4 Best Crypto Signals for Binance

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Crypto Signals for Binance are a combination of knowledge and advanced software, experience, and most importantly, the talent of leading analysts along with experienced crypto traders. Consequently, there might be various channels in the cryptocurrency market that provide Binance trading signals, and many too have a great success ratio. Therefore, in this article, we will be pondering upon some of the Best Crypto Signals for Binance.

FeaturesCoinCodeCapVerified Crypto TradersOnwardBTC
Started in year201820182018
Technical AnalysisFree YouTube Live SessionsYouTube Videos only for Premium membersNA
Exchange supportedBinance, Bittrex, Huobi.pro, KucoinBinance and BitmexBinance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Kucoin, Okex, Bybit, etc.
Fee StructureStarting from $70. Starting from $99.Starting from $19.50 per month.
Free SignalsAvailableNANA
Futures SignalsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Spot SignalsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Trading BotCornix BotCornix BotCornix Bot
Backed byCoinmonksVCTOnwardBTC

Summary (TL;DR)

  • First, Binance is among one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Second, CoinCodeCap provides all the vital information of crypto signals through the telegram channel.
  • Further, Verified Crypto Traders is among the oldest crypto signals provider.
  • Moving on, OnwardBTC supports Bybit and provides its traders with a free 30-day trial.
  • There are many crypto signals in the market, but these four are the Best crypto signals for binance. 

What is Binance?

Founded in 2017, the platform is considered one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform offers basic and advanced trading services as well as futures and margin trading. It also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit/ debit card. Furthermore, Binance Staking allows you to earn a passive on the crypto you HODL. Moreover, the platform is best suited for both beginners and advanced traders. To know more read our Binance Review.


1st Best Crypto Signals for Binance: CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap is newer in the market compared to other crypto signals providers yet it has undoubtedly made its grip. For more than ten years, our professional traders are trading in the crypto market. Moreover, the platform is backed up by Coinmonks publication, a non-profit educational platform with articles on cryptocurrency. We keep our traders updated through these crypto educational platforms. 

CoinCodeCap: How does it work?

Our crypto signals are based on technical analysis. Further, CoinCodeCap is a team of experienced people who discuss everything about the market and provides you with the most accurate crypto trading signals. Moreover, the admins regularly post on the CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel about the latest crypto market updates.

CoinCodeCap: Features

  • We provide our Premium members with on demand technical analysis.
  • Further, we provide, spot, futures, and high reward/risk signals!
  • We also provide you with crypto trading signals along with all the options, such as entry and exit points in a trade.
  • We have veteran traders who will help you with signals and will give you the maximum winning possibility.
  • Along with its crypto signals, our platform comes with a trading bot, i.e., Cornix bot. It helps traders to automate their trades and work around the clock. 
  • Furthermore, we do not charge you any extra commission for the analysis and signals we provide. There’s also no extra charge for YouTube Sessions and it is available for free to everyone!
  • Since we are also a crypto educational platform, we provide our traders with various guides and crypto educational content through our telegram group.
  • Further, we do live market breakdowns through our YouTube sessions such as the one below.

CoinCodecCap NFT Signals

Our NFT signals are capable of identifying the most profitable flips, tracking the hottest trending NFTs, and alike, and then acting upon those findings. We want to help our members to become very profitable traders by providing them with NFT trading signals by allowing you to track which projects NFT collectors and influencers are aping into the real time. Further, we select the right NFT sets for you. The only thing you have to do is follow our trade signals.

4 Best Crypto Signals For Binance

CoinCodeCap: Pricing

To get started with crypto signals for Binance, you need to join our telegram channel that is the CoinCodeCap classic. There are mainly four subscription plans, and those are:

  • 01 months – $70
  • 03 months – $210
  • 06 months – $420
  • 01 year – $840

We frequently provide discount coupons on our Telegram group! So join Our Telegram Now!

Coincodecap Pricing
CoinCodeCap Pricing

2nd Best Crypto Signals for Binance: VCT

The 2nd platform is Verifies Crypto Traders, which was established in 2017, the platform is mainly known for its factual accuracy, consistency, and Risk to Reward Ratio likewise. Moreover, the analyst at the platform is much experienced and uses complex mathematics and different patterns to predict all market movements. They provide Binance, Binance Futures, Bitmex, Bybit, and Coinbase signals. 

Verified Crypto Traders
Verified Crypto Traders
Verified Crypto Traders

How does it work?

The admins of Verified crypto traders post crypto signals in their telegram channel depending upon Scalp or Swing trades. These posts are about trading opportunities and come up with buying range, take profits, stop loss, and a button to directly follow signals using the Cornix bot likewise.  

Verified Crypto Traders: Features

  • Coin recommendations are well explained and also rely on fundamental market research and technical analysis. 
  • Premium members receive short and long-term signals hours before the free members. 
  • Traders can read professional reports about the most promising ICOs through ICO reviews available on the platform to further ease the process. 
  • You can get signal alerts, chart analysis, multiple targets, and also stop-losses.
  • The platform also provides you with a member chat to discuss all the crypto news with their members and admins.
  • A VIP channel is made available to you to receive premium buy signals, and recommendations in addition to analysis.
4 Best Crypto Signals For Binance
Verified Crypto Traders Features

Verified Crypto Traders: Pricing

The Verified crypto traders platform provides you with four plans to subscribe. The price for each plan with its time duration is as below:

  • 01 months – $99
  • 03 months – $270
  • 06 months – $540
  • 12 months – $999
Verified Crypto Traders plans
Verified Crypto Traders Pricing
Verified Crypto Traders pricing

3rd Best Crypto Signals for Binance: OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC is a platform that offers its traders crypto signals, ignoring that they are professionals or just beginners. Further, they have a team of professionals from Switzerland and specializing in Bitmex signals. OnwardBTC also provides you with a weekly crypto market overview and is ready to help you 24*7 with whatever answers you might need. Moreover, they have partnered with Bybit to provide you with free crypto signals for a month. 


OnwardBTC: How does it work?

This platform operates through a telegram channel and also supports the Cornix bot to automate your trades. In addition, a team in OnwardBTC specializes in leverage trading. It has also partnered with Arya Signals. 

OnwardBTC: Features

  • VIP members of the platform do a technical analysis of the crypto market.
  • Moreover, long-term and short-term signals are all posted on the channel.
  • Traders can interact with professionals and get in touch with the community through their premium telegram group.
  • Moving on, the platform comes with the Bybit DCA bot for long-term and short-term.
  • VIP videos are posted on their channel to keep their traders updated on the crypto market.
  • Cipher alerts are also a part of the crypto signals for the long-term and short-term so that everyone is aware of the market opportunities. 
  • Their signals are backed up with technical analysis and have trading bots that run 24*7.
Onwardbtc Features
OnwardBTC features

OnwardBTC: Pricing

Firstly, OnwardBTC gives their traders 30 days free trial. Further, the free trial consists of all the content that a premium member might get. In addition, this allows traders to first check everything about the platform and then become a part of it. 

Moreover, there is also an option to join as regular without even opening a Bybit account. Enter the telegram channel and start your plan with $19.50 per month.

Onwardbtc Pricing
OnwardBTC pricing

Best Crypto Signals for Binance: Conclusion

We, at CoinCodeCap, cover your back in crypto trading by doing all the research in your place and providing you with crypto signals that help you in increasing your portfolio’s value. Further, we provide on-demand market analysis and conduct live YouTube sessions which is free for everyone to attend. Further, we do not ask for the custody of your trades and you can automate your trading using the Cornix Trading bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any drawbacks to using Binance signals?

Crypto signals for traders serve as an excellent basis to choose a market entry exit point and best trade price. The only setback is while opting for free crypto signals for Binance. There might not be a 100% guaran

What do crypto signals for Binance provide?

1. Crypto signals provide Binance signals through telegram recommendations for buying and selling the asset.
2. It gives traders the price setting for stop-loss and take profit. Moreover, it recommends the most favourable prices for buying and selling an asset.

What should be the must-have components of Best Binance signals?

1. It should have the actual timing of the signal.
2. It should have the best price for purchase and sale.
3. The crypto signal, along with a short explanation, should also mention its purpose.
4. There should be tips and advice to traders regarding the crypto market.

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