40 Best Telegram Channels For Crypto, Movies, Shows, & Lectures

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With the infinite information available around us, it’s hard to filter and know the valuable information. Telegram has become the choice of millions of users to share knowledge, news, and broadcast messages to a large audience while protecting your privacy. Telegram is one of the most popular and preferred platforms for users when downloading valuable content. In this article, we will focus on the best Telegram channels for traders that you can subscribe to and get to know the best deals for the information you want to find.  

Summary at a Glance

Coincodecap Classic Crypto Trading Signal Channel7k@gaurav_zen
Verified Crypto TradersCrypto Signals34.8K@VerifiedCrypto
Crypto Binance Trading | Signals and Pumps Trading Signal Channel 3MN/A
Bitcoin News Crypto & Technical AnalystTrading Signal Channel 2.4M@CryptoTelegram
Big Pumps BinanceTrading Signal Channel 175.8K@bpbmanager
Crypto CoinsCryptocurrency news channel102.4KNA
WuBlockchainCrypto News Telegram ChannelCreated on 30th SeptNA
Binance AnnouncementsCryptocurrency news channel 362.3KNA
BTC TrunkNews Channel151.3K@jonnesnow 
Fat Pig SignalsTrading Signal Channel 54.9KNA
Coin SignalsTrading Signal Channel 55.5K@Last_Satoshi
Bitcoin IndustryCryptocurrency news channel 439K@miaMybtc 
Crypto Signals FreeTrading Signal Channel 43.6KNA
Crypto VIP SignalTrading Signal Channel 284.4K@Jamess141 
Universal Crypto Signals ProTrading Signal Channel 35.4K@cryptosaviour
BeInCrypto Trading CommunityTrading Signal Channel 29.1K NA
Movies EmpireDownload Hollywood and south Movies 17.4K@OWNERPKTLS
YIFY MoviesDownload Bollywood and Hollywood movies 162.6KNA
Horror Movie ZoneDownload Horror, Hollywood and Bollywood Movies27.6K @AdvertisingProBot
All English HD MoviesDownload Horror and English Movies 14.3K@Promo_adda_bot 
NETFLIX Stuff | Netflix | Netflix Series | Netflix Movies | NFDownload Netflix Original Movies, TV Series, Documentary Series112.4KNA
Movies And Web seriesDownload both Bollywood and Hollywood movies and web series. 11.5K@rahul6205
Netflix fansAll new information and updates about Netflix. 566.8K NA
MovieARRAYSDownload Latest Hollywood/Netflix Movies27KNA
Anime MoviesDownload Anime movies in English and Japanese. 104.5K NA
Hollywood HD MoviesDownload Hollywood movies79.1KNA
MF Mix MarathiDownload Marathi movies and series. 40.3K@MFMIXMARATHI
MF MIX GUJARATIDownload Gujarati movies 96.4K NA
Punjabi CinemahubDownload Punjabi Movies 10.1K @om5041
Death NoteDownload Anime movies 208K NA
Gate IES Exam PDF BookComplete study materials, books, notes, PDF for GATE exam. 52.1K@Engineering_Exam_Bot
BYJU’s Exam Prep: Bank & InsuranceStay updated with the upcoming events and tips to crack IBPS, SBI, RBI, LIC & other exams. 48.9 K NA
Unacademy NEET ToppersUpdates on tricks, scholarships and mock tests related to NEET on Unacademy. 119.3KNA
Free Udemy Unacademy Etoos coursesVideos of courses that are on platforms of Udemy and Unacademy.135.3KNA 
AbhiyaanVideos of Unacademy courses. 45.8KNA
MBA CAT Exam PDF GMATMBA Preparation and help channel 31K@MBA_CAT_Exam_Bot
NEET IIT JEE BOARDSpreparation material to NEET, IIT-JEE Mains102.2KNA
IIT | JEE | MAINS | ADVANCED | NEETNotes, Books & other Study Stuffs Free for Class 11,12 JEE & NEET.50K@QueriesCenter_bot

Best Telegram Channels for Cryptocurrency

Coincodecap Classic

Coincodecap Classic Telegram Channel ensures that its subscribers are regularly updated with market analysis, trading signals, and various articles related to the cryptocurrency world. Their team of analysts uses mathematical and technical indicators to know the market entry and exit prices. Furthermore, they have a premium channel that provides video streams of Live analysis, Binance Spot and futures signals, Cornix Bot integration for automated trading, and many other benefits.

CoinCodeCap Crypto Signals

Verified Crypto Traders Crypto Signals

Verified Crypto Traders concentrates on trade signals from primarily Binance, Binance Futures, Kucoin, Bybit, Bitmex, as well as give analysis on Gold, Silver, Forex, and the stock market in their Platinum Club Videos. In their V.I.P. channel, they provide both spot and leveraged trading at affordable fees. Lastly, They have a separate channel for their customer care service, which is good and quite active as they post the results of the signals.

The platform is based on Telegram and includes three channels as well as a platinum member group. You can also use the Cornix bot to entirely automate your trading on the platform. Here’s a tutorial for the Cornix Trading bot.

How to use the Cornix trading bot?

Fat Pig Signals

It is one of the more popular telegram channels that provides its subscribers with trade signals. Experienced traders lead it, and market analysts send each signal after thoroughly analyzing it, making it more detailed and personalized and considering several technical indicators. It has a separate channel for its V.I.P. members for which they would have to pay. Moreover, it offers short-, mid-, and long-term signals. It also provides portfolio management for your medium- and long-term goals.

40 Best Telegram Channels For Crypto, Movies, Shows, &Amp; Lectures
Fat Pig Signals   

Coin Signals  

With more than 50000 members, coin signals is a trade signal channel led by a group of expert traders and market analysts. Their trade signals are based on Artificial Intelligence, Auto trading as well as Technical analysis. Furthermore, it provides cryptocurrency news as well as daily market updates for its members. The channel claims that a professional trading team leads it. 

Coin Signals  
Coin Signals  

Crypto Signals Free

Crypto Signals Free channel provides trading signals on a free basis by a group of experienced traders who have been through the ups and downs of the market of the cryptocurrency world. Moreover, they aim to educate the traders of this community for free and offer quality signals through which they hit targets and earn profits from those who entered in this trade. 

Crypto VIP Signals 

This particular channel offers technical analysis to earn profits by their team of expert technical analysts. It encourages its members to do their research before investing. They provide a deep and clear understanding and analysis for its members. They have a paid Premium platform for traders with additional benefits like daily swing/scalp trading signals, margin and futures trades for Binance, etc.    

Crypto Vip Signals 
Crypto VIP Signals 

MYC Signals

M.Y.C. Signals allows its members to earn money by following their trades on Binance Future and Bitmex/Bybit. They provide trading courses for beginners to learn trading and avoid the temptation of overtrading as well as high risks. They have a separate V.I.P. Group – Binance Futures or BitMEX/Bybit V.I.P. They promise to provide good trading signals and BTC spot signals. 

Universal Crypto Signals Pro 

Universal Crypto Signals with its team of technical analysts from India that provides regular trade signals. They provide daily market and price updates. Further, they have monthly and yearly subscriptions. With its premium membership, you can do spot and margin trading and access other premium features. They have created a separate channel for customer care.

Universal Crypto Signals Pro 
Universal Crypto Signals Pro 

Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram Channels

Crypto Binance Trading | Signals and Pumps

This particular Telegram channel is set up for broadcasting trading signals for cryptocurrency traders and investors. This channel provides you with information and market analysis by their Expert Technical Analysis Team. They aim to ensure that every group member gains profit by announcing their upcoming big pumps, which they come up with after hours of discussion and market analysis with their team. They are currently in a massive bull market and create the most powerful and most enormous pumps on Binance.  

Crypto Binance Trading | Signals And Pumps 
Crypto Binance Trading | Signals and Pumps 

Big pumps Binance

This particular channel claims to be one of the largest pump communities on the Binance exchange market. With numerous successful pumps from which all its subscribers had a chance to make ridiculous profits. They provide trade signals, market analysis, and information. Furthermore, they make announcements with all the details on this group of the upcoming pumps on the Binance Exchange.

Big Pumps Binance 
Big pumps Binance 

Crypto News-Telegram Channel

Before heading out, instead of a Telegram channel, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy the day’s stories in just under 10 minutes.

Crypto News by Coinmonks


WuBlockchain is one of the most popular Twitter handles in the crypto world. Further, they recently started out on Telegram and break crypto news directly through their telegram channel. You can join it by clicking here, and stay updated in the crypto market.

Bitcoin News Crypto & Technical Analyst

Bitcoin News Crypto & Technical Analyst channel is an offshoot of Crypto Binance Trading. It offers trade signals, news, and information that their Expert Technical Analysis Team gathers. Likewise, the previous channel’s goal is also that the subscribers of its channel can benefit from the upcoming big pumps that they announce. 

Best Telegram Channels: Bitcoin News Crypto &Amp; Technical Analyst
Bitcoin News Crypto & Technical Analyst

Crypto Coins

Crypto Coins channel offers its members news, listing information, and analysis of the cryptocurrency marketplace. In addition, it announces breakout/sell-off alerts and provides guides on a different branch channel. This channel offers a premium membership that offers features like Premium spot trading Binance Signals, pre-listing information, professional daily help, understanding of fundamental technical analysis and charts, margin trades for Binance, etc.

Crypto Coins 
Crypto Coins 

Binance Announcements 

Binance Announcements is the official English group of Binance, where every new feature or content of the Binance exchange platform are broadcasted on this Telegram channel for the members to stay updated with all the features and content they have access to to to and can benefit from so that they gain profit. 

Binance Announcements 
Binance Announcements 

BTC Trunk 

BTC Trunk shares useful material like news, market analysis, and information with its members on a complimentary basis about the world of cryptocurrency. It offers detailed and clarified information for its users to understand the cryptocurrency trade. In addition, they host an “Ask me Anything” Session for their users to participate and ask questions regarding the trade and Cryptocurrency industry.

Btc Trunk 
BTC Trunk 

Bitcoin Industry

This particular channel claims to publish every news, trade analysis, and information about the cryptocurrency industry faster than any other channel. In addition, the Bitcoin Industry channel organises numerous “Ask Me Anything” sessions on their channel for its members to participate. Along with that, they encourage their members to participate in huge local trade exchange giveaways. 

Bitcoin Industry
Bitcoin Industry

BeInCrypto Trading Community 

The BeInCrypto Trading Community is another telegram channel that offers its trade signal services to its subscribers. Along with that, they provide a trading course as well as expert trading guidance to simplify cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, they organize numerous live streams and Project Reviews to encourage its members. With its Premium membership, you will have access to exclusive trading signals, a referral program in which you will earn some U.S.D.T. according to the number of members you bring, etc.

Beincrypto Trading Community 
BeInCrypto Trading Community 

Best Telegram Channels for Movies

Movies Empire

This is an entertainment-based channel where you can download and watch numerous HD Hollywood and South Indian movies of your choice anytime. 

Y.I.F.Y. Movies

Y.I.F.Y. Movies telegram channel provides you with numerous Bollywood and Hollywood movies on its channel for entertainment to its subscribers, which you can download and watch instantly. 

Horror Movie Telegram Channel Zone 

As a member of this specific channel, you have subscribed yourself to a channel with the best and most spine-chilling collection of H.D. Horror Movies along with the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. 

Horror Movie Zone 
Horror Movie Zone 

All English H.D. Movies Telegram Channel

All English H.D. Movies is an entertainment telegram channel that offers its members the best H.D. horror and Hollywood movies and watch them anytime. 

All English H.d. Movies 
All English H.D. Movies 

Free NETFLIX Shows Telegram Channel

As the name suggests, this particular telegram channel offers you Netflix original content, including Netflix movies, documentaries, and T.V. series, which are available there and can be accessed anytime. 

Movies And Websries Telegram Channel

Movies And Websries telegram channel give you access to watch movies both Bollywood and Hollywood, web series in Hindi, and English Dual Audio for its members to enjoy. 

Movies And Websries 
Movies And Websries 

Netflix fans 

The Netflix fans telegram channel claims that it delivers all the latest information and updates about Netflix series, movies, and documentaries for the countless fans of Netflix who want to enjoy the platform to the fullest. 

Netflix Fans 
Netflix fans 


This particular channel is an entertainment-based channel that gives its members access to free downloads of all Latest Hollywood/Netflix Movies in H.D. with subtitles and breaking news/Tweets etc. 


Animes Telegram Channel

Emerging as a trendy genre of animated movies and series, the Anime movies telegram channel allows you to download and access Anime movies that you can enjoy in Japanese and English. 

Hollywood HD Movies Telegram Channel

If you are a movie lover, this specific channel allows you to download and enjoy all Hollywood HD Movies and has gained a good number of subscribers by delivering its promise of providing its subscribers with what they need. 

MF Marathi Movies Telegram Channel

If you are looking for Marathi movies and T.V. series on Telegram for free, you can become a member and find them on the M.F. Marathi mix channel, which will provide you with good quality movies and series

Mf Marathi Mix 
MF Marathi Mix 

MF Mix Gujarati Movies Telegram Channel

MF Mix Gujarati telegram channel as a subscriber of its channel lets you enjoy and download all the latest Gujarati movies and series.   

Punjabi Movies Telegram Channel

For all people who like Punjabi movies, you can end your search on Telegram and find them on the Punjabi Cinemahub channel, which can give you access to all your favourite Punjabi film. 

Punjabi Cinemahub 
Punjabi Cinemahub 

Death Note Telegram

All your favorite Anime movie genres, be it a thriller, psychology, action, or mystery, are there on this channel which you can download when you become a member of this telegram channel in both English as well as Japanese. 

Death Note 
Death Note 

Best Telegram Channels for Education

Gate Telegram Channel

By being a member of this channel, they can help you prepare for your upcoming GATE Exam by offering you study material, Books, PDF, Notes, etc., related to the latter and keeping you updated on what type of questions you will be facing the exam. 

BYJU’s Telegram Channel

You can join this telegram channel if you are preparing for Bank exams to stay updated with future events and tips to crack I.B.P.S., S.B.I., R.B.I., L.I.C., and other exams. They also have a youtube channel and a Gradeup App.

Unacademy Telegram Channel

Unacademy NEET Toppers helps you prepare and stay updated on the tricks, scholarships and mock tests related to NEET on Unacademy. These tips can prove to be helpful for students. 

Unacademy Neet Toppers  
Unacademy NEET Toppers  

Free Udemy, Unacademy, Etoos courses Telegram 

This particular channel can prove helpful as it provides its members with videos of courses for free on the platforms of Udemy and Unacademy and can be downloaded and accessed anytime

Free Udemy Unacademy Etoos Courses  
Free Udemy Unacademy Etoos courses  

Abhiyaan Telegram Channel

Suppose you are a student preparing for the M.P.P.S.C. exam. In that case, the Abhiyaan telegram channel can help you prepare through links to videos of courses, tricks and other study material that you might find helpful. 


MBA CAT Exam Telegram Channel

This channel can provide you with study material from different, famous institutions like T.I.M.E., Career Launcher, B.Y.J.U.’S, C.E.T.K.I.N.G., I.M.S., etc., along with GD/PI/WAT material as well as interview experiences and can be useful to students. 

VEDANTU Telegram Channel

For students preparing for exams like NEET, JEE, this channel can benefit you as it provides revision test material and videos on courses and topics and helps you prepare.  

Vedantu Neet Biotonic Jee Math

NEET IIT JEE BOARDS Telegram Channel

Exams like NEET, I.I.T., and JEE require you to prepare yourself from all directions, the NEET IIT JEE BOARDS channel can be beneficial for you as it offers various study material, video courses, and mock tests. 

Neet Iit Jee Boards


This channel offers you free study materials, books and notes, and free stuff for classes 11 and 12, JEE and NEET, and can be helpful in your preparation. 


This specific channel gets its members all the best study material for IIT JEE and NEET by the A.A.K.A.S.H. Institut,e, which is a famous institute all over India. Moreover, they provide you with free exclusive books for I.I.T., JEE, NEET, and K.V.P.Y. 

Aakash Institute Official 

Conclusion: Best Telegram Channels

The final thought that we would like to leave you with is that there are numerous options for you to take guidance from and your first step towards success would be choosing the right source of  So we have here a list of options you can choose from and determine which option suits you in the best possible manner and help you earn profit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How to use Telegram for Cryptocurrency? 

A1. You can join numerous groups that can provide you with trading signals to guide you in investing your cryptocurrency in the right place and time. 

Q2. Which app to use for cryptocurrency trade signals? 

A2. You will come across many cryptocurrency signal providers on either Telegram or discord. 

Q3. Which channel is the best cryptocurrency trading signal provider on Telegram?

A3. Telegram provides you with a large number of options for Cryptocurrency trade signals. The top cryptocurrency trading signal channels on Telegram are Crypto Binance Trading | Signals and Pumps, Universal Crypto Signals, Verified Crypto Traders. 

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