3 Best Day Trading Crypto Signals

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With the best day trading crypto signals for you can turn out to be a gratifying career only as long as you are doing it correctly. Unfortunately, day trading for beginners can sometimes be challenging as they are still learning and are not fully prepared. In order to stop you from hitting a rough patch, we came up with the Best Day Trading Signals that will undoubtedly bend your career in the right direction. 

FeaturesCoinCodeCapVerified Crypto TradersBYDFI Copy Trading
Fee StructureStarting from $70Starting from $99A trading fee of 0.05%
Free trialFree Crypto SignalsNo free trialNo free trial
ExchangesBinance, Bittrex, Huobi.pro, KucoinBinance and BitmexBitcoin, Etherum, Doge, Dash, etc. 
Telegram Channel AvailableAvailableAvailable
Backed byCoinMonksVerified CryptoTradersBYDFI


  • In day trading, the trader buys and sells the assets within a single day. 
  • Day traders choose only that risk capital which they can ultimately afford to lose. 
  • The CoinCodeCap has a team of veteran traders who have years of experience in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Verified Crypto Traders analyzes the market skillfully and gives accurate signals to their traders. 
  • BYDFI Copy Trading offers you 16 cryptocurrencies to trade and makes a demo mode available to try. 

What is Day Trading?

Day trading can be defined as a practice of buying and selling a security with a single day of trading. It is most common in stock markets and foreign exchanges and is often characterized by technical analysis. However, it also comes up with a high degree of uncertainty and risk. 

Who are Day Traders?

A day trader is the one who executes intraday strategies on a comparatively large volume of short and long-term trade. The main goal behind this is to gain profit from very short-lived price movements. Moreover, to capitalize on small price movements in highly liquid stock or currencies, day traders use short-term trading strategies and high amounts of leverage. Furthermore, few of the day traders use scalping, which is an intra-day technique. In this technique, a trader usually holds on to a position for a few seconds or minutes. 

1st Best Day Trading Crypto Signals: CoinCodeCap

What is CoinCodeCap?

CoinCodeCap is a crypto trading signals provider, and our signals are based on fundamental and technical analysis. We provide our traders with all the necessary information about when to open and close a position in the crypto market. This job is done by a team of traders who have experience in the crypto market and understand it well. We are a subsidiary of Coinmonks, which is a non-profit organization and provides free crypto-related educational content. It first started in the year 2018. 

Best Day Trading Signals: CoinCodeCap

Why choose CoinCodeCap’s signals?

The signals that we provide to our traders are highly reliable and relevant giving them much needed gains. Our traders don’t need to stare at charts and market movements because we will take all of your load as a team upholding the title of being the best day trading signals platform. We intend to provide you with the information that is related to opening and closing a position. Hence, our traders do not need to spend hours analyzing everything as we will help you continue crypto trading even from your mobile phones.  


  • Here at CoincodeCap, to predict the market prices, we do a detailed technical analysis which further increases the chance of achieving the target for the traders.
  • Our platform has a team of experienced traders in the cryptocurrency market and keeps an eye on every market situation opportunity. 
  • Based on the plan you choose to subscribe to, there is only a one-time payment, and other than that, there is no additional fee that we ask for from our traders. 
  • We help you automate your trades to make you profit even if you are not around monitoring the market, and all this is done through our trading bot, i.e., the Cornix bot.
  • If traders want to gain knowledge on crypto exchange platforms or the crypto market, they can do so by going through our educational content available on our website. 

CoinCodeCap NFT Signals

Our NFT signals are capable of identifying the most profitable flips, tracking the hottest trending NFTs, and alike, and then acting upon those findings.

We want to help our members to become very profitable traders by providing them with NFT trading signals by allowing you to track which projects NFT collectors and influencers are aping into the real time.

Further, we select the right NFT sets for you. The only thing you have to do is follow our trade signals.

3 Best Day Trading Crypto Signals
CoinCodeCap NFT Signals

Pros and Cons

There is no additional fees other than the subscription fee for the plan you choose. We are new in the market when compared to other crypto trading signals providers. 
We provide all our traders free crypto-related educational content. 
We have a team of experienced traders keeping an eagle’s eye on the crypto market. 
We tend to automate our trades with the help of the Cornix bot. 

Fee Structure

We provide our traders with four basic plans of different time duration. You can subscribe to these plans if you want to get started with our crypto signals. These plans have the time duration of 01 months, 03 months, 06 months, and then directly the 12 months plan. The cost for these subscription plans is starting from $70, $210, $240, and $840 respectively. 

Coincodecap Fees
CoinCodeCap Fees

2nd Best Day Crypto Trading Signals: VCT

What is Verified Crypto Traders?

Verified Crypto Traders, based on high-quality crypto market analysis, provide detailed trading advice to their traders. They want their traders to be worry-free while trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market. They have a Verified Crypto Traders telegram channel where they post all the essential updates and crypto signals. Moreover, they provide their traders with ICO reviews, and their telegram channel is an excellent source of information for traders interested in the crypto world. 

Best Day Trading Signals: Verified Crypto Traders
Best Day Trading Signals: Verified Crypto Traders

Why choose Verified Crypto Trader’s signals?

Verified Crypto Traders constantly believes in improving their technical analysis skills and research fundamentals of crypto assets and signals. They ensure that they provide their traders with the tools and knowledge they need for worry-free investing and trading. 


  • Traders at Verified crypto traders can discuss all their questions and news related to the crypto market. They get answered by their admins and members through their chat service. 
  • The platform analyzes the market situation quite well and gives recommendations accordingly.
  • Moreover, the recommendations rely totally on fundamental and technical market analysis.
  • There are explanatory chart calls, stop-losses, signal alerts, and multiple targets that the platform provides.
  • There is always an option for automating your trades with the help of the Cornix bot.
  • The platform offers ICO reviews for you to read professional reports about the most promising ICO’s. 
Verified Crypto Traders Features
Verified Crypto Traders Features

Pros and Cons

The platform provides its traders with ICO reviews.Technical support for the automated bot is a bit slow. 
The platform tends to offer the most promising and accurate crypto predictions and analyses. 
Both long and short-term trades are offered here. 
The pricing plan of the platform is quite reasonable. 

Fee Structure

Verified crypto traders come with four different plans for their subscribers/traders to subscribe to. These plans will help you subscribe to their channel for different time duration:

  • 01 months – $99
  • 03 months – $270
  • 06 months – $540
  • 12 months – $999
Verified Crypto Traders Fees
Verified Crypto Traders Fees

3rd Best Day Trading Crypto Signals: BYDFI

What is BYDFI?

BYDFI is among the best crypto trading exchanges present in the market and is based in Singapore. The platform allows its traders to trade independent of their country as they have a massive network covering more than 150 countries. BYDFI aims to provide the opportunity to its traders worldwide to trade their assets with ease, and this is possible with the concept of “complex contract simple trade.” A simple user interface helps newbies find their way out with the website. Moreover, there’s also a beginner’s guide on the website. To learn more, read BYDFI Copy Trading – An Ultimate Guide.

Bydfi Copy Trading
Best Day Trading Signals: BYDFI Copy Trading

Why choose BYDFI’s Copy Trading signals?

BYDFI offers their new traders a 258 USDT welcome bonus to encourage them to trade. In addition, they offer copy trading options and not only limit themselves to cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Furthermore, BYDFI copy trading allows traders to copy other professional traders and automate their trades accordingly. 

3 Best Day Trading Crypto Signals
Trading on Best Day Trading Signals platform: BYDFI


  • Traders can get leverage up to 125x on crypto and 200x on derivatives while trading on BYDFI in numerous cryptocurrencies. 
  • In this platform, traders can enjoy crypto-to-crypto trading, which further allows one to buy prominent cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform provides its customers a smooth and fast trading experience with their website as it is easy to navigate. 
  • There is a chance for you all to earn a welcome bonus of up to 258 USD when you signup for the platform. 
  • BYDFI offers their traders a complete refund warranty. 

Fee Structure

The currency exchange fee in BYDFI is 0.05%. The trading entry in BYDFI can be as low as 5 USDT. The opening and closing fee can be calculated as followed:

  • Opening Fee = Margin*Leverage*0.05%
  • Closing fee = Margin * Leverage * 0.05%

Pros and Cons

BYDFI’s user interface is simple to use and understand. There is no insurance fund.
However, there is a welcome bonus of up to 258 USD to new users. The cryptocurrency support is quite limited. 
The trading fees of the platform are relatively low. Limited countries support OTC trading. 
OTC deposits are supported. 
BYDFI carries the licenses from four different country regulators. 
The leverage range of the platform is wide enough, ranging from 5x to 125x. 

Conclusion: Best Day Crypto Trading Signals

This article talked about the different platforms most suited in the list of Best Day Trading Signals. CoinCodeCap being the first on the list will cater to all your needs regarding good crypto signal providers and will enhance your trade profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does day trading work?

Another name of the day trading game is volatility. To earn profits, day traders rely heavily on stock or market fluctuations. Usually, a day trader will buy a stock if it moves high and then short-sell it if it is moving lower to gain profit on falling stocks. 

How to start day trading?

Before heading for day trading, you should probably do some research and keep in mind the below points:
1. Understand the market 
2. Develop day trading strategies.
3. Go for a demo account
4. Know your limits and set goals.
5. Search out for the tax implications
6. Opt for a broker

What is forex day trading?

Forex day trading can be described as a trading system that consists of same-day opening and closing of traders. It works best with currency pairs that have high liquidity and volatility. 

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