MoonXBT Social Trading: Earn Free Crypto with Copy Trading

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MoonXBT is a new platform, and therefore despite its numerous unique features, traders are still unsure of venturing in on the MoonXBT social trading platform. However, this article will give you many valid reasons to show it is the best choice for social trading for both newbie and advanced traders. 


  • Social trading involves copying other traders and interacting with community members.
  • Further, it saves a lot of time and energy for the traders and enables them to focus on other activities.
  • MoonXBT offers high leverage, high liquidity, low fees, and low threshold amount.
  • It also provides lots of bonuses and rewards to encourage its users.

What is Social Trading?

Social trading involves analyzing the trading strategies, results of other experienced traders, observing market trends, brainstorming new plans for better gains with peers, and copying the tested technique of pro traders on the platform. 

In social trading, a less experienced or newbie trader makes trading decisions based on the information gathered by more skilled investors through reliable platforms. 

What Is Social Trading?
What is Social Trading?

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Benefits of Social Trading

Access to genuine trading information

One of the significant roles of social trading platforms is to gather accurate and reliable trading information from trusted sources which assist the investors or traders on their platform in making better decisions and formulating better strategies.

This information is beneficial for newbie traders who still doubt their research and observations and cannot put their best foot forward in online trading. However, even advanced traders can learn new plans to maximize their gain further.

Biggest time saver

Observing market trends and researching new plans and strategies can be very time-consuming. Therefore, we must optimize our methods to access accurate information in less time and trade like a pro in our fast-paced life.

Gain profit and knowledge simultaneously

In social trading, traders also choose to copy the moves and plans of other advanced traders. In return, the traders who allow copying get rewards and other incentives that vary from platform to platform.

In other words, copy trading offers a considerable advantage for both newbie and advanced traders alike.

Observing and learning from successful traders

By studying and following the successful and versatile traders, the newbies can also formulate new strategies, navigate trading markets, observe profitable trends, and place a trade to gain more. 

Timing is crucial in every type of trade, and the new traders can learn all this by analyzing the pattern and ways of successful traders. 

Reduce risks significantly

The new investors can learn from the mistakes of experienced traders and avoid huge losses. The risks reduce drastically by copying the tried and tested plans of pro traders. In addition, traders can improve their risk management skills by assessing other veteran traders. 

Networking with other traders

Becoming a part of a community will help brainstorm new ideas, get different insights in trading, and help expand your network and get potential leads that may help in trading and investing. 

Not only will you get help and support from your fellow traders, but you might also get a mentor to guide you through the essential stages of trading until you are confident enough to navigate your way.

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What is MoonXBT?

MoonXBT is a recently launched social trading platform that is popular for its services like light contract trading. Furthermore, the platform features one-of-a-kind light contract trading. With its unique products, high leverage, and competitive fees, it has spread its presence throughout the globe.

Learn more about the features of this platform through our MoonXBT review.


Why choose MoonXBT?

There are many different social trading platforms, each with something unique to attract users on their platform. Let us look through the reasons why should we choose MoonXBT.

Moonxbt Social Trading Features
MoonXBT Social Trading features

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus

There are two options available at Moonxbt to earn a bonus:

  1. Grab a share of 1 BTC Event : You can participate in this event and get a chance of grabing a share of 1 BTC. Deposit less than or equal to 50 USDT and get 5 USDT of Trading Bonus. After that, activate the lucky draw code and use in Grab a share of 1 BTC.
  2. MoonXBT Ambassador Program: This program allows users to deeply participate in the construction of the platform community. There are several benefits that the ambassador gets like a monthly salary of 100-500USDT, opportunity to obtain platform token, opportunity to get trading bonus, priority to participate in offline activities and meetups etc. Although, there are some responsibilities of the ambassador like publishing MoonXBT activities and related news, representing as MoonXBT supporters on Telegram and solving the problems of the users, posting the official events of MoonXBT on the community as well as personal social account etc.
Moonxbt Social Trading: Earn Free Crypto With Copy Trading
MoonXBT Ambassador Program

Easy start with hundreds of experienced traders

Even a newbie can earn up to $150 in two days by copying a successful trader with the proper guidance. However, this amount is not guaranteed, and the trader you are copying plays a significant role in determining your profits. MoonXBT hosts hundreds of experienced traders that you can mimic at your leisure. But if you are still confused about how to proceed, read ‘my experience with crypto copy trading’ to know better.

Optional KYC

MoonXBT is the best choice for users who don’t want to reveal too much information online. Users can enjoy their anonymous status while taking full advantage of all the features of the website. 

However, to maintain the platform’s security and the customer’s assets, MoonXBT encourages its users to complete KYC verification as it is also necessary if any trader wishes to withdraw their profits. 

High Leverage

MoonXBT is one of the few legit platforms that offer leverage up to 150x. However, users should note that high leverage also comes with high risks and therefore should trade cautiously.

High Leverage
High Leverage

Transparent pricing structure

MoonXBT only charges a 0.05% fee which is one of the lowest fees charged by major crypto exchanges, and traders can also get a discount if they have an adequate amount of MoonXBT points. 

Moonxbt Fees
MoonXBT Fees

Ingenious trading tools

MoonXBT hosts various tools to analyze trading charts like vertical, horizontal, rectangle, cross, trend, Bifurcation, Fibonacci, Eliot, and circular line analysis. In addition, the display multiple chart option enables the users to observe multiple trading charts at once. 

Accurate information 

This platform offers real-time price information with 100% accuracy from reliable and trusted global markets.

Start from the lowest

On MoonXBT, users can open a position and start trading with just a single dollar which is the lowest any platform can offer.

Superfast trading engine

The MoonXBT trading engine processes millions of orders in milliseconds. The machine does not falter, and it offers a seamless and smooth trading experience to its users. 

Sturdy security

MoonXBT has implemented cold wallet storage, a multi-signature system, a two-step authentication process, and basic security necessities to ensure the safety of the website and its trader’s crypto assets.

Moonxbt Security
MoonXBT security

MoonXBT Insurance Foundation

The risk of loss also increases along with profit, and therefore it is wise to have a backup fund in case the worst happens. Unfortunately, very few platforms offer an insurance fund to cover your losses, and MoonXBT is one of those.

MoonXBT App 

MoonXBT App makes crypto trading much easier and faster. It has all the features of the platform and is present in both Android and iOS devices. 

MoonXBT Social Trading: Conclusion

A good trading platform is equally important even if you are an experienced social trader. There are numerous online trading platforms available today, but MoonXBT still tops the list. That is why we listed several legit reasons to choose MoonXBT. If you are still unsure, check out the platform, and you will see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get MoonXBT points?

MoonXBT lists several activities or tasks through which one can earn several MP such as registering on the platform, completing KYC verification, linking mobile number or email to your MoonXBT account, trading, inviting friends to trade MoonXBT, and so on. 

What are essential things to remember during copy trading on MoonXBT?

If you are to copy a trader on MoonXBT, make sure that you have a minimum of 20 USDT in your account to be eligible for copy trading. Also, you can only follow five traders at the same time.

Is there any limit to copy trading?

Yes, the limits to copy trading are elaborated below.
1. The daily copyable margin limit is set to 50000 USDT. 
2. A trader can hold a maximum of ten orders simultaneously. 
3. Maximum 100 copy trades are available per day.

What are the parameters present for traders to copy on MoonXBT?

Several parameters are used to differentiate traders, such as win rate, ROR (rate of return), status, number of transactions, profit sharing ratio, copied orders trading pairs, and number of followers.

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