Universal Crypto Signals Review

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Talking of crypto signals, these are mainly groups of experienced traders that guide you through trading to generate a profit. In addition, these crypto signals will help you trade among high volatile crypto markets. In this Universal crypto signals review, we will ponder upon some features and functionalities provided by the platform to make you get a gist of the cryptocurrency market and Universal crypto signals service.


  • Universal Crypto Signals was established in the year 2018. 
  • It consists of a well-experienced team having excellent knowledge of the crypto market.
  • It provides its traders with many features and services to make their experience better.
  • There are six plans available for the traders where they can choose from, and the pricing is according to the plan’s duration. 
  • The customer support provided to the users is excellent. Also, there is a premium chatroom/ trollbox available for VIP customers.
  • The affiliate program has an affiliate rate of 20%.

What are Universal Crypto Signals?

Universal Crypto Signals is reviewed and rated as one of the best in the market by various websites like smartoptions.io. The platform provides a crypto trading signals service and is considered the most trusted and accurate among traders. Moreover, it offers crypto trading signals for various popular exchanges like Bybit, Binance, Bittrex, Bitmex, Kucoin, and Binance Futures. The platform was established in 2018 by Saviour and a diligent team of expert trading analysts.

Universal Crypto Signals
Universal Crypto Signals

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  1. To provide their traders accurate crypto trading services even without a proper setup. 
  2. To provide a platform that helps trade on cryptocurrencies like Bitmex, Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, Bittrex, etc.
  3. For clients who cannot be online every time, the platform provides them with automated trading. 
  4. To make clients aware of risk management, technical and fundamental analysis, and other trading factors.
  5. Guide its clients on how to use safe trading strategies to make a profit. 
  6. Encourages traders to adopt our safe trading strategy to get fruitful results in the long term.
Ucs Telegram
UCS Telegram

We offer all of the above features including Cornix bot to automate your trades and Free crypto signals.

Universal Crypto Signals Review: Features

  1. Bitcoin and Crypto Market Analysis: Universal crypto signals guide their traders when to trade BTC and Altcoins. Moreover, it provides regular analysis of Bitcoin, Cryptomarketcap, BTC dominance analysis, alts index, etc.
  2. Automated Trading: The platform has an auto-trading bot like Cornix that is integrated with crypto trading signals. It lets the platform trade automatically even when you are asleep and will help you make your profit. 
  3. Customer Support: The platform helps its traders with their excellent customer support. They guide them through queries, ideas for trading, and analysis related to cryptocurrency.
  4. Premium Trollbox: There is a Trollbox available for the traders to discuss their trade ideas and get an answer from admins.
  5. Hidden Gem calls: There is always ongoing research on good and potential crypto projects which later turn out profitable in the long run. Furthermore, it helps build a much more profitable portfolio.
  6. Advice for Portfolio: Active advice on trader’s portfolio positions is provided. Also, according to the market conditions, it recommends how many portfolios they should hold in BTC, USDT, and Altcoins.
Universal Crypto Signals Telegram Channel
Universal Crypto Signals Telegram Channel

How to get started with Universal Crypto Signals?

  1. Visit the Universal Crypto Signals website.
  2. You need to sign up for an account with all the related information and a password.
  3. Go to “My Account” present on the top-right corner of the website.
  4. Then select “Orders” and then Browse products. 
  5. Then, choose a plan from various options available there. 
  6. Mention the plan duration you want it to be active, also the quantity, and then add it to your cart. 
  7. After that, select the checkout option and fill in the payment details.
  8. Lastly, place the order for the plan you selected and get started with the platform.
Login/ Register At Ucs
Login/ Register at UCS

Universal Crypto Signals Review: Plans

Various plans available for trading on the platform are:

  1. Altcoin and Spot Trading Premium 

This premium plan gives access to altcoins, spot premium channel, altcoins scalping channel, and premium trollbox. Moreover, it supports margin trading and semi-automated cornix trading. Exchanges that are supported are Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Kucoin, etc. 

  1. Fully Automated Altcoins and Spot Trading Premium

It consists of all the features that are there in altcoins and spot trading premium. In addition, it is a fully automated premium that is integrated with Cornix Autotrader. 

  1. Margin/ Leveraged Premium

It gives access to the premium margin swings channel and premium trollbox. In addition, semi-automated cornix trading and margin trading are also supported in this premium plan. Exchanges that come under this plan are Bitmex, Bybit, Binance Futures, etc. 

  1. Fully Automated Margin/Leveraged Premium

Margin /Leverages premium plan features are included here in this plan. Also, this is integrated with the Cornix Autotrader.

  1. Altcoins and Spot+Margin Premium

It consists of every feature present in Altcoins & spot trading premium and Margin/Leveraged premium. 

  1. Fully Automated Altcoins and Spot + Margin Trading

Fully automated altcoins, spot trading premium, and Fully automated margin/leveraged premium features. 

Universal Crypto Signals Review: Pricing

There are different prices for various plans available on the Universal Crypto Signals website that is mentioned in the table below: 

Various Plans01 month03 months06 months12 months
Altcoin and Spot Trading Premium $66$171$306$540
Fully Automated Altcoins and Spot Trading Premium$91$234$450$774
Margin/Leveraged Premium$81$207$360$646
Fully Automated Margin/Leveraged Premium$111$297$540$916
Altcoins and Spot+Margin Premium$120$315$522$900
Fully Automated Altcoins and Spot + Margin Trading$155$432$736$1200

Customer Support

Universal crypto signals provide excellent customer support to their traders. There is a separate chat room for them by Saviour, which they can use and ask their queries. In addition, they provide their best advice and insights into the crypto market to the traders to make the best possible profit. All the customer support work is done after joining the telegram group, whose link is available on the website. Moreover, premium clients are provided support through their VIP chatroom/ trollbox personally.

Ucs Support
UCS Support

Affiliate Program

Along with various features, the platform also provides their traders with an affiliate program to refer their friends. First, they need to log in to their website account, go to the Affiliate dashboard option, and select “Generate Link.” After visiting the page, you will have to copy and share the referral URL with your friends, families, and other members to invite them to the program. The affiliate rate is 20% for every new referral and you can sign-up using the button below to get exciting rewards.

Universal Crypto Signals Review: Pros and Cons

VIP chatroom/ trollbox for VIP customers.The pricing structure of the platform is a bit complicated.
It supports various popular exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and many other.Very high pricing for advanced features.
The platform also supports Autotrading and Cornix bot.No free signals.
There is risk analysis for every signal.

Universal Crypto Signals Review: Conclusion

Universal crypto signals is one of the most desired types of crypto signals that anyone would want. It covers many of the popular exchanges available in the cryptocurrency market and operates through a telegram channel. It focuses mainly on providing its traders with the best solutions and advice to make their experience better. Moreover, the platform also provides you with automated trading and a Cornix bot to further help you while trading. If traders want to get involved in trading by picking and choosing trades, then the service issues risk ratings for every signal.  In the end, the customer support provided by the platform is robust and on-demand in their telegram group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for an account in Universal Crypto Signals?

Visit the Universal Crypto Signals website.
Go to the “My Account” section present in the top right corner.
Then, register yourself by providing the email address and password for the website.
Click on “Register,” and you are done signing up.

How do Universal Crypto Signals work?

In the telegram channels, traders are provided with technical and fundamental market analysis and customer support with buy, sell, and stop-loss prices. 

How does the platform guide its traders?

The platform keeps on analyzing the market, and whenever they feel that the market is going to dump, they inform their traders. They guide them through adjusting their portfolio position as per their recommendations. This will help them save their money at that time and be in profits. They guide them throughout the whole process of trading. 

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