MoonXBT Copy Trading: The best way to Automate Crypto Trading

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Staying in front of the screen the entire day can prevent you from doing other important tasks of your livelihood. Hence, copy trading exists, a feature that allows you to copy professional traders and follow their trading strategy to automate your Crypto trading. This article will talk about MoonXBT copy trading, a platform with one-of-a-kind Light contract trading and copy trading.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • MoonXBT is a derivatives trading platform offering Light Contract trading and Copy Trading.
  • Copy trading allows you to follow professional traders and automate your crypto trading.
  • MoonXBT allows you to sort Traders on various parameters such as Win rate, ROR, etc.
  • Furthermore, you can check the trading history and follow a trader that fits your risk appetite.
  • Any user meeting certain elementary conditions can become a professional trader at MoonXBT.
  • In addition, professional traders can earn up to 10% of their follower’s profit shares.
  • MoonXBT audits all the traders and hence making copy trading a safer experience at the platform.

What is MoonXBT?

MoonXBT is a derivatives trading platform with one-of-a-kind light contract trading. Unlike traditional derivatives products, light contracts enable easy, understandable, and fast trading, easy to follow even by an absolute beginner.

The platform also comes with various features such as multi charts, Demo mode, high liquidity, high leverage, no threshold, low fees, and an extremely simple interface. Coming to the most important feature, the platform also provides copy trading, and in this article, we will only talk about MoonXBT copy trading. To learn more, read our MoonXBT review.


What is Copy Trading?

To put it briefly, copy trading enables beginners to copy the trading strategies of professional traders and pay them a small amount of the profit. Now talking about copy trading, it was basically created for people who don’t have time or do not understand the market altogether. 

So if you are a trader who is too busy to look at the market, just copy one of the professional traders at MoonXBT copy trading and automate your trades. Let us now have a look at what MoonXBT has to offer in its copy trading feature. You can understand better from our article on the best copy trading platforms.

What is MoonXBT Copy Trading?

MoonXBT copy trading allows investors to follow their favorite traders and copy their investment strategies. Furthermore, the followers at MoonXBT can sort traders on the basis of  ROR. Win rate. Trading style, total ROR, trading days, etc.

In addition to that, investors can follow multiple traders at the same time and diversify the trading strategy and portfolio. Once you follow a trader, you don’t need to open or close positions manually; instead, your trades will be automatically executed. Now let’s understand a few terms related to copy trading at MoonXBT.

Moonxbt Copy Trading
MoonXBT Copy Trading

MoonXBT Copy Trading: Follower

Anyone who is seeking to copy a professional trader and automate their trades using copy trading is a follower. Followers copy one or more professional traders and pay a small percentage of the profit earned to them. 

In addition to this, MoonXBT does not allow traders to use high-risk, high yield trading strategies which can liquidate your portfolio. Moreover, as a follower, you can sort traders based on various categories, as discussed below.

Moonxbt Copy Trading Dashboard
MoonXBT Copy Trading Dashboard

MoonXBT Copy Trading: Traders

The professional traders who followers can copy at MoonXBT are referred to as traders. A follower can study the trader’s investment strategy through their trading history on the dashboard. 

Now, to be eligible for a trader at MoonXBT, You can either contact the online customer service to apply for traders status or visit “[Copy-Trading]-[Become a Trader]” on the app or web platform. However, you need to meet the two primary conditions as stated below:

  • Deposit ≥ 500 USDT
  • Number of orders ≥ 5

We will also cover detailed steps to become a trader at MoonXBT further in the article.



MoonXBT allows you to sort traders on various parameters, and one of them is their trading style. For example, you can sort traders based on whether they use high or low leverage, the amount of margin, and whether the trades are short-term or long-term. We would highly recommend you to choose a trader who fits precisely within your risk appetite.


Rate of Return or ROR, which is calculated using the formula,

ROR = PnL of all orders/ maximum margin

Signifies the percentage loss or gain in a given period and is given by the percentage of your original capital. In addition to that, a follower can sort the trader based on their rate of return. The platform also provides a 30D ROR and a total ROR.

Sorting Traders
Sorting Traders

Win rate 30D

Win Rate of a trader can give you a basic idea about their risk appetite, which eventually helps you, sort traders accordingly. Furthermore, it is the ratio of the number of wins or winning trades to the total number of trades, .i.e.,

Win Rate = Number of Winning trades \ total number of trades

How to sort Traders at MoonXBT?

At MoonXBT, you can select tags such as Trading Style, the total rate of return, and trading days to sort traders. Moreover, you can also sort traders based on their 30D rate of return, 30D Win rate, total ROR, etc. 

  • You can sort traders by selecting tags.
  • Or you can sort traders by clicking any of the options across the ‘Sort’ button.
Sort Traders At Moonxbt
Sort Traders at MoonXBT

How to Copy a Trader at MoonXBT?

You can follow the below steps to copy a trader at MoonXBT: 

  • First of all, login into your MoonXBT account.
  • Thereafter, head over to the copy trading section.
  • Next, sort the traders based on your preference and risk appetite.
  • Then click on the copy button across the trader’s profile.
Trader’s Profile
Trader’s Profile
  • After that, select the trading pairs that you wish to copy.
  • Now enter the fixed amount in all of the trading pairs you selected.
Fixed Amount
Fixed Amount
  • Finally, click on the follow button at the bottom of the screen and confirm your copy trading info by clicking the ok button.
Confirm Copy Trading Info
Confirm Copy Trading info

What is the MoonXBT Profit distribution?

The profit distribution depends on the trader you’re following. A trader can choose to charge you up to 10% of your profit share. Moreover, when a trader closes a position, the profit order automatically deducts the expected profit share. 

Furthermore, the follower’s account gets the excess if the actual profit distribution amount is less than the frozen amount. However, If the actual profit distribution amount is greater than the frozen profit distribution amount, the trader’s account gets all the expected frozen amount.

How to Become a Trader at MoonXBT?

You can follow the steps below to become a trader at MoonXBT:

  • First, click on the become a trader button on the copy trading dashboard.
  • Make sure you fulfill the conditions required and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After that, hit the ok button and complete your trader profile.
Apply To Become A Trader At Moonxbt
Apply to become a Trader at MoonXBT
  • Consider your trader profile has been approved; you can then customize your settings.
  • Enter your net profit distribution, select the trading pairs, and choose the tags that define your trading style.
  • Finally, click on the ok button and complete your trader profile.
Complete Your Trader Profile
Complete your Trader profile

What are the advantages of MoonXBT Copy Trading?

The Copy trading features at MoonXBT comes with various advantages, and some of them are listed below:

  • You can sort traders depending on various parameters and follow a trader according to your risk appetite.
  • Furthermore, MoonXBT copy trading is safe and reliable as all traders are strictly audited, their historical transactions are public, and all the data is transparent.
  • You can also follow various traders at the same time to increase your win rate and diversify your investments.
  • In addition to all of that, you can modify your copy trading settings at any time.
  • In case you want to be a trader at MoonXBT, you will be glad to know that it is open to all MoonXBT users.
  • Furthermore, you can directly charge up to 10% of your follower’s profit share as a Trader.

MoonXBT Copy Trading: Pros & Cons

You can choose to follow from a wide number of professional traders.A new feature by the platform.
You can sort traders based on various parameters.
MoonXBT audits all the traders and hence makes the Copy trading feature safer.
As a trader, you can earn UPTO 10% of your follower’s profit share.
Straightforward process to copy Traders or even become a Trader.

MoonXBT Copy Trading: Conclusion

MoonXBT is one of the best leverage trading platforms that provides one-of-a-kind Light Contract Trading. With the introduction of the Copy Trading feature at the platform, the platform is standing out of the race and is turning out to be one of the best platforms in the market. The platform offers an intuitive interface to beginners and hence makes copying professional traders an easy task. Furthermore, anyone meeting certain conditions can become a professional trader and earn up to 10% of their followers’ profit share. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which trader should I copy on the MoonXBT Copy Trading platform?

All the Traders at MoonXBT are professionals who know what they’re up to. However, before following a particular trader, you must observe his trading history, number of active days, win rate, rate of return, etc. To learn more, you can read My Experience with Crypto Copy Trading.

How to cancel copy-trading?

MoonXBT lets you cancel copy-trading anytime, and your orders will no longer copy the ones by professional traders. To unsubscribe, you can directly edit the copy-trading settings and cancel copying.

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