9 Best Blockchain Jobs for a Better Blockchain Career

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With the rise of cryptocurrencies, there has been a lot of interest from the general public in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Blockchain Gaming. The NFT market is now at 40 Billion US Dollars and the net crypto market cap reached an all-time high of 3 Trillion US Dollars. Further, this rally is racing at an unbelievable rate. In this article let us explore the best blockchain jobs as well as self-employment that are available for freshers as well as experienced people.

Blockchain Developer: 1st Best Blockchain Jobs

A blockchain developer is perhaps the most important job in this industry. Every cryptocurrency application needs blockchain to be able to execute its functions properly. Even each job that is mentioned in our list depends directly or indirectly on the blockchain developers to function properly. These people are also classified as blockchain engineers, as they devise an entire fully-functional blockchain including tokens, exchange mechanism, verification, master addresses, etc.

  • Skills Required: Cryptography, Data Structures, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Go, Rust
  • Salary Range: US$121k – US$181k
Best Blockchain Jobs: Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer

Full Stack Web Developer: 2nd Best Blockchain Jobs

A blockchain solution needs several layers of other technology to become usable. One such critical role is of a web developer. A full-stack web developer is one who can develop front ends(user side) as well as backends(business owner side). Also, Web developers closely work with blockchain developers to provide the interface through which blockchain solutions need to work. Python developers who have knowledge of Django are very much in demand (LinkedIn).

  • Skills Required: Front End Development, Back-end Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Core Java, Python, Django
  • Salary Range: US$92k – US$146K
Full Stack Web Developer
Full Stack Web Developer

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NFT Artists: 3rd Best Blockchain Jobs

With a market cap of $40 Billion, NFT Markets can definitely be said to be soaring. A lot of artists have earned a fortune after turning to this form of art. Recently the Beeple NFT was sold for $69 Million.

Skills Required: Creative Art, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Generative Art, Various other visual editing tools.

  • Salary Range: US$36k – US$76K
  • Freelancing Earnings: Highest – Millions of Dollars, Lowest – $40 to $100 (based on Rarible and OpenSea)
Beeple Everydays
Beeple Everydays

Marketing Executives and Managers: 4th Best Blockchain Jobs

Every Business needs developers and marketing executives. Though the Blockchain industry is relatively new, it has cut-throat competition and it is naive to imagine that anyone can do even decent business without a marketing manager. The demand for marketing managers has risen. Even entry-level marketing managers with less than a year of experience are being employed by blockchain companies. Even many freelancers that are successful in the field have good marketing knowledge.

  • Skills Required: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media, Lead Generation, Advertising
  • Salary Range: US$101k – US$191k
Arketing Executives And Managers
Marketing Executives and Managers

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Investment Advisors: 5th Best Blockchain Jobs

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are not just functional tools but have emerged as a highly rewarding investment. Traditional investment managers and advisors have started giving consultancy services to many clients in this domain. Popular investment news platforms like Moneycontrol, Investopedia, Investing.com, have started providing cryptocurrency news and market tips.

  • Skills Required: Investment Analytics, Trading, Pattern Recognition, Technical Analysis,
  • Salary Range: US $59k – US $157k
Investment Advisors
Investment Advisors

Content Creators: 6th Best Blockchain Jobs

Marketing Managers cannot reach everywhere, but content creators can. There are thousands of content creators available on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and a lot more. They help reach a much wider audience. The primary source of income for these creators is through Affiliate Marketing, Referrals, and Paid Reviews.

  • Skills Required: Creative Blogging, Video Making, Video Editing, Communication, SEO
  • Salary Range: US $31k – US $46k
Content Creators
Content Creators

Technical Writer: 7th Best Blockchain Jobs

The term technical writer is a broad term and encompasses many domains into one. Technical Writers are a very important part of the blockchain industry. They can do their jobs closely associated with marketing and advertising teams from writing technical documentation, whitepapers, legal drafting, etc. SEO skills such as keyword research and link building are also very important for technical writers.

  • Skills Required: Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Image Optimization, Keyword Research.
  • Salary Range: US$42k – US$87k
Technical Writer
Technical Writer

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Data Scientist: 8th Best Blockchain Jobs

Data science is yet another critical aspect of business analytics. With the development of data science and the increase in available talent, there is a lot of data science activity in every other company. Data analytics is yet another critical application of data science. From analyzing website traffic to sales reports and much more, data scientists have many job roles within the blockchain industry.

  • Skills Required: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media, Lead Generation, Advertising
  • Salary Range: US$95k – US$250k

Cryptocurrency Traders and Business Owners: 9th Best Blockchain Jobs

Crypto traders work independently and in full-time jobs; we have added this to our list because of the high earnings. Many initial crypto investors and traders have earned fortunes that even the big wall street guys couldn’t earn in their long careers. Cryptocurrency traders have huge popularity on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. 

Skills Required: Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management, Technical Analysis, Numeracy Skills, Advanced Mathematics, Pattern Recognition.

  • Salary Range: US $55k – US $163k
  • Independent Traders: $0 – Thousands of Dollars per trade (Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX Co-Founder).
Cryptocurrency Traders And Business Owners
Cryptocurrency Traders and Business Owners


With the rise in demand for cryptocurrencies and related technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, Metaverses, and more, there is a subsequent demand for professionals who have good knowledge in the field. The salaries are more than what an average person earns and come with many benefits. As more and more governments accept cryptocurrency and blockchain, the opportunities will grow further. With proper planning, you can become one of them.

Can I work in marketing even if I do not have a relevant degree?

To work in marketing without any management or marketing qualifications, you need to have work experience of at least one year.

Is a Blockchain Engineer and a Blockchain Developer the same?

Generally, a blockchain engineer and a blockchain developer are conceived to be the same.

How can I be a content writer even if I do not know much?

To become a content writer, start following and writing blogs that are popular. Buy or get a free WordPress account and start experimenting. You will be a content writer much faster.

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Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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