fiat currency require Basic and Advanced verification.
Multiple LoansPossible depending on Credit Line amount.
Liquidation of CollateralThreshold value: 83.3%, above this, collateral will be liquidated.
Minimum Loan$5000 in stablecoins.
$500 in fiat currencies.
Maximum Loan$2,000,000 equivalent stablecoin.
Nexo KYCRequired.
Withdrawal FeesSome free withdrawal depending on loyalty tier, after that network fee applicable.


Aave is an open-source market protocol for lending and borrowing which is decentralized and non-custodial.

The protocol operates as a set of multiple smart contracts in place, having the following entities in general.

  1. Lenders: Provide liquidity to the pool by depositing crypto assets.
  2. Borrowers: Borrow the funds from the pool and pay the interest incurred.
  3. Interest Rate: Decided algorithmically, the lesser the funds in the pool, the higher the interest rate for the borrower.
  4. Reserve: Takes the deposited crypto assets and stores them as an Ethereum equivalent as total liquidity. This is a preventive measure so that the lender can always withdraw assets at any time.

The loans are not matched per lender or borrower; rather, it depends on the funds available in the pool. 

Moreover, since smart contracts are coded contracts, anyone can buy the collateralized asset in case of failure of repayment at a discounted price.

AAVE Protocol: An Overview

10 Best Crypto Lending Platforms

Aave Crypto Lending

Aave Deposit

Aave Borrowing

Aave Borrowing
Accessible Web Application
AAVE Security Security Audits are held by 3rd Party auditors and reports made public.
Funds are stored on non-custodial smart-contract on Ethereum Blockchain.
Bug Bounty offers great incentives.
Tokens SupportedEthereum based tokens are supported, including stablecoins. 
AAVE MarketsAave V1 Market, Aave V2 Market, AMM Market, Aave Polygon Market. Each market has features with different advantages.
AAVE TokenERC-20 compatible token.
Taken as 1:1 ratio with the underlying asset which is deposited.
Snapshot feature to support the gas-less transactions and one transaction approval/ transfer.
Duration/ Lock-in PeriodNo lock-in period.
Interest Earned AvailabilityTokens are distributed to the holders by increasing their wallet balance.
Borrowing RatesStable rates: The rates do not change for the short term but may get rebalanced as per market change in the long term.
Variable Rates: Changing rates are lower than stable rates but can change with factors like deposit, withdrawal, repayments, or liquidation.
Debt TokensInterest accruing tokens.
For stable rates: Stable debt tokens.For variable rates: Variable debt tokens.
Minimum or Maximum DepositNo limit on either. However, small deposits may incur a transaction fee that could be higher than the expected earnings.
Risks involved.Smart contract risks such as code bugs and liquidation risks.
AAVE Transaction FeesAs per Ethereum, Blockchain transactions depending on network status and transaction complexity.
Liquidation ConditionWhen the Health Factor goes below 1, the loan can be liquidated.
AAVE Flash Loans and interestFlash loans are possible with depositors getting a share of 0.9% of the flash loan volume.
KYCNot required.
AAVE Governance Improvements and policy changes etc., related to risk parameters are discussed and voted upon by the holder holding the AAVE token.

Note: AAVE is a protocol-based crypto lending platform. It has many native terminologies that one must try to understand before jumping directly into lending or borrowing.


CoinRabbit is an instant lending and borrowing platform with hassle-free steps. Further, it is a centralized platform and lets users take loans for an unlimited period. It has several advantages, including:

  • low minimum loan amounts
  • No boundaries on the maximum loan amount
  • No monthly payments
  • Instant lending service without any credit checks

To get detailed information, read our CoinRabbit Review

AccessibleOnly web platform
CoinRabbit securityFunds are secured with the help of the ChangeNow crypto exchange.
Tokens supported for loanUSDT, USDC
Collateral BTC, ETH, BCH, FIRO, NANO, DOGE, XRP, DGB, XMR, and 13 Ethereum Token
Minimum Loan RateOnly 5%
Minimum Loan Amount95 USDT
Maximum Loan Amount9999999 USDT
Minimum Lending Amount$100
Maximum Lending Amount$100,000
Earn Interest10% APY
Terms for Earning InterestUnlimited
Loan Extending CapabilityAvailable
Withdrawal Lending AmountPartially or Full
Multiple DepositsYes
Deposit and Withdrawal FeesNone

Best Crypto Lending Platforms: Conclusion

There is a huge growth in options available for cryptocurrency services. Do Your Own Research (DYOR) stands true when opting out for a particular platform or service. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how you can earn passive income on your assets. Hence, you can go with Nexo if you’re looking for high interest rates and security.

Moreover, if you don’t want to withdraw your funds from your trading account, then Binance or KuCoin can be your go-to platforms. In addition, if you wanna do a complete deep dive in DeFi, the head for all the vast features of AAVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the crypto lending price?

Crypto Lending price is associated with many fees such as origination, network, transaction, etc. Keep in mind that the platform may not charge for the service, but withdrawing/depositing fees is still applicable.

Is KYC required for all lending platforms?

No, KYC is not required for decentralized platforms.

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