6 Best OKX Trading Bots in the Market

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OKX is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accounts for over $1.5 billion only from its futures trading platform. This article will talk about the best OKX trading bots available, along with their pricing, features, and most importantly pros and cons.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Crypto trading bots help automate your trades and are a good choice for you if you don’t have enough time to watch the market.
  • OKX is one of the biggest exchanges with their utility to tokens, which you can use to reduce your trading fees.
  • Some of the OKX trading bots are CryptoHopper, Bitsgap, 3Commas, Shrimpy, and Wunderbit.
  • Firstly, CryptoHopper is a widely used crypto trading bot and is prominent for its market-making bot and strategies. 
  • The crypto trading bot provider TradeSanta, offers almost all the services at a lower cost than most of its competitors.
  • Bitsgap is another decent trading bot that goes well with OKX. One of the best features of the platform is its Bitsgap demo trade mode. 
  • 3Commas offers a variety of features that include DCA bot, GRID bot, options bot, etc.
  • Furthermore, SMARD is the only trading bot that accepts payment in the form of 10% of profits.
  • Finally, Wunderbit also has many impressive features in the queue. Some of them are free trading terminals, intelligent crypto trade automation, etc.

What are Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bots are mere computer programs for implementing a trading strategy. By using these bots, you can automate your trading process and skyrocket your returns.

What is OKX?

It is a cutting-edge exchange created by Star XU in 2014 and arose from OKCoin. Furthermore, it is aimed at more experienced bitcoin dealers.

OKX, like the other Chinese exchanges, introduced its utility token in early 2018. Users can use this token to pay for exclusive services on the exchange platform, such as improved API rate limitations and customer support. To learn more, read the OKX exchange review.

Okx (Previously Okex)
OKX (Previously OKEx)

Five Best OKX Trading Bots

Trading bots help you maximize your profit and mitigate the risks. Moreover, they save tons of your time which you can invest in other occupations. So, let’s look into five trading bots for OKX.

1. 3commas

3Commas is a trading bot based out in Miami and can implement various trading strategies. Moreover, it is a good choice for traders having no technical backgrounds or are beginners in the trading industry. Furthermore, the bot is capable of customizing unique trading positions and deploying the user interface.

To learn more, read the 3Commas review.


The platform 3Commas offers exciting features, including DCA bots, grid bots, trading terminals, options bots, a third-party marketplace for crypto trading signals, etc. Furthermore, DCA bots are an excellent choice for traders at any level. Similarly, a GRID bot requires minimal efforts, and it buys an asset when its price falls and sells when it rises in a specified range.

3Commas Pricing

The monthly subscription plans at 3Commas are divided into four parts, and if you pay for an annual plan, you get a discount. For further details, refer below:

6 Best Okx Trading Bots In The Market

Is 3Commas legit?

The 3Commas trading bot uses API keys to connect to the exchange. Furthermore, the platform’s Terms of Service are vague, and it seems that the bot collects specific trading data of users. However, the team uses the collected data to improve their trading bots.

3Commas: Pros and Cons

User-friendly dashboard.The process of onboarding is overwhelming for beginners.
Unique plans for traders at every stage.Mobile applications lag speed.
It has a library of bots you can use or simply copy.
3commas Pros and Cons

2. CryptoHopper OKX trading bot

The CryptoHopper bot has a mobile app to help you automate your trades quickly. Moreover, the bot supports auto trading, copy trading, etc.; you can also change the trading strategy that fits well with your financial goals. 

To learn more, read the CryptoHopper review.

Features of CryptoHopper

One of the best features of CryptoHopper is a crypto market-making bot. It automatically places buy and sell orders as per the liquidity; hence, it earns little profits from the market spread gap. This bot also has its strategy planner, arbitrage tool, paper trading mode, social trading platform, Crypto signals telegram bot, etc. 

CryptoHopper Pricing

To access the automated trading features, you have to purchase the paid version of CryptoHopper. It has three categories – Explorer kit, Adventure kit, and Hero kit. Below are the functionalities and pricing of each bot.

Cryptohopper Pricing
CryptoHopper Pricing

Is CryptoHopper legit?

The bot has been functioning in the market for more than three years. Therefore, it is a reliable, secure, and legitimate bot. It also uses API keys to process trades and can not withdraw money from your account. So, the bot is entirely safe to use, but trading bots might not come in handy if there are sudden market fluctuations.

CryptoHopper: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Investors can access and use the high-level research software.Customer service is not available on mobile apps or through the phone.
At CryptoHopper, you only have to pay a subscription fee.To access the valuable and relevant functionality, you have to subscribe to the monthly plans.
The mobile app includes comprehensive security features.
The CryptoHopper Marketplace offers exclusive services.
CryptoHopper Pros and Cons

3. TradeSanta OKX trading bot

TradeSanta is a trading robot software being both friendly to beginners and provides advanced tools for pro traders. TradeSanta has been operating since 2018. Furthermore, the service provides extensive documentation and video tutorials to facilitate the onboarding into automated trading. 

Customer Support is always available to answer any questions and onboard into the automated trading world. In addition, TradeSanta operates on major platforms and supports the most popular exchanges. The list of supported exchanges includes Binance, Binance US, Huobi, OKX, Upbit, HitBTC, and Coinbase


Features of TradeSanta

TradeSanta supports all major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, OKX, Upbit, and HitBTC. 

TradeSanta bots trade based on Grid or DCA strategies – placing TakeProfit orders for all orders at once or one at a time. The platform also provides risk management tools such as Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, and Trailing Take Profit. Traders can test their strategies against real market conditions with virtual trading.

Advanced traders can take advantage of leverage trading Binance Futures or of custom TradingView crypto signals.

TradeSanta Pricing

TradeSanta pricing starts from $14/month and provides access to all strategies for an unlimited number of pairs on supported exchanges. 

Tradesanta Pricing
TradeSanta Pricing

Is TradeSanta legit?

TradeSanta has been offering its services for traders since 2018. The platform has built a huge community in Telegram where anyone can ask questions about the service and share their strategy. 

TradeSanta places the trades via API keys that have withdrawal permissions off by default, so the service only allows to place orders and read balance.

TradeSanta Pros and Cons

Beginner-friendly with extensive documentation The bot doesn’t support scripting
Has advanced features such as Trailing Take Profit. The mobile app doesn’t have the latest features yet
Screener and custom TradingView signals.
Supports Futures trading.
TradeSanta offers both iOS and Android apps.
Reliable platform operating since 2018.
Welcoming Telegram community

4. Bitsgap

Bitsgap is another famous bot provider, and it also goes well as an OKX API bot. Furthermore, it supports a multi-exchange environment, and through this bot, you can bring all your accounts to one place. The platform functions on 25 significant exchanges that include Binance, Kraken, etc. Also, you can check and try a few features of the bot in a 14-day free trial.

To learn more, read the Bitsgap review.

Cryptohopper Alternatives: Bitsgap
Bitsgap OKX trading bot

Bitsgap features

The trading bot provider Bitsgap has many features that include arbitrage, trading terminal, portfolio tracking, etc. For example, arbitrage helps maximize the price difference between various exchanges. Furthermore, the Bitsgap futures trading bot is one of a kind available in the market.

Trading terminals have advanced crypto charting tools for assisting traders in generating high profits. Finally, one of the best features is the Bitsgap Demo trade mode that lets you test run the bots.

Bitsgap Pricing

Bitsgap also has three subscription plans, and each program supports a 14-day free trial period. For further information, refer to the image below:

Bitsgap Pricing
Bitsgap Pricing

Is Bitsgap legit?

Bitsgap is a safe and legit trading bot. Furthermore, it uses high-end 2048 encryption methods for ensuring complete security to its customers. It also uses API keys and can not access your funds for withdrawals. Additionally, no deposits are made directly on the Bitsgap platform.

Bitsgap: Pros and Cons

Simple configuration and pre-configured trading bots.The trading bot has limited functionalities.
It has market signal dashboards and arbitrage possibilities.The bot does not have a mobile application.
Two weeks of free trial with no need of attaching any credit card.
Offers free packages for small accounts with limited budgets.
Bitsgap Pros and Cons


SMARD is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading software. Perfect for experienced traders and beginners who do not want to dive into the intricacies of market analysis. All portfolio management technologies have already been implemented for you.


Features of SMARD

The key advantage of SMARD is that the user does not need to customize anything or understand the intricacies of trading. All trades are executed automatically, following strictly established rules of portfolio management and risk control.

Users can choose a futures strategy that is flexible and uses the momentum effect. This lets the strategy predict who will win and lose in the market in the future and is meant to make money in bullish and bearish market conditions.

SMARD Pricing

  • Start without upfront payments
  • Service fee: 10% monthly fee charged on profits only
  • Minimum access fee: $1

A free DEMO mode is also available on the site to allow users to explore the functionality of the platform in detail.

6 Best Okx Trading Bots In The Market

Is SMARD legit?

SMARD activities do not require a license. Users connect to the platform through their OKX account using API keys without withdrawal access. All user funds remain under their personal control and are not transferred to a third party.

SMARD: Pros and Cons

All trading bot parameters are already configured.The minimum amount to start is 1000 USDT
The personal account contains all detailed statistics.No mobile app
10% monthly service fee charged on profits only.
No upfront payments
SMARD Pros and Cons

6. Wunderbit

Wunderbit can be another option to automate your trades as an OKX API bot. The exchange has been in the market since 2018 and is quite prominent for its trading services. Moreover, The bot is just the right option for traders and investors at all levels. Furthermore, Wunderbit also offers trading and commerce services apart from automated trading bots. To learn more, read the Wunderbit review.

Wunderbit OKX trading bot

Wunderbit Features

Talking about intelligent trading automation, it holds some flexible and relevant tools. Some of these are Smart crypto trading automation, free trading terminal, multiple account management, etc. For example, through the Wunderbit trading terminal, you can begin trading with no commissions per trade. Apart from this, the platform also offers features like a social trading marketplace and pyramid bot automation. 

Wunderbit Pricing

Wunderbit has four subscription plans to help you in automating your trading process. The free plan also provides some features for the automation of trades. For further details refer to the image below:

Wunderbit Pricing
Wunderbit Pricing

Is Wunderbit legit?

Wunderbit is a safe and legit crypto trading bot and helps in increasing your returns and mitigating the risks. Furthermore, it uses API keys to access your exchange account and can not make withdrawals on your behalf.

Wunderbit: Pros and Cons

Pyramid bot automation helps create flexible trading strategies.The platform is in its primitive stage and does not have a big user base.
Allows backtesting of the system to assure competent trading growth.Does not have a mobile app.
Simple and intuitive user interface.
Wunderbit Pros and Cons

OKX Trading Bots: Conclusion

OKX is one of the most popular crypto exchanges and offers various trading options with very meager trading fees. Third-party trading bots are necessary for traders who don’t find time to stare at the screen the entire day. For instance, Cryptohopper is prominent for its market-making bot and exclusive Marketplace. TradeSanta comes with one of the cheapest plans and maximum features among its alternatives. On the other hand, the Bitsgap demo trade mode allows you to test your strategies. Meanwhile, 3Commas has intelligent bots, for example, the options bot and the GRID bot, for implementing different trading strategies.

Furthermore, Shrimpy is perfect for traders who want to focus on their long-term portfolio management and growth. At last, Wunderbit provides a free trading terminal, social trading marketplace, and pyramid bot.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best Github trading bot for OKX?

One of the best open-source trading bots includes Freqtrade, freely available on Github; it offers enormous opportunities to traders. Furthermore, you can choose Pionex as they provide world-class trading bots for free.

How to deposit tokens on OKX?

Login to your OKX account and head over to the ‘Deposit’ section from the ‘Assets’ tab in the header. Thereafter, select the currency you wish to deposit and then the network you want to use. Finally, hit the continue button to scan the QR code or get the wallet address.

How to use OKX in the US?

OKX does not offer its services in the USA; however, you can use a VPN such as the Hola VPN to use OKX from anywhere in the world.

How do OKX Futures work?

The OKX futures offers coin margin contracts and USDT contracts, and it has three expiration contracts to choose from, weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly. Furthermore, you’ll have to deposit funds from your other OKX account to your OKX futures account. Finally, you get to choose from isolated/ cross margin and leverage to trade in the OKX futures market.

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