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Prabhat Tiwari

Trade Signal

What are the Trading Signals?

A trade and trading signal is a trigger for the action, either to buy or sell a security or other asset, generated by analysis. That analysis can be human-generated using technical analysis or indicators, it can be generated using mathematical…

Basics Of Crypto Trading

Basics on Crypto Trading for Beginners

Different Types of Cryptocurrency Trading Requirements for Choosing a Specialized Crypto Platform Cryptocurrency Trading Advice Conclusion Different types of Crypto Trading Long term Crypto trading The first is long-term crypto trading which is known as ‘buy and hold.’ In this…

Coincodecap Weekly: Issue 1

CoinCodeCap Weekly: Issue 1

This week in Markets All the crypto assets had a fallback after bitcoin plunged below $40K by the start of Q2. The first quarter of the year had been in red throughout. Moreover, after the double top on the monthly…

Defi Staking Tokens To Look Out For In 2022

DeFi Staking Tokens to Look Out For in 2022

DeFi and cryptocurrency staking take various forms. On the one hand, projects using the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm –or its variants like the delegated proof-of-stake—may need their community to stake for decentralization and security.  As they lock assets, users may earn…

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