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Crypto Signals

Stop Trading Like a Gambler

Going on 50x leverage with $500 as capital makes your position worth $25,000. And if the price goes up by 1% you take a profit of 50%. But then what’s the difference between you and a Gambler? And What if the price goes down? Hence, we are here with our crypto signals!

Interact with Professional Crypto Traders

Learning in the crypto world comes from observing. Hence our best crypto signals group provides you an opportunity to interact with our professional trading team.

What are Crypto Signals?

We, at CoinCodeCap, cover your back in crypto trading by doing all the research in your place and providing you with crypto signals that help you in increasing your portfolio’s value.
Crypto Signals given by us are easy-to-understand and provide you set up with proper Entry, take Profit Targets, and Stop-loss price.

What do you get by subscribing?

Low Leverage
Future Signals
Spot Signals
Low Leverage High Leverage High Profit/ Risk Signals

Automate your Trades with the Cornix Trading Bot

Doubt us that we’re a scam? We don’t ask you for any payments rather than the subscription plan! Further, we try to assist you to entirely automate your trade using the Cornix Trading bot! Cornix comes with a 14-day trial and you can easily set it up with our crypto signals! Still confused how to do so? watch the video on the right!
Our Crypto Signals provide you an opportunity to skip the hustle of trading charts, and yet place orders with high returns.
We provide the signals using telegram, so you will be able to follow them as soon as there is a market opportunity.
Our Signals are exclusive to our subscribers and none of your personal information is required to follow the signals.
Our Signals are exclusive to our subscribers and none of your personal information is required to follow the signals.

Why choose our Crypto Signals?

In today’s fast-moving world, our crypto signals can match up with your pace.

You do not need to spend hours staring at charts and market movements. Our team does the work for you and provides you with all the relevant information to open and close a position. Hence, you can continue crypto trading from your phone and with your job in hand.

Our Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans are designed keeping in mind your needs. As a beginner, you might not want to spend a lot of money on trading. So you can try our one-month plan, and continue with a bigger plan if you are satisfied with our signals. Some of the benefits of the subscription plan are as follows:
  • Our market analyst keeps a check on all potential market opportunities
  • All trades are automated using Cornix
  • We Provide Live matket analysis through our YouTube Channel
  • Efficient buy, take profit, and stop-loss prices for our subscribers
    You can save extra with our annual plan
You have to pay a one-time non-refundable subscription fee to be eligible for our crypto signals.





Who are we?

Meet Coinmonks

Coinmonks is a crypto publication, providing information since 2018. We have over 7,000 written articles on Crypto assets, platforms, and various other crypto-related things. We have come forward with our Crypto Signals, which provides to be an excellent opportunity for beginners to gain significant returns while learning about the market.
You receive latest crypto news from our telegram group
Frequent articles on current market trends
You get to be a part of a crypto community

How do we work?

We are a team of experienced fundamental and analytical traders providing you the information needed to comprehend a successful trade. You can trust us to provide you with efficient market opportunities.
  • Active use of Take-profit and Stop-loss
  • Regular signals based on available opportunities
  • One time payment of subscription fee

Our Mantra

In Crypto, We believe!