A-Ads Review : Best Crypto Ad Platform?

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Are you looking for advertising with cryptos? Then, A-Ads is the perfect solution for your problem. This article will give you an honest and detailed A-Ads review and the steps to creating your first ad. So, let’s get started.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • The platform supports banner advertising format.
  • 24×7 live support is available for users.
  • It offers payment schemes as per CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand), and CPD (cost per day).
  • Only accepts ads from advertisers that do not promote CP, drugs, or gun violence.
  • The network is compatible with different types of websites; it can feature ads across multiple mediums.
  • Users can expect live chat benefits for support.
  • In addition, The network works with worldwide traffic, with most geo-target audiences in Vietnam, Russia, India, Brazil, USA, China, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  • It accepts bitcoin-based payments; daily/automatic payment frequency.
  • Expect a referral bonus for half of the A-Ads usage fee, or 10% of the advertiser’s budget.
  • Minimum payout of 0.0001 bitcoin to bitcoin address directly/1 satoshi for Faucethub.io.
  • Advertisers can pay any amount of money to start their ad campaign with zero limitation on the minimum deposit amount.

What is A-Ads?

A-Ads is a crypto-centric advertising network. The website was founded back in 2011 and is the first ad network running entirely on bitcoin.

The network is encrypted and runs with blockchain support to ensure optimized safety for user information. Further, this platform neither collects nor shares any personal data. Instead, the website includes operational metrics for users to view details like cost per thousand (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and impressions for the last 24 hours. Moreover, the daily percentage changes appear in real-time.

The ads on the platform include CSS and HTML codes which are free of cookies or any complex scripts. Moreover, advertisers get multiple packages to choose from that come with individually quoted CPM rates and prices. Furthermore, the online crypto community addresses clients’ or end-users issues, where experts quickly resolve the queries.


A-Ads Review: Features

  • Publishers/ Advertisers can create their ad units and campaigns within 1 minute.
  • The network connects with all kinds of websites other than illegal or child pornography websites.
  • Advertiser websites cannot collect any cookies.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC.
  • There is no minimum count for website traffic.
  • Automatically withdraw revenue into the bitcoin account/wallet.
  • Users can earn up to 50% of their fees as an affiliate
  • It also provides a referral program.
  • With A-Ads, websites with crypto-centric content get a 100% fill rate.
  • Ad codes are only CSS/HTML that have zero scripts or cookies, therefore easy to integrate. 
  • The Bitcoin traffic category has high-eCPM.

A-Ads Review: Fee Structure

Users can expect 5 different plans under the A-Ads Crypto advertising network. These include:

  • All Traffic- Ad units- 7850; 176M impressions per day;  Average CPM- $0.08
  • Crypto- Ad units- 533; 1.77M impressions per day;  Average CPM- $0.57
  • Entertainment- Ad units- 1674; 101M impressions per day;  Average CPM- $0.03
  • Blog- Ad units- 2863; 4.7M impressions per day;  Average CPM- $0.02
  • Adult- Ad units- 836; 24M impressions per day;  Average CPM- $0.03
Advertising Packages
Advertising Packages

A-Ads Payments

  • It allows the bitcoin payment method primarily.
  • Users get a minimum payout limit of 1 satoshi for Faucethub.io or 0.001BTC.
  • Auto withdrawal is available.
  • Daily withdrawal is possible.
  • Supported currencies for depositing include Bitcoin, Zcoin, Zcash, Ripples, Tether, Bitcoin Gold, BitTorrent, NEO, Qtum, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Verge, Tron, GameCredits, Komodo, DigiByte, Bitcoin Cash, Ravencoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin BitcoinDiamond, Stratis, PIVX, Vertcoin, and Horizen.

A-Ads Review: Monetization Methods

  • CPM Bids- Here, the stakes have a fixed Cost Per Mile.
  • CPA- Cost per Action.
  • CPD- Cost per Day.
  • Affiliate Program

How to Sign Up on A-Ads?

To publish your ads via the A-Ads networking system follow the given steps:

  • Click on the A-Ads Ad Network Signup page.
  • Enter your Email ID and then click on “Sign Up.”
  • Confirm your signup process by verifying your email address. 
  • Also, you will receive your password in the confirmation email only.
  • Now, you can log in, and start making ad units for the website you wish to promote following the limitations of the package you choose.
  • Further, please note that, now A-Ads allows you to sign in using Bitcoin Wallet address too for anonymity.
A-Ads Sign Up
A-Ads Sign Up

How to Create Ad Units through A-Ads?

  • Choose the “Earn” button on the screen after signing up.
  • Select “Create Ad Unit” from the drop-down of the website list.
  • Now, select which type of medium you will be using the Ads.
  • Enter the information, verify the captcha and then click on “ Create Ad Units.”
  • You will receive the HTML code.
  • Use that on your website for earning bitcoin. Earning amount increases on the basis of total ad traffic and conversion rates.
Create Ad Units On A-Ads
Create Ad Units on A-Ads

Is the A-Ads Network Safe to Use?

A-Ads is one of the best bitcoin ad networks available that mainly deals with bitcoin transactions for ad promotion and revenue earning. Users can use this network anonymously. Moreover, they leave no cookies or scripts on the computers of the end-users who visit the ad link.

Also, creating anonymous ad campaigns and units is possible through this network even if you do not open an A-Ads user account. The network does not collect any personal data, and users can engage with it with just their bitcoin address if they do not wish to utilize their private email. This rule applies to both advertisers and publishers. Also, the network does not track the activity of its visitors or users. However, it only collects and assesses the IP addresses of visitors.

A-Ads Review: Benefits for Advertisers

  • Fast and simplified process of creating Ad campaigns.
  • Websites approve the promotion of the campaigns that come from A-Ads faster than their competitors.
  • A high amount of visitor traffic from multiple sites.
  • The paying customers are 100% crypto users at the crypto-centric sites.
  • Geo-targeting benefits are available.
  • Advertisers can set their max CPM during campaigns and filter out expensive traffic.
  • Choose specific publisher sites to promote on via categories.
  • Access to 24×7 customer helpdesk, telegram chat and skype
  • Real-time statistics on average CPM, CPC, and total impressions.
  • No limits on the minimum ad creation budget.

Benefits for Publishers

  • Anonymous usage
  • Verified network for fair ad promotion and usage
  • Quick payments on time
  • Small-scale to large-scale publishers can utilize this network with similar benefits and simple functions.
  • No approval is necessary when using the web to run ads on many websites.
  • The ad creation process is quick and straightforward.
  • Static and lightweight banners (non-JavaScript-enabled simple iframe) for ads.
  • High-quality dashboard with real-time notifications for clicks, impressions, and earnings.
  • Customer support helpdesk is available 24×7.

A-Ads Review: Affiliate Program

New advertisers interested in promoting their ad campaigns via A-Ads can join its Affiliate Program. Here, all applicants would get half of the campaign fee on A-Ads; this typically constitutes 10% of the total campaign budget. Further, advertisers who invite their professional colleagues to use the A-Ads Ad network get additional income and perks.

A-Ads Review: Pros & Cons


  • The website showcases active CPM, CPC, and daily impression details.
  • Avoids the collection of personal information for usage privacy/anonymity.
  • Ad agencies get additional options for CPM rates and distributions.
  • CSS and HTML integration with zero cookies or scripts.
  • Customer support is high-quality; they respond to issues quickly.
  • Reasonable package costs are compatible with the current market rates.
  • Non-intrusive advertising portal/ process.
  • Anonymous usage.
  • Publishers and advertisers can filter out undesired ads.
  • Real-time statistics.


  •  Daily impressions are low compared to some other competitor networks.

A-Ads Review: Conclusion

For users interested to advertise using bitcoin, A-Ads is a high-quality, affordable, and easy to use network. There are multiple benefits available and several features that profit Advertisers and Publishers alike. Not to mention, you would get options when it comes to packages. This allows all users planning to utilize the network for ad campaigns and networking within their set budget. In addition, the platform allows for anonymous transactions and usage and stores no personal data. All things considered, A-Ads is a notable ad network to consider and use. 

Is it safe to use?

Yes, A-Ads is safe to use. Moreover, it lets users maintain anonymity while taking advantage of all the available features based on their subscription.

How can you contact the support?

A-ads has got one of the best support systems including, chatting with supporters, through telegram or help desk. They also contain a section “Help” that includes the most frequently asked question.

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