11 Best Cryptocurrency Bots on Telegram [Get Now]

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The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a tremendous speed. With that, more investors and traders are drawn to this industry to claim benefits. Telegram app helps these traders and investors to automate their trading based on Telegram signals or trading view alerts which might help them minimize risk as well as trade timeline of trade. This article will review some of the Cryptocurrency Bots on Telegram that might help you automate your trading.    

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Telegram Bots

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What are Crypto Trading signals?

Crypto Trading signals bot can help a trader claim yield and profit simultaneously learn about the crypto market. Not only do they help you form a trading strategy, but they also provide them with a buying range, high returns, and minimizing loss while trading on the basis of research performed by professional and trade analysts.

Coincodecap Trading Bot
CoinCodeCap Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency Bots on Telegram: CoinCodeCap

We are a crypto signals provider with over 10K members in our free channel who are entitled to free crypto signals frequently. Further, traders can use the Coincodecap Bot to subscribe to our premium crypto signals. Not just this, they can even use our bot to earn UPTO 20% commissions through our affiliate program.

Affiliate Program: Coincodecap
Affiliate Program: CoinCodeCap

Coinrule Telegram Bot

Coinrule Trading bots execute trading commands on a user’s exchange account on behalf of the user. It offers a wide variety of trading strategies, and it allows users to customize their investments with more than 150 templates. Moreover, the members allow users to create strategies (rules) to analyze the market for trading opportunities and execute them automatically. Being a member of this group can be a massive part of the journey.

To learn more, read our Coinrule review.

Coinrule Telegram Bot
Coinrule Telegram Bot

Cornix Telegram Bot

Cornix Trading Bot offers a list of features. It allows the user to manage as well as analyze the performance of the user’s portfolios, risk ratios, and promised rewards of the trade activities that they hold on Cornix. Furthermore, it keeps its members updated with the latest trades and activities on Telegram. Moreover, This bot lets the user customize trading configurations. Moreover, you can attain the best configuration for each of your crypto trading signal telegram channels.

11 Best Cryptocurrency Bots On Telegram [Get Now]

To learn more, read our Cornix review or watch the following video.


Cryptohopper Telegram Bots assist you in automating your trade and allow you to follow crypto trading signals with a single click. Except for the API credentials of your trading platform, these bots run on Telegram and do not require the installation of any third-party apps. Further, the trading bot is cloud-based and requires no installation. Trading may begin after a simple 5-minute setup.

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Cryptohopper Telegram Bot
Cryptohopper Telegram Bot

SMARD Telegram Bot

SMARD is an automated trading software that publishes its trades and trading results in a Telegram channel on a weekly and monthly basis.

The basis of SMARD trades is an algorithm that creates trading signals based on the momentum effect, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed many times in scientific studies. This provides accurate identification of promising positions in the market and allows high profitability with minimal risk.

SMARD stands out among other platforms by the fact that no specialized trading knowledge is required to interact with the signals. Trades are formed automatically via an API. All investment portfolio management functions are already built-in, so the user only needs to join the chosen strategy.

Go to SMARD’s website or Telegram channel to see trading results.

Smard Telegram


Coinmatics_en is the official telegram bot for the Coimatics app, which provides cryptocurrency traders with a service for copying deals; that is, the performance of successful and experienced traders can be replicated automatically on the user’s Binance account. Not only does it help professional traders expand their income through trade operations, but the beginners can benefit from it without profound knowledge and skills.

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Coinmatics Telegram Bot
Coinmatics Telegram Bot

Tradesantabot Telegram Bots

Tradesantabot lets the users take control and take advantage of the crypto market fluctuations. Once the user is connected with this bot, the user can make trade activities with long or short strategies as well as technical indicators. In addition, this bot allows users to set their target profit and will enable them to track the market and close the deal at the right moment. Moreover, the user can launch a trading bot using pre-set templates or build a customized strategy from scratch.

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Tradesanta Telegram Bot
Tradesanta Telegram Bot

Trality Telegram Bot

Trality bot is for users who wish to benefit from algorithmic and automated trading without giving up on the other job. For both advanced and beginners cryptocurrency traders, it allows them to create algorithms within an educational community, with an infrastructure that promotes learning and development as a trader. Furthermore, its Rule builder has a graphical user interface with which the user can build their own trading bot’s logic by dragging and dropping indicators and strategies.

To learn more Trality review.

Trality Bot Telegram
Trality Bot Telegram

Quadency Telegram Bot

Quadency Bot to carry out automated trading activities and portfolio management platform, premium boy powers, and pre-built strategies. It offers features like Advanced charting and an integrated market screener that can be helpful in diving into any security or asset for the users. It has categorized its bots into 3 categories – simple and advanced. On the one hand, it is easy to configure; on the other hand, advanced bots are based on trading strategies and offer more personalization.

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Quadency Telegram Bot
Quadency Telegram Bot

Botsfolio Telegram Bot

This trading bot has simplified trading activities into 3 simple steps without knowing coding and complicated trading skills: deciding investment goals, Connecting to exchange, and receiving updates. They carry out automated trade where the user can at any moment track their automated cryptocurrency trading activities on Botsfolio‘s intuitive visual dashboard. Furthermore, it has risk management intelligence incorporated in its bots.

To learn more, read our Botsfolio review.

Botsfolio Telegram Bot
Botsfolio Telegram Bot

PyCryptobot Telegram Bot

Python Crypto bot (PyCryptobot) is a free, open-source crypto trading bot project. Among various features it offers, It has recently launched a new feature allowing the bot to deliver status messages to the Telegram web and mobile apps. In addition, the user can add all commands to the bot for easy access, show margins for open trade, the show closed trades, display stats for the market, and show configuration for exchange.

Pycrypto Bot Telegram
PyCrypto Bot Telegram

Conclusion Best Cryptocurrency Bots on Telegram

Crypto trading bots can be effective only if the trader chooses a bot that suits him the most. These bots conduct many functions like automating most trading activities, eliminating the need to monitor the market 24/7 for fluctuations, executing trading strategies, and reducing the risk. Here, we have shortlisted some of the crypto trading bots available on Telegram from which various benefits can be claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How effective are Cryptocurrency trading bots? 

  • Crypto bots can be really effective as they automate most of the trading activities and eliminate the need to monitor the market 24/7 for fluctuations, execute trading strategies as well as reduce the risk. 
  • Q2. Are crypto trading bots legal? 

  • Yes, a trading bot is entirely legal in the cryptocurrency industry and the stock market.
  • Q3. Are there any drawbacks of trading bots? 

  • Everything has advantages and disadvantages; the same is the case with trading bots that have advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages include that it’s not for inexperienced traders; it requires monitoring and other security concerns. 
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