Top 5 Upcoming NFT Projects

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There are many non-fungible tokens (NFTs) available to be purchased, and it seems like a significant number of upcoming projects are launching daily. How would you slice through all the clamor to decide the best NFT ventures to follow and possibly put resources into? Read this article to learn about the top 5 upcoming NFT projects.

1st top upcoming NFT Project: Memeland

The Captainz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs that feature rarity-powered traits inspired by pirates, internet memes, and pop culture. It is the premier collection of Memeland. Previously they launched two projects i.e., Potatoz and MVP. Both performed extraordinary well and that’s why we all are super bullish on Memeland. It is being followed by big names such as: @MaisonGhost @ryandcrypto @BentoBoi @AmeerHussain


Captainz have many perks; two of the most highly anticipated ones are $MEME and Treasure Islandz. I think this is pretty self-explanatory. 9gag, potatoz = Bullish. Probably the hardest to secure a whitelist for, since it’s pretty much everyone’s top priority.

Top Nft Project

2nd top upcoming NFT Project: Garbage Friends

Markus Magnusson is well-known personality is the one behind Garbage Friends, he’s the artist of the project and he’s also been the artist of a well successful project Invisible Friends.

Garbage Friends came around 14th February on Twitter. Garbage Friends has a lot of resemblance to invisible friends in terms of art as Markus is the artist of both of the projects and his work is amazing.

The project has earned a lot of reputation throughout the months, because of their community as well as because of Invisible friends.

The project got quite a big following with very well know personalities in the NFT community following the project like Popeye, ryandcrypto, Calvin as well as some big projects like Goblin Town and invisible friends.

Invisible Friends went to towards the 3D route, and I can see Garbage Friends going in the same direction as there’s been a few 3D models displayed on their Twitter. Mint, public ruffle price and date are TBA.

Upcoming Nft Project

3rd top upcoming NFT Project: Dark Labs

It is from the team of Dark Echelon and is led by Ameer Hussain and his core team. Ameer Hussain is one the major builders in the NFT space. He is well-experienced and has also led a successful project Dark Echelon.

It is a Lore Based Project. The lore seems pretty interesting and has been developed along the growth of Dark Labs. The Art is quite intriguing and has a dark vibe about it. It is extremely hyped, and Lore is really intriguing.

It is being followed by a lot of big names in the space like Nomad_eth, BentoBoi, ryandcrypto and NFTsNate.

For the whitelist process, they are using the new application meta. You need to fill a form, answering a couple of questions related to your web3 experience. The team will go through the applications and manually select them. The link to their website is on their twitter.

Top 5 Upcoming Nft Projects

4th top upcoming NFT Project: Coliseum

Coliseum is a low supply NFT project containing 310 unique NFTs. It’s one of the best upcoming projects right now in the market having a good number of following and decent engagement on their posts. They have been growing since the past few months on twitter and now they have also revealed information about the whitelist process.


A buzzword being thrown around in the WEB3 space, Coliseum aims to expand the definition through

products and services that provide the optimal conditions for Gladiator’s to succeed.

WEB3 Alpha Section having carefully vetted alpha callers, well connected collaboration managers, access to WEB3 tools to provide Gladiator’s an edge in mints.

An Ever-Expanding WEB2 Alpha Section including carefully vetted coaches experienced in Sales, Ecommerce, Stocks, Software development and coding.

Coliseum VC

A community led VC providing Gladiator’s access to WEB3 seed rounds.

Access To Capital

The highest tier of Gladiator ranks operating on Telegram, open only to soul bounded NFT holders, Gladiators with aspirations to develop projects or businesses are provided with everything they need to succeed. Including but not limited to: Capital and a highly capable network that allows Gladiators to build the perfect team.

Top 5 Upcoming Nft Projects

5th top upcoming NFT Project: Kongu

Kongu is a free mint genesis supply of 333 unique and fully animated handmade NFTs. It’s a community- driven project and the founder is @SilverbackAvi.

Kongu is followed by some of the big names in the NFT space. Some of the few names are @Nomad_eth (Yin Yang Founder), @shanicucic96 (PGodjira co-founder), and @HatoETH (Operation Sin’s Artist).

The team is transparent, and you can find the name in the Twitter following on Kongu. SilverbackAvi is the founder of the project, and he is pretty active in the NFT space, his dedication is quite evident through the building of his project, Kongu.


  • Low supply
  • You will be a part of a very strong community thus creating strong connections with other holders.
  • Web 3 Identity
  • Best pixel art
Top 5 Upcoming Nft Projects


As the world of blockchain innovation and cryptographic money quickly advances, so does the potential for innovation applications.

In this article, we’ve featured five impending NFT undertakings to watch in 2022. From gaming to land, these undertakings are pushing the envelope as far as what is conceivable with NFTs.

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