How to run Ads and Earn Bitcoins through A-ads?

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A-Ads is a crypto advertising network that allows you to either advertise or earn through advertisements. Further, you get paid for every click on the ads you run, and hence that allows you to earn Bitcoins through a-ads.

Moreover, the platform enables blockchain-related firms to create marketing campaigns that include advertising and native advertisements. A-Ads is one such crypto advertising network.

Earn With A-ads


  • A-ads is one of the first Bitcoin-based advertising network, which has been working since 2011.
  • It lets the users take advantage of all its products while maintaining anonymity.
  • With its user-friendly UI, you can quickly sign up following simple steps. 
  • Further, you can earn by being both a publisher and an advertiser.
  • You can withdraw or deposit your amount in quick steps.

What is A-Ads?

A-Ads is the oldest and the first Bitcoin-based advertising network. It was previously known as Anonymous Ads and allowed its users with high traffic. In addition, the users can directly withdraw the amount they have earned in their crypto address or A-Ad’s wallets.

A-Ads is labelled as an exquisite and competitive platform that provides better support to these advertising networks. In addition, it has a simple UI that is user friendly, and the platform also focuses on privacy and better advertisement over online media. To learn more, read our a-ads review.

Earn With A-ads

Features of A-Ads

Being a crypto advertising network, the main aim of these websites is to advertise and produce better trading income for their users. Therefore, let us see what the different features of A-Ads are:

A-Ads tracking token

The A-Ads track the performance of the tokens and help their user find which token has a higher value and then invest in them. This allows the users to earn better profits through better investment strategies. Also, this is one of the most important features that attract users to use A-Ads for profitable investing and earnings.

A-Ads WordPress Plugin

It provides a WordPress plugin that is used to link the WordPress to the A-Ads platform. Therefore, it allows better cross-platform advertisement and earnings. In addition, since these plugins connect the WordPress platform with A-Ads, this increases the traffic over the website. And the website is better optimized.

Cloudflare IP Whitelisting

One of the features of A-Ads is Cloudflare IP Whitelisting. This allows the platform to connect easily with Cloudflare. Additionally, creating a secure platform for transactions and helping users. Security is the most crucial factor for any platform, and A-Ads, with the help of IP whitelisting, provides their users with the maximum available security possible.

How to sign up with A-Ads?

It is straightforward to sign up with A-Ads, as it has a user-friendly layout, and anyone can quickly sign-up with an email address. Therefore, let us see how a user can start using the A-Ads platform:

  • Go to the official website, and in the menu, options select Sign Up.
  • A Sign-Up page appears, and, on the login page, three tabs will appear.
  • Select the Email option, and enter the email address. A confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you have entered.
  • Go to the link in the email to confirm the email address.
  • Go back to the page and click on the box that says, “I’m not a robot”. And click Sign Up.
  • Now go to the Access Code tab, and copy the code that is available in the box. You can additionally download the file as TXT. It is important to note that the code is not saved in the database of A-Ads. Therefore, once you save the code and move to another tab, it will not be visible again.
  • This is done to provide better safety to the users. After you have saved the access code, you can link all your social media accounts with the A-Ads. This will help you remain updated with the tokens and the new trends on the platform.
  • After you have successfully followed the process of signing in, you can log in and start trading.
Earn With A-ads

How to become an affiliate & earn Bitcoins through A-ads?

One of the ways to earn on the platform is to become an affiliate. The platform allows the website to earn by becoming an affiliate. In addition, it will enable processes that can be followed to become an affiliate. Therefore, let us see the steps that must be taken to become an affiliate and earn:

  • The platform allows three distinctive ways in which you can earn. These are namely stated as site, app, and affiliate. These can be used to enrol in a revenue-sharing platform and earn through advertisement. Now, let us see how you can also earn through the website.
  • Go to the official website and log in. 
  • Select “earn” from the top menu.
  • From the drop-down list, select “Referral Program.”
Advertise with Anonymous Ads
  • A web page will appear, follow the instructions and create an affiliate ad unit. 
  • A description box will appear. In the description box, explain everything about your advertisement. You will have to give proper references to the browser extensions or app links that your advertisement will use.
  • After you have filled in the information, select Create ad Unit. This will successfully create your ad.
Select Create Ad Unit Type
Select create ad unit type

How to change and confirm withdrawal address?

One of the essential features of A-Ads is that it provides maximum security and anonymity to its users. Therefore, A-Ads has employed several protective measures to ensure the safety of withdrawal. Hence, let us see how you can change and confirm the withdrawal address:

  • On the official website, log in, and go to the Withdrawal Options in Finances.
  • A page will appear where you can change the withdrawal address. Select the withdrawal type.
  • In the Withdrawal address box, type the address of your withdrawal. This can range from your BTC address, ExpressCrypto Unique ID, or any existing FaucetPay address. However, every address needs to be registered.
Update Withdrawal Settings
Update Withdrawal Settings
  • If you are withdrawing directly to the BTC, you have to set a threshold of a minimum of 0.001 BTC.
  • Now, enter your password or the access code granted to you. And click on “Update Withdrawal Settings”.
  • A confirmation box will appear. Select OK. An alert will appear which will state that your withdrawal address has been updated. But you will have to confirm the changes from your linked email.
  • Open your mailbox, and find the email from A-Ads. Open the email, and you will find a confirmation. Select “Click to confirm”, and you will see that your withdrawal option has been updated.

It is important to note that the withdrawal will be suspended for three days after making a successful update.

Earn With A-ads

How to earn as a publisher?

With A-Ads, you can also earn as a publisher. The earning is based on the demand and supply of the traffic on the website. Let us see, what are the factors that affect the earning of the publishers:

  • The number of unique clicks on the ads
  • The display rate of the ad unit
  • The quality of the traffic that the ad is attracting
  • The range of the ad unit on the webpage
  • The content filter, defined for the advertisement unit.

Also, refer to the section “How to become an affiliate and earn” to find the steps to earn as a publisher. 

Below is an example of running an ad on A-ads:

How to advertise?

The best way to advertise on the platform is by posting ads through affiliate campaigns. In this way, you can add, earn with the platform, and then go on to make the best out of it.

Earn Bitcoins through A-ads: Pros and Cons

The potential of hacking is limited.Daily impressions can be better. 
Real-time information about daily impressions, CPC, and CPM.
The HTML/CSS integration involves zero scripts or any cookies.
Additional benefits like CPM distributions.
Use the platform to create affiliate campaigns and earn through that.
Get access to suitable customer support for any issues.

Earn Bitcoins through A-ads: Conclusion

A-Ads works as a crypto advertising platform. Not only does this make the process of using and advertising via A-Ads lucrative and stress-free, but you can also apply for its affiliate program to earn extra funds. Take the time to properly set up the account and understand the withdrawal pointers before beginning to use it.   

Earn With A-ads

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn with A-Ads?

You can earn by posting ads on the basis of CPA, CPD, and CPM bids. Also, you can earn money through other options like the integrated affiliate program.

Who is the A-Ads network best suited for?

The main audience for A-Ads in terms of users are publishers and advertisers.

Why should I use A-Ads?

There are many benefits of working with A-Ads, like removing undesired ads for promotion, usage anonymity, and real-time statistical data.

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