10 Best Telegram Channels to learn Coding

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If we look into today’s scenario, Telegram is attracting a vast audience who want to claim the benefit of gaining information broadcasted on the Telegram channels. Here, in this article, we have gathered a list of the top ten Telegram Channels to learn coding that can help you learn to code and are a great source of information on anything that you want to learn online. 

Name Subscribers Contact 
CoinCodeCap Classic 11k@gaurav_zen
Computer Science and Programming100.7K@Abdulaziz_Gaibulayev
Python resources 105K @python 
Programming tips56.8K @MoienTajik 
The Art of Programming63KNA
C Language 51.2K @jeNiSHsoNi
JavaScript Tutorial 42.2KNA
Cyber-Tech 57.2K@Anonymous_CreeW
Linuxgram 66.3KNA
The Devs34.4KNA

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CoinCodeCap Classic

CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel can guide you through solidity and help you learn various other skills. Further, we also have exclusive content on coding around blockchain technology that can help you achieve new heights as a blockchain developer. Further, in case you’re also interested in crypto trading, we also provide detailed market analysis and free crypto signals. Apart from all that we also send regular market updates with respect to crypto news.

You can also earn a 20% commission by simply getting your friends or audience to sign-up through your referral code. Get your referral code from here.

Affiliate Program: Coincodecap
Affiliate Program: CoinCodeCap

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Computer Science and Programming

This particular telegram channel advances in the research on a wide range of topics, including Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science, Papers and implementation, and lastly, Python language. It has a large number of subscribers and provides deep analysis on every topic. 

Python resources 

Python Resources provides the resources for learning the Python programming language, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and Machine learning. These resources include a free download of eBooks, articles, Advanced guides, videos tutorials. Further, it suggests you download a mobile application that can help the user learn Python as well as Javascript.

Telegram Channels To Learn Coding : Python Resources 
Telegram Channels to learn coding: Python resources 

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Programming tips

With over 50000 subscribers, Programming tips claim to be fun and useful to learn coding and programming online. It offers tips, articles, resources, Design Patterns, video tutorials, and Software principles with profound analysis and various details on every topic they cover and learn to code online. 

The Art of Programming

The distinction between The Art of Programming Telegram channel and the numerous other channels is also for beginners. It offers programming news and tips, tricks, video tutorials, and documents with a massive amount of followers and can help you master coding. 

The Art Of Programming
Telegram Channels to learn to code: The Art of Programming

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The Devs

This particular channel is for a developers community. The Devs channel provides coding lessons through articles, UX Design, Python, tools, online courses to enroll in as well as Tech startup articles. In addition, they have other channels, which include posting of job opportunities, post music, Programming memes.  

JavaScript Tutorial 

Javascript Tutorial channel serves you all the codes and programs of JavaScript Language. This channel provides codes in detail in the form of question and answer broadcasted messages in the group. In addition, it suggests another channel so that you can learn to code free online through another telegram channel called Learn

Javascript Tutorial 
Telegram Channels to learn coding: JavaScript Tutorial 

Cyber Tech 

This channel tries to provide all the topics related to coding, including Basic and Advanced programming courses of all languages, Ethical hacking courses, and Premium account Giveaways. Furthermore, it has a trading bot that can provide the member with any hacking course, Modded App, Hacking books, and any technical-related help that they might need. Moreover, it offers the users to advertise and promote in exchange for a payment. 

Cyber Tech 
Telegram Channels to learn coding: Cyber Tech 

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If you want to learn about Linux, the Linuxgram channel is a go-to resource for all information that can provide you with news, technologies, careers, best practices, and more from the Linux world. Its popularity is increasing daily as it regularly educates and updates its members about the Linux environment and its aspects. 

C Language 

C language channel offers you programs of C Language in the form of Broadcasted messages in the group. Every message in the group is a task that you can perform with the help of this language. Further, It provides you with all the instructions that you need in that message so that the task is completed. Therefore, it is a helpful group for coders who want to learn computer programming in the C language. 

C Language 
Telegram Channels to learn coding: C Language 

Conclusion: Telegram Channels to learn coding 

Telegram has become a great source of information and learning as it is one of the most popular and preferred platforms for users to download content as well as help and guide the user with whatever they need. Therefore we have shortlisted a list of channels that you may want to consider to learn to code.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What does coding mean? 

A1. The communication that the users make with the computer by writing a set of instructions to the computer to perform a task called coding. 

Q2. How to learn to code online? 

A1. You can learn coding through various means, including online courses, eBooks, documents, and video tutorials that you can avail of from the Telegram Platform. 

Q3. What are coding languages? 

A3. The formal language used to write instructions in codes to perform tasks and machine code outputs is called a coding language. Example java, C++, C language, etc. 

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