ProfitFarmers Review – Is it Legit?

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This ProfitFarmers review is for you if:

  • You’re trying to find easier, more efficient ways to make money trading crypto.
  • If you don’t have time to be a day trader and constantly worry about your trades.
  • And finally, if you want to stop emotions or silly mistakes from cutting into your profits.

Does it sound like there’s something you’d like here? Then let’s get to it:

You’re more than welcome to try out any of those get-rich-quick schemes, auto-trading bots, or (frustratingly) unreliable indicators as a way to make money trading crypto. But you’ll hate yourself for doing it. Nobody likes being the su*ker that got scammed or lost money, right?

You should only use a platform if it’s proven to make trading easier, quicker, and more profitable. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today we’ll take you on an in-depth review of ProfitFarmers, a crypto signal copy-trading platform that many other major crypto websites say is proven for making more profitable trades.

Update (6 June 2022) – ProfitFarmers is a completely free product now.

What is ProfitFarmers?

They are a subscription-based service that provides a wide variety of crypto tools, education, and features (such as their copy-tradable signals with a 78% historic win rate!) within their online dashboard. Furthermore, you can access the ProfitFarmers dashboard on all mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

The ProfitFarmers platform connects to Binance through an API. All of your trades happen through your Binance account and 100% of your trading capital and profits stay within your Binance wallet(s), completely separate from ProfitFarmers.

What is ProfitFarmers?

Because of this, ProfitFarmers boasts how they have an “Absolutely NO commissions or fees” policy, giving traders a better chance to earn without having to worry about sneaky fees!

On top of that, you can join ProfitFarmers with peace of mind since they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if their platform doesn’t produce a certain level of profitable trading signals each month!

Up your trading game with free crypto trading tools and signals.

Who is ProfitFarmers for?

ProfitFarmers is built for anyone who wants to consistently make more profitable cryptocurrency trades with less stress, less time, and less emotional turbulence in the process.

Matthew Tansley, Founder of ProfitFarmers.

That’s an undeniably bold thing for ProfitFarmer’s Founder to say, so why don’t we look at the different ways the platform deals with the top 3 difficult parts of trading:

Difficulty #1: Frequent trades with excellent returns

The issue:

Being able to spot a good trade quickly takes years of practice and countless mistakes along the way. What’s most painful is you could spend time analyzing only to LOSE on that trade!

ProfitFarmers solution:

High-probability Trading Signals are delivered right into your hands through their dashboard.

 Profitfarmers Dashboard
ProfitFarmers Dashboard

ProfitFarmers combines the efficiency of computer algorithms with the expertise of their in-house trading analysts to scan multiple data points across every coin pair on Binance. Furthermore, they’re madly on the hunt for your next high-probability trading signal 24/7!

They boast a 78% historic win rate on their signals and a money-back guarantee if it ever falls below 60%. ProfitFarmers is giving you no reason to kill hours endlessly staring into charts anymore.

Difficulty #2: Setting up and managing your trades

The issue:

So let’s say you’ve found a potentially decent trade to make, now you need to spend an unknown amount of time making your trade from entry to exit on your exchange.

This results in you constantly concerned about prices, having alarms go off at 2.30am, and pretty much just stressing yourself out 24/7. That’s not good for you, at ALL.

On top of all that, practically EVERY trader has lost money at some point because of accidentally clicking the wrong button or entering a price incorrectly. Seriously, it’s not fun!

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ProfitFarmers solution:

A copy-trade function that executes your entire trade plan from entry to exit through Binance!

Profitfarmers Copy Trading
ProfitFarmers Copy Trading

This makes copying ProfitFarmers trading signals incredibly simple, as you only have to deal with one easily understood form inside the dashboard to set up and edit the signal to suit your trading style.

After you’ve got the signal ready to go, you can hit “confirm trade” and ProfitFarmers handles it from there. Their software tracks prices 24/7, waiting to execute your orders at the perfect moment in time.

This also includes a stop-loss order, making it easier to practice good risk management!

We’ll look at how their auto-trading feature works in more detail further down.

Difficulty #3: Beginners lack experience in the market

The issue:

Let’s be real with each other, trading isn’t that simple.

From Technical Analysis to understanding major market cycles, there’s so much to learn that it can quickly become a full-time education AND job. One where you learn by losing money… Ouch!

ProfitFarmers Solution:

ProfitFarmers is a platform designed to help reduce the learning curve, research, execution, and emotional control typically required for cryptocurrency trading.

– Matthew Tansley, ProfitFarmers Founder.

We’re told you can think of ProfitFarmers as your ‘Crypto-trading Co-Pilot’ in the sense that they handle the harder bits, freeing you up to focus on steering your ship into the profitable crypto territory.

Profitfarmers Guidance
ProfitFarmers Guidance

And don’t worry if you get stuck at the control deck! ProfitFarmers has created an enormous collection of educational videos and guides on how to make the most out of their platform and your trades! They call this the ProfitFarmers Academy.

But if you’re STILL stuck and need more hands-on advice, you can reach out to their help team 24/7 for direct assistance.

ProfitFarmers Review: Is it also for professionals

Yup! It’s pretty powerful stuff too:

This includes a Price action scanner, an RSI Scanner, and a manual trading terminal that connects directly to the Binance Exchange:

Profitfarmers For Professionals
ProfitFarmers for Professionals

Specifically, with the manual trading terminal, you can squeeze every last drop of profitability out of their signals by applying some basic analysis to get close-to-perfect entry and exit prices.

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Do I qualify to use ProfitFarmers?

To make the most out of your ProfitFarmers membership, this is what you should have:

At least $3,000 trading capital

ProfitFarmers can’t check this when you sign up, as your trading funds are always separate from their system. But they do recommend having this amount to trade with, as they say, anything less could limit your profitability (as you’d be trading with less on each signal).

A Binance account [Free]

You’ll need a Binance account to make use of their semi-automated copy-trading feature. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry! Signing up is free and takes less than 5 minutes. 

Willing to LEARN and take time to EDUCATE yourself

If you have no experience trading at all, then expect to spend about 10 hours understanding the basics and how to use the ProfitFarmers platform. But in reality, for the time (Years) and money ($$$) you’ll be saving, it’s a small price to pay (well, don’t forget ProfitFarmers gives you the educational content you’ll need for free 😉

Do you make the mark? Take your trading to the next level!

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How to use ProfitFarmers?

ProfitFarmers is an incredibly user-friendly platform to use, even for beginners. Below is the entire process from signing up to following a trading signal. Overall it took under 20 minutes to complete.

1) Join ProfitFarmers: ~ 5-7 Minutes

First, you have to join the ranks of a ProfitFarmer. It’s as simple as you’d expect; heading to their site, clicking on the signup button, and selecting your membership package. Tip: Going with the quarterly option saved us $100 every month!

2) Connect your Binance account with PF ~ 5-10 Minutes

Connect Your Binance Account With Pf
Connect your Binance account with PF

Now you’ll need to use some keys to unlock your Profit-Farming potential. Just kidding, but you will be using an API Key to connect your ProfitFarmers Co-Pilot with your Binance account!

3) Check for BTC and USDT in your account ~ 1-2 Minutes

While ProfitFarmers produces both SPOT and FUTURES signals, they are ALL traded against either BTC or USDT. You’ll need to have a bit of both in your Binance wallet in order to be able to follow any signal that might come up.

If you have one but not the other, you can easily convert between the two from inside the ProfitFarmers dashboard.

Profitfarmers Review - Is It Legit?
BTC and USDT in your account

4) Set up your Notifications ~ 1-2 Minutes

You’ll want to customize the notifications you’ll be receiving from ProfitFarmers to make sure you know what you need to know and don’t get cluttered with additional information. For example, if you don’t want to get notifications about every single signal and just the ones you’re following, then you can set that up in seconds.

5) Follow a Trade Signal: 1+ minute

Up next is following your very first signal! Watch the GIF below to see how it works. Bear in mind you’ll benefit from applying some basic analysis before entering to make sure you get a good entry price! Or, you can ladder into the trade. It’s up to you ;-).

So! Getting started with ProfitFarmers takes less than 20 minutes, making it incredibly easy for you to upgrade your trading game with your very own crypto co-pilot. ProfitFarmers has done a great job making their platform simple to use and straightforward to navigate.

 Follow A Trade Signal
Follow a Trade Signal

ProfitFarmers Review: Killer Results

On a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis ProfitFarmers creates detailed breakdowns of their signal performance for their members to analyze. These results are also made publically accessible through their results breakdown area.

These breakdowns are extremely valuable as you get tips and tricks on which signals (and strategies) have been trending recently.

Here’s one of their most recent signals that YOU could have had for free:

Most Recent Signal

ProfitFarmers Review: Member Testimonials

There seems to be no shortage of happy traders using the ProfitFarmers platform. Check out these three guys who all have in-depth case studies on their experiences!

Member Testimonials
Member Testimonials

Not only that, but their Trustpilot reviews also seem to be shining brightly!

Trustpilot Reviews
Trustpilot reviews

ProfitFarmers Review: 100% Money Back Guarantee

As a company in the crypto space, it seems ProfitFarmers is aware of the general distrust in the industry thanks to the saddening amount of scams, false claims, and lies. As a way to build trust with their new users, ProfitFarmers offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

What does this ‘guarantee’ exactly?

We’ve quoted ProfitFarmers directly from their website:

We will offer you a full 100% refund during your first 30 days with ProfitFarmers if we are unable to provide trading signals that achieve a win rate of 60% or higher during that time. 

Winning signals are defined as those that reach their first target (or higher) and, therefore, offer some level of profitable opportunity. Read more about how our signal statistics are calculated here.

– ProfitFarmers

Is ProfitFarmers Safe?

When you trade with ProfitFarmers, you trade with the same level of security provided by the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. This is thanks to ProfitFarmers API integration with Binance.

Your trading money remains inside your Binance wallet(s) at all times, never going through ProfitFarmers systems.

By design, this means it’s impossible for ProfitFarmers to ever charge commissions or fees on your trades.

ProfitFarmers Review: Support

Besides their large library of educational help videos and guides, ProfitFarmers also provides chat support.

Responses may take up to 1-2hrs, but the quality and depth that their support team goes into speak volumes about their goal of helping people trade profitably on their platform.

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ProfitFarmers Review: Pros and Cons


  1. You don’t need to spend hours searching for trades – Just use ProfitFarmers’ trading signals!
  2. Stop stressing with manual trading! – ProfitFarmers’ API integration with Binance means you can’t set up your trade and let the system play it out for you.
  3. No fees, no commissions. – Your profits land directly inside your binance wallet.
  4. Money-back guarantee! No risk of being scammed for poor performing crypto trading signals.
  5. Tutorials, Help Center and Academy – No other crypto tool I’ve used has created so much help and guidance materials. A great plus for anyone without as much experience.


  1. This is NOT a one-click wonder. You should still periodically check in on the progress of your trades. Your money = Your responsibility. Occasionally, you may need to cancel some trade orders early when ProfitFarmers expert traders feel uncertain about a given trading signal.
  2. Not recommended for traders with less than $3000 – Even though you can still join with less, it will make it difficult to follow multiple trades at once. Sometimes there are 10+ trades going, and trading with less than $300 on each could limit your profitability.
  3. No personal Profit and Loss tracking – While you can easily rectify this downside with one of the many PnL tracking tools available online, it would be nice to see this feature on their platform.

ProfitFarmers Review: Conclusion

If you want to trade more efficiently with a platform that makes it easier, without needing to constantly worry about your trades and risk making costly emotional mistakes, then ProfitFarmers is the platform for you.

ProfitFarmers provides solutions to some of the biggest pain points in trading. If you’re serious about making money, then you should seriously consider giving ProfitFarmers a shot.

Want to start using ProfitFarmers for free? No payment info required:

Don’t waste another minute being unprofitable! Head over to ProfitFarmers now to get access to their tools and signals, 100% free. There’s so much free value, it’s really a no-brainer!

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