Streetbeat AI Review: Is It Worth It?

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Investment trading is becoming very popular in today’s fast-paced world and the presence of financial markets is one of the key factors in determining the economic balance of a country. However, many investors face the problem of creating a portfolio that will get them maximum returns. So, to solve the problem of investment portfolio creation, we have Streetbeat – an app designed to cater to the needs of investors to create customized portfolios with the help of Generative AI. Let’s see all the features of this unique application.

What is Streetbeat AI?

Streetbeat is an innovative investment platform that offers powerful automated trading Portfolios — proprietary and curated trading strategies. You can choose one or more of our automated investment portfolios, plus you will also have the opportunity to create your personalized investment portfolio using advanced Generative AI.

Streetbeat’s mission is to make the stock market more accessible for everyone.

You can get this amazing app on both Google and Apple app stores.

Streetbeat AI Review: Features

Streetbeat uses generative AI to suggest investment portfolios, with dynamic rebalancing using stock prices, earning calls, price targets, and real-time news. Let’s see what features we can use to earn profits.

Streetbeat Ai Review: Is It Worth It?

7-day Free Trial

A free trial is offered to new users to get acquainted with Streetbeat. During this period, the user will have access to all tools and features, including the proprietary AI system, which crafts tailored investment portfolios to suit your unique preferences, and more.

Note that after the free trial ends, the subscription will automatically renew and charges may apply. So if you don’t wish to continue, you have to cancel your plan to avoid any payment issues. For more details, you can find a full fee schedule on the Streetbeat app or website. 

Personalized Investment Portfolio with Streetbeat AI

This great feature helps the users to do Streetbeat investing with strategies based on personal preferences, such as risk profile, location, and interests. With Streetbeat AI, there is greater flexibility and control. 

You can use this feature of Streetbeat AI by following the given steps:

  • Open the Streetbeat app and log in to your account.
  • Scroll down and click on “Create your custom strategy”
  • Type in or submit an audio explaining your request like “ I would like to invest in green energy. Can you suggest some investment strategies regarding this?
  • The AI will generate a list of investment strategies according to your preferences. Select the option that appeals to you the most
  •  Allocate the funds, and the AI will do all the hard work for you!
Streetbeat Ai Review: Is It Worth It?

Streetbeat’s Popular Curated Portfolios

Streetbeat also has existing portfolios and the users can invest in these diversified sets of strategies provided right out of the box. You just need to select the portfolio from the list, fund it, and then everything else will be done by the app. You can monitor your sales and accordingly make decisions on withdrawals and deposits. Some of the best portfolio strategies on Streetbeat are:

  • U.S. Congress Buys
  • Bond Ladder 8.11% YTM
  • Top Gov Contract Receipts
  • U.S. Buys
  • EcoGrowths Titans
  • Generative AI Revolution
  • REIT Diversification
  • Crypto exposure

Referral Bonus

You can easily earn bonus amounts by just referring to a friend who will also earn from this scheme! All you have to do is share a unique referral code with your friend. 

Then your friend has to sign up using your referral code and verify their identity. They have to activate their subscription and keep it active for at least 100 days.

Once they do, you both will win a random bonus of $20 up to $5000.

Deposit Bonus

Upon depositing at least $500, Streetbeat will provide a cash bonus (“Bonus Reward”) to Qualified customers based on the deposited amount. The bonuses are earned according to the following table: 

Streetbeat Ai Review: Is It Worth It?

Streetbeat AI Review: Pricing

Subscription fees are charged every month after a 7-day free trial period. The basic monthly billing starts from $19.99 or you can also pay a yearly amount of $159. 

Trading/transfers are done according to the SEPA conversion rate of 0.50% with an ACH return fee of $25.  

For depositing via debit card, a 2% charge is levied however incoming domestic and international wire transfers are free of cost. Also, note that the deposits are withheld for 9 days.

Lastly, for withdrawals, ACAT out transfers are $100 while international transfer from SWIFT to a USD account charges $9.

You can get the full fee schedule on the website.

How to an Open Account on Streetbeat AI

Opening an account on Streetbeat is relatively simple. To get started, just sign up with Google, Apple, or any email. A dialogue box will appear to confirm your action. Therefore, by clicking on confirm, your account will be opened and you will be good to start investing


Streetbeat AI Review: Customer Support

You can easily contact the customer support team of Streetbeat by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting the “Talk to us” option. Type in your query on the message window and they will resolve it as soon as possible. Also, there are many articles present in the Help section which can address your issue. 

Other than this AI option, you can simply write an email at [email protected] and you’ll get a reply within 2-3 business days.

Streetbeat AI Review: Conclusion

From the above article, we can say that the Streetbeat app with its user-friendly interface, is a great answer for traders worldwide. With the use of AI, users can create, invest, and automatically manage investment strategies

Streatbeat’s interface allows you to ask questions and tap into hundreds of data sources, in an easy conversational way, like talking to a financial advisor. Whether you want to create your customized portfolio or invest in a popular curated portfolio, Streetbeat caters to your unique investment goals. So what are you waiting for? Start trading today with the help of Streetbeat AI!

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