Best AI Documentaries To Watch

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“AI,” a term coined by John McCarthy in 1956, has become a crucial part of our daily lives. With the introduction of ChatGPT, AI has reached new heights. However, every new technology comes with both opportunities and challenges. Exploring the world of AI through documentaries helps us understand its impact, possibilities, and ethical concerns. These documentaries provide valuable insights into the transformative power of AI, making complex ideas accessible to everyone. In this article, we are going to check out the best AI documentaries that will help you discover the exciting potential or the ethical questions related to AI.


Best AI documentaries

1. Future Intelligence (2009)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 8.86

In the documentary “Future Intelligence,” viewers are invited to explore the captivating realm where profound discussions unfold regarding the far-reaching effects of artificial intelligence on our society. This thought-provoking film intricately weaves together a diverse range of perspectives from interviews with prominent AI experts, philosophers, scientists, and artists. Delving into AI’s future, the documentary contemplates its implications and its profound influence on humanity.

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2. AlphaGo (2017)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 7.8

In this documentary, viewers witness the groundbreaking match that redefined the boundaries of artificial intelligence in “AlphaGo,” a captivating documentary that chronicles the pivotal moment when the Google AI team’s AlphaGo program faced off against Go world champion Lee Sedol. The documentary meticulously captures the rigorous training process and unwavering dedication behind AlphaGo’s remarkable victory, inviting viewers to examine the profound implications of this event for the future of AI and the potential for machines to surpass human capabilities in complex intellectual endeavors.

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3. The Age of A.I – How Far is Too Far? (2019)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 7.8

“The Age of A. I – How Far is Too Far?” explores artificial intelligence’s timely and crucial scrutiny. This documentary is hosted by none other than our “Iron Man” i.e. Robert Downey Junior, and revolves around the responsible development, proper implementation, and ethical use of AI technologies for people’s safety. Through insightful interviews with technology, philosophy, and law experts, the film examines the ethical dilemmas posed by AI, emphasizing the urgent requirement for implementation.

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4. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 7

The documentary “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World” delves into the intricate relationship between humans and advancing technology like artificial intelligence. This thought-provoking film shone a light on how innovations have transformed society, culture, and individual lives – with technology becoming indelibly fused into the fabric of existence.

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5. The Social Dilemma (2020)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 7.6

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” explores the concealed truths of social media and its significant influence on society. This thought-provoking film reveals ethical issues and unintended consequences associated with social media platforms. Through discussions with former tech insiders and experts, the documentary exposes the addictive qualities of social media, its impact on shaping public discussions, and the potential for manipulation and exploitation.

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6. iHuman (2019)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 6.7

The documentary “iHuman” delves into AI’s potential to detect and emulate human emotions. The film traverses the emerging landscape of emotional artificial intelligence applied across healthcare, education, customer service, and beyond. Tracking breakthrough efforts enabling systems to perceive feelings and then craft suitable responses accurately, “iHuman” prompts questions about nurturing compassion as the technological frontier advances.

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7. The Age of Big Data (2013)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 6.8

“The Age of Big Data” navigates the pervasive, seismic influence of exponentially expanding information on human systems and society. Surveying applications optimizing everything from commerce to healthcare, the documentary also confronts profound ethical dilemmas like privacy, bias, and the imperative for responsible data practices. Beyond showcasing life-enhancing potential, “The Age of Big Data” stresses the importance of equitable access and accountability in our increasingly algorithmic world.

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8. The Smartest Machine on Earth (2011)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 7.4

The documentary “The Smartest Machine on Earth” investigates AI’s escalating prowess by profiling researchers stretching the boundaries of possibility. Detailing innovations in natural language processing, predictive analytics, computer vision, and beyond, the film conveys awe and optimism about such systems that mitigate society’s urgent challenges. It also prompts reflection on directing this computational force towards the broad public good above all competing interests.

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9. HI, AI – Love Stories From the Future (2019)

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

IMDB Rating: 6.4

In the documentary “HI, AI – Love Stories From the Future,” viewers immerse themselves in the heartwarming potential of relationships between humans and artificial intelligence. This film delves into the idea of AI becoming companions, friends, and even romantic partners. Through narratives of individuals who have forged meaningful connections with AI companions, the documentary encourages viewers to contemplate the emotional influence of AI on human relationships and the possibility of AI enriching our lives in unforeseen ways.

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10. Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary 

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

The DW documentary explores AI’s multifaceted societal integration alongside complex ethical questions arising from accelerated advancement. Shedding light on contrasting perspectives surrounding artificial intelligence as an amplifying force poised to reshape all human endeavor, the film stresses responsible development issues of transparency, bias, and governance; this work emphasizes AI not as an autonomous phenomenon removed from human values but rather one cross with decision-making for positive global change.

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11. AI: Does artificial intelligence threaten our human identity? | DW Documentary

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

The documentary “AI: Does artificial intelligence threaten our human identity?” explores AI’s potential impact on qualities that make us essentially human. Blending the experts’ perspectives and philosophical insights, this film asks: as intelligent technology increasingly influences society, how do we retain the values, creativity, and consciousness central to humankind? Probing this concern, the documentary emphasizes the urgent need to shape AI aligned with a moral purpose beyond strictly economic incentives or convenience.

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12. Will humans love AI robots? | DW Documentary

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

In the documentary “Will Humans Love AI Robots?” DW examines an intriguing frontier – the capacity for emotional bonds between humans and AI. Sharing anecdotes and research on attachments formed through conversing with AI companions, the film suggests intelligent agents could enhance lives akin to support animals. However, DW cautions that their psychological impact and ethical dimensions warrant greater scrutiny before AI relationship services scale. How do we nurture technology, facilitating self-actualization yet discouraging over-reliance on prescriptive machine guidance? Overall, the documentary compels audiences to imagine the fulfilling, compassionate integration of AIs.

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13. The race for artificial intelligence – Can Europe compete? | DW Documentary

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

The documentary “The Race for Artificial Intelligence – Can Europe Compete?” investigates AI development unfolding at rapid speed. It spotlights efforts in Europe striving to lead rather than follow in leveraging AI – across research, governance, and commercialization. However, challenges persist around fragmented regional coordination, data-sharing barriers, and skill gaps. The documentary argues that prioritizing pan-European collaboration, specialized training, and entrepreneur-friendly policies provides routes toward AI excellence, self-sufficiency, and ethical implementation.

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14. How artificial intelligence is changing our society | DW Documentary

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

The film “How artificial intelligence is changing our society” surveys AI’s extensive infiltration into everyday life via numerous sectors. From finance and healthcare to government and transportation, AI drives seismic shifts in efficiency, personalization, and automation. However, the documentary issues caution – transparency falters as training data and algorithms absorb cultural biases. How do we remedy unfairness wired into supposedly neutral intelligent systems? While conveying AI’s vast potential for positive disruption, the documentary argues human values must remain ascendant amidst machine optimization of society.

15. Generative AI Is About To Reset Everything, And, Yes, It Will Change Your Life | Forbes

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

The Forbes video “Generative AI Is About To Reset Everything, And Yes, It Will Change Your Life” heralds Generative AI as the next frontier with revolutionary implications. Models like DALL-E creating vivid artwork from text prompts and Google’s Bard conversational bot showcase ascendant creative capacity. Soon, Generative AI could compose music and literature, surpassing human output. This seismic shift compels questions: If machines master activities that are long the defining hallmarks of human expression, how do we reorient social contracts, commerce, and education to integrate ubiquitous Generative AI productively over the coming decade? With technology once again resetting constraints on the achievable, sensitivity to ethics and inclusive access grows paramount.

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16. Yes, We Are At A Tipping Point: ChatGPT Is Just The Beginning Of How AI Will Soon Change Everything

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

In the video “Yes, We Are At A Tipping Point: ChatGPT Is Just The Beginning Of How AI Will Soon Change Everything,” Forbes suggests ChatGPT represents merely early glimpses of imminent AI proliferation through Generative models. Soon, conversational AI could fluidly explain complex topics, strategize business growth, or craft viral social posts if progress continues unchecked by prudence. However, anchoring technology firmly upon ethical foundations requires urgent attention before capabilities irrevocably outpace caution. What priorities guide AI’s trajectory – efficiency or humanity? This provocative video urges us to confront difficult questions today, lest shortsighted coding choices circumscribe tomorrow’s options.

17. How AI Is Already Reshaping White-Collar Work | WSJ

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

The Wall Street Journal video “How AI Is Already Reshaping White-Collar Work” investigates automation reshaping traditionally human domains. As AI handles data-driven tasks that require specialized expertise – from medical diagnosis to contract analysis – many white-collar jobs confront disruption. However, while AI may supersede certain skills, the video argues automation anxiety ignores how past technological shifts created new prosperous opportunities. With care taken towards transitional support and retraining, AI could elevate rather than endanger white-collar work. Responsible implementation promises human-AI collaboration, maximizing the strengths of carbon and silicon realms. Though the road ahead necessitates adaptation, AI ultimately may augment professionals to provide superior customer service, freeing human focus for relationship-building and creative tasks.

18. How will AI change the world?

Best Ai Documentaries To Watch

TED-Ed’s “How will AI change the world?” charts AI’s monumental impact across society. Detailing breakthroughs like computer vision, language processing, and robotics, the video underscores AI’s immense potential to counter climate change, cure disease, and expand human potential. However, as AI grows everywhere through self-driving vehicles, surveillance, and automated warfare, ethical risks intensify, demanding increased vigilance around bias and control measures before technological capacity completely outstrips caution. This accessible primer on AI conveys that through compassionate development, machine learning could uplift humanity.


Overall, these documentaries investigating controversial, encouraging, and wondrous applications of AI technology provide illuminating snapshots for audiences seeking to explore a complex limit. As we stand poised at a societal inflection point, guided by visions on screen, may our journey ahead fuse optimism with wisdom as emerging capabilities transform decision-making itself. If engaged with an enlightened, compassionate lens, perhaps our human-AI collaboration can manifest unprecedented global prosperity.

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