Accointing Review- A Complete Crypto Tax solution

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If you have paid taxes, you know the process is complex and a hassle. Especially when declaring disruptive assets like cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, this daunting process is being solved by several tax and portfolio management tools. But how are you to decide which tool to use? Begin by looking into the basic features offered by the major competitors in the market, such as:

  • Real-time market data
  • Easy way to review your portfolio performance
  • Effortless data importation
  • Overall App Design
  • Support offered

Most tax management solutions claim to offer said features. Let’s narrow the list of options.

Accointing by Glassnode is a one in all solution. One of the easiest and fastest platforms to track and report taxes on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This revolutionary crypto platform offers a broad array of tools to help you track and manage your crypto taxes in an easy and user-friendly environment! Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features offered.

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  • Fastest import process in the market versus other tools.
  • Guided process available per exchange.
  • Personalized dashboard with simple but insightful graphics to get the real value of your data.
  • Full Data Set function compiles all your transactions and classifications in one exportable file.
  • Real-time market data.
  • Flexible features that let you create personalized tax strategies.
  • Guided tax strategies through the Holding Period Assistance.
  • Comprehensive and easy to follow tax reports.
  • Supports Tax Reports for European countries and the USA.
  • Most affordable and user-friendly crypto tracking platform.
  • Mobile App available

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Accointing Review- A Complete Crypto Tax Solution
Accointing by Glassnode

Portfolio Management Tool

With this powerful tool you can review your crypto investments effortlessly. The Overview tab enables you to obtain the performance of your crypto assets for a specific timeframe.

This way, you can easily analyze your open positions and determine your next trading strategy by looking at the 24-hour percentage change.

Moreover, you will obtain an asset allocation chart to decide what crypto asset to buy next.

Overall, you can swiftly create the optimum trading strategy by keeping a tab on your portfolio’s daily value and composition. 

Feel free to access the Full Data Set for a detailed monitoring of all your transactions.

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Holding Period

If you are a novice, either investor or tax contributor, you probably lack the experience to execute tax strategies.

Accointing by Glassnode is one of the platform offering guidance on tax strategies (tax-loss harvesting strategy) through the Holding Period Assistant dashboard.

The tax-loss harvesting strategy consists of incurring losses on your crypto assets with the purpose of reducing your capital and gains, and consequently your tax liability.

All of this may sound puzzling, but with You may be puzzling over the Holding Period and tax-loss harvesting strategy, feel free to play around with the user-friendly dashboard to familiarize yourself.

Crypto Tax Features

Accointing’sby Glassnode Tax Review Feature performs all of the steps required to calculate all of your crypto taxes automatically. Once you’re done with your review process, simply press click and generate as many tax reports as needed.

Most of the crypto tax tools available offer the same reporting features relevant tax documents, guided report creation, etc. Yet, Accointing by Glassnode is the best platform to calculate your crypto income providing different cost basis methods. 

This flexibility will come in handy as you become a more experienced taxpayer. Most platforms are not as inclusive with the users.

Accointing by Glassnode encourages users to be proactive since the best tax strategy comes from your classification method. After importing your data, you can edit and mark it as an airdrop, hard fork, gift, or payment. 

Importing Data via Wallet and Exchange Auto-sync

The first step to generate your tax report is to record and analyze your trades and transactions. It sounds like a time-consuming process. Need not to worry. Accointing by Glassnode offers premium data import software. Within a few minutes, you can manually upload your operations in API or CSV format.

It gets easier. Unlike most of the similar tools offered in the market, with Accointing by Glassnode you can link your exchanges and wallets.

In other words, your trades and transactions are “imported” automatically! Leaving you with the task of clicking a button!


Accointing by Glassnode offers the most accessible prices in the market. Offering free transactions (up to 25) reports and all tracking features included.

Let’s take a look at all of the subscriptions and the prices.

Accointing Pricing Plans
Accointing Pricing Plans

You may be wondering, where does Accointing by Glassnode stand with respect to other tax platform tools. Let’s take a look at Accointing’s pros versus competitors.

Accointing by Glassnode offers awesome tax and portfolio management tools at the best price. The platform is so simple that novice and experienced traders can optimize strategies in just a few clicks!

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