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Quickswap Domain Hacked

QuickSwap Domain Hacked, But Funds Safe

Key Takeaways QuickSwap has reported that their domain was hijacked, although funds in LPs, the Dragon’s Lair, Syrup Pools, and wallets are safe. But swaps

Market Analysis

Gt Price Analysis March 2022
GT Price Analysis May 2022

GT is a token of the platform GateChain. Its current price is around $4.94 by writing, with a low of $2.39, and has a market cap of 386 million dollars. What is

Mkr Price Analysis May 2022
MKR Price Analysis May 2022

MKR is a native token of platform Maker. It’s current trading at $1,165.06 by writing, it touched a low of $1,035.63 and has a market cap of 1.1 billion dollars.

Etherscan Pop Up Ads Phishing
EtherScan Ads Phishing Scam

Key Takeaways EtherScan has received reports of phishing popups via a 3rd party integration, and so they have advised its users not to confirm any

Is Crown Token A Scam
Is Crown a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways Crown project has seen a sharp price drop of more than 63% on May 7th,2022. This happened after 1 wallet sold ~$187,000. Here



Coincodecap'S The Weekly: Issue 4
CoinCodeCap’s The Weekly: Issue 4

This week in Markets Catch the latest happenings of this week. All in one place through CoinCodeCap’s Weekly Glance. We provide you with all the week’s top stuff in crypto

Bexplus Review
Bexplus Review : Is it Legit or Safe?

Selecting a cryptocurrency exchange requires consideration of different aspects like trading options, fees, customer support, and security. Bexplus is a leverage trading platform offering up to 100x leverage. This Bexplus

Blockchain Nodes Provider GetBlock Added Arbitrum APIs: Details

GetBlock, a top-notch Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider that supercharges decentralized applications on 40+ blockchains with high-performance API endpoints, adds nodes of Arbitrum, a resource-efficient Ethereum-based network. Now official: Arbitrum nodes available

Australia’s First Crypto Etf Launched
Australia’s First Crypto ETF Launched

Key Takeaways On CBOE Australia, ETF Securities introduced Australia’s first cryptocurrency-backed ETFs to give local investors easy access to cryptocurrency’s growing attractiveness. The new ETFs

Newage: Is It A Scam?
Is NewAge a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways NewAge project has seen a sharp price drop of more than 96% after a wallet sold a large quantity of tokens. Here is

Is Diaos A Scam
Is DIAOS a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways DIAOS project has seen a sharp price drop of more than 96% on May 11th, 2022. The owner has minted 1 million DIAOS

Pragma Scam
Is Pragma Money a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways Pragma Money project has posted on their Discord that their Treasury and RFV wallets had a total of ~$1,5M worth of FTM and wFTM removed.