Coinpayu Review: Watch Ads and Earn Free Crypto

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Coinpayu is an excellent PTC (paid-to-click) platform with an intuitive design and great rewards. In addition, the platform lets you create your advertisements and promote them on a site of your choice. Therefore, in this Coinpayu review, we’d discuss how you can earn free crypto by displaying ads on your blog/ website.


  • Coinpayu is an excellent advertising platform and is very effective.
  • It provides users with four different membership plans to upgrade their profile. 
  • Coinpayu offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the market. 
  • The platform is always up for sustainable development for humans and nature as part of Coinpayu’s system profit is used to plant trees.

What is Coinpayu?

Coinpayu is a PTC (paid-to-click) platform where you can earn bitcoin by viewing advertisements, doing offers, or in several other available ways. Coinpayu has been online for quite a while now, never misses a payment, and has an extensive user base of 110,000+ people. Therefore, this site fits nicely within your Viral Income Earning Strategy if used consistently, along with relatively low minimum withdrawal levels.

Moreover, CoinPayU is also a very effective advertising option due to its active user base. You know the people viewing your ads are interested in crypto and making money online, with relatively low advertising fees. Furthermore, Coinpayu’s team revenue is used for system development, team salary, and infrastructure fees, further improving the Coinpayu system.


How to get started with Coinpayu?

  • Visit the Coinpayu website and click on the Register button present on the top-right corner of the page.
  • On the Create Account page that opens, fill in your information such as Username, Email, and Password. Then, agree to the Terms and conditions.
  • Click on Register.
  • Confirm your Email address by typing the code that you received in your email. 
  • Log in to your account using your Email and Password.
Coinpayu Account
Coinpayu Account

Coinpayu Review: Features

  • The traffic that they deliver from advertisements is 99.99% real as they have an innovative quality control system.
  • The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies. 
  • Users can start their advertising with only a few dollars. They can get users up to 1000 unique visitors to their website, and it starts from only $1.2.
  • Geographic targeting is also a unique feature that the platform provides. In this, users can choose their advertisement displaying to any specific country. 
  • Users can earn crypto by doing offers, affiliate programs, and viewing advertisements. 
  • The platform provides you with easy management as you can start a campaign in a few minutes by just providing your website URL, description, etc. Detailed traffic reports will also be provided for tracking. 
  • The dashboard provided by Coinpayu is very nice, clean, and easy to navigate.
  • Moreover, the platform also provides you with day and night mode, and you can use any as per your convenience. 

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Coinpayu Review: View Ads

Three different kinds of ad viewing members can choose from and earn their Satoshis.

1. Surf Ads

You can see a list of websites here and can simply browse the website to earn free bitcoin. By clicking on the ad link, it will open up a new window. One needs to browse the ad until the timer runs out. Moreover, if there is a captcha, you should solve it further. 

Surf Ads
Surf Ads on Coinpayu

2. Window Ads

In this, you need to click the ad link and stay on the tab that is opened until the timer is up. Similar to the above one, if there is a captcha, it needs to be solved first to continue. 

Window Ads
Window Ads on Coinpayu

3. Video Ads

You can find a list of videos here that you can watch and earn free Bitcoins. The same method is followed here to watch the video until the timer is up. In addition to this, you need to click on the “Visit Website” button to get your reward. However, if there is n “Visit website” button, you will get your rewards directly. 

Video Ads
Video Ads on Coinpayu

Coinpayu Review: Offerwall

Besides clicking ads, you can also earn money by completing offers on this platform. Offer is like a small task, and you just need to follow the instruction to complete it and then get rewarded. You can choose from the various offers present on the Offerwall to have several ways to earn. Coinpayu uses 3rd party plugins to provide these offers to you. However, they have no control over the submissions paid or not.

Moreover, different offers have different payouts, so there is always a need to check and see how long it takes. In addition to this, you can also see your current and pending offers, if any, and your refers. The offer chargeback will happen if the offerwall decides the completed offers are not qualified. 

Coinpayu Review: Faucets

Coinpayu provides its users with cryptocurrency faucets, i.e., a few free cryptocurrencies every hour. These cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Tron, Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, etc. Users will only be able to claim about 3-6 faucets daily, depending on their membership level. For example, for free members, the maximum number of faucets is 4, and a max of 8 faucets daily for upgraded members. 

Faucets were mainly created for new users to “try before they buy,” as it is better to experiment with a test transaction before putting real money on the line. Moreover, people do not entirely trust it with their hard-earned money since this experience is so new and a bit complicated. Thus, Coinpayu provides an easy way to get some free cryptos.


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Coinpayu Review: Advertise

The primary source of revenue for Coinpayu is advertisements. With the help of advertisements, you can connect your project to a large audience of crypto users immediately. The platforms also allow you to show advertisements to selected countries; however, it will cost a 30% extra fee. In addition to this, you can also advertise using Surf ads, Window ads, and Video ads. Hence, to do so, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Provide a campaign name that is just for the convenience of advertisers to distinguish.
  2. Fill in all the necessary details like URL, Language Targeting, Description, Clicks, Ads Rerun, Duration, etc., that are required to create an ad.  
  3. Lastly, you can have a look at the preview of add and then confirm it. Your ad is now successfully created. 

After creating the ad, you can edit it, pause the ad if you want, see the statistics, and delete it. Moreover, if you want, you can also download your ads reports.  

Coinpayu Advertise
Coinpayu Advertise

Coinpayu Review: Contests

Coinpayu offers its users several contests that they run after every few months. There are different sets of rules and various cash prizes for every contest. The overall winners for each contest are also variable. However, specific points should be noted before getting forward with the contest, and those are.

  • Each contest lasts only 15 days, and you can choose any or all to join.
  • There is no registration required, and the system will auto-include you.
  • The contest prize will be released and about 48 hours after it is completed.
Coinpayu Contests
Coinpayu Advertise

Coinpayu Review: Deposit and Withdrawal


You can deposit quickly into the Coinpayu platform by choosing a method such as Bitcoin, Payeer, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more. After that, you need to fill in the total amount you want to deposit and click on confirm. At last, copy the address where you will be sending the cryptos and complete the transaction from your suitable wallet.


Once you have 10,000 satoshis in your balance, you can withdraw it by choosing any coin. Your withdrawal will then take 48 business hours to process. Make sure you fill in the correct bitcoin address, as they will only process to the bitcoin address provided, and if, given the wrong address, you will need to bear the loss. There are different withdrawal fees and min withdrawal amount for each crypto-like; for Bitcoin, the fee is 0.000002 BTC, and the min withdrawal is 0.00011 BTC. Similarly, for other cryptos, the fee, and min. Withdrawal varies. 

Coinpayu Withdrawal
Coinpayu Withdrawal

Coinpayu Review: Tron Staking

Coinpayu participates in the Tron Super Representative program and allows users to earn staking rewards by voting them. The reward is between 5%-8% APR and to start delegating, you need to have an online or ledger wallet. By delegating TRX, you will help secure the Tron network and receive rewards. Moreover, if you plan to hold TRX for the long term, delegating helps you accumulate more TRX while contributing to the health of the Tron network.

Tron Skating
Tron Skating

Coinpayu Review: Is Coinpayu safe?

The platform provides you with Two-Factor Authentication. 2FA code is generally a security code stored in Google Authenticator, which only you can use to access. It is not the same eas provided by the system. So once 2FA is enabled, you need to enter the 2FA code when you log in, change your password, change your bitcoin address or withdraw. Moreover, you also need to verify your email address before enabling the 2FA.

Coinpayu Review: Mobile App

Mobile applications always help people keep everything handy and make it easy to use. Hence, Coinpayu offers its users a mobile application available for Android users. The app is in beta and provides you with offer and window ads. After the beta testing is completed, other features like Surf ads and faucets will be added.

Coinpayu Mobile App
Coinpayu Mobile App

Coinpayu Review: Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is where an affiliate promotes another person’s company pr their own through their affiliate links. Coinpayu also offers users an affiliate program to invite new users and earn passive bitcoin income. To earn using affiliate, one just needs to register for an account on Coinpayu, send referral links to different people and ask them to join Coinpayu and earn depending on your membership. Further, if you recommend the Coinpayu advertisement by your affiliate link, you earn up to 20% of your advertisement sales. The earnings percentage that you will receive via each referral is mentioned in the below table:

Coinpayu Affiliate
Coinpayu Affiliate
Coinpayu Affiliate
Coinpayu Affiliate

Coinpayu Review: Customer Support

Coinpayu has an excellent customer support service for its users. They provide you with a help desk to get answered to most of your questions. They have listed most of the questions that might arise while surfing the website. Moreover, they have guided videos on their YouTube channel, which will further help you out. In addition to this, you can raise a ticket in the support forum if you still have doubts or questions regarding anything. 

Customer Support
Customer Support

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Coinpayu Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Without investing anything, you can own cryptocurrencies.The platform can mislead people into signing up for third-party websites for better rewards.         
There is proof of payments present on the platform to be trusted.If you don’t upgrade your membership level, you’ll only earn small amounts. 
85% of the system’s revenue is distributed among users. If there are 90 days of inactivity, the account will be reset. 
Several contests help people earn more rewards. 
The platform charges affordable prices for advertisements. 
Two-Factor Authentication is available. 

Coinpayu Review: Conclusion

Coinpayu continuously invests in product development and adds various features to their websites to make them better than before. The platform has a good history of withdrawals and payment proofs available for multiple users. Positive reviews from users prove that Coinpayu is a legit paying website that lets you earn cryptos.  

When do I get paid?

Your payment will get processed in 3 business days, and there is no payment at weekends. Further, if you want to check your payment time, you can visit History >Withdrawals.

Who can join Coinpayu?

Coinpayu is available globally for users; there are no restrictions on any country. The only condition they need to be followed is accepting their terms and conditions.

Is TRX locked when delegating?

Whenever a user delegates, redelegate, or undelegate, a minimum lock time of 3 days. You are free to move your TRX around after this period. 

What are the Benefits of the Coinpayu
Affiliate Program? 

1. High profitable partnership condition.
2. There is lifetime earning from your invited users.
3. The earnings are with no holds and limits.
4. You will receive ready-made promo materials. 

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