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Today I am excited to review Trality, a crypto trading bot platform, which really sticks out with some unique features.

I’ve already published my overview of the best crypto trading bot solutions for 2020.

The trading bot market is saturated with ready-to-go bots, signals marketplaces, strategies for copy-trading with somewhat limited customization options. Basically all making it easy for users to use predefined strategy without letting them go far beyond it.

And this is exactly where Trality steps in. 

In contrast, Trality offers the most comprehensive tools to actually develop a trading bot

Meaning users can create, back-test and live-trade with the strategies they develop themselves. 

Another reason why Trality caught my eye is simplicity. 

The сompany has developed several intelligible and user-friendly tools to best serve users of different trading backgrounds.

Combined with backtesting facility and integrated exchanges, the platform makes the whole process a breeze. 

As Trality puts it, the platform is designed for casual traders, python gurus and anyone in between.

Let’s have a deeper look at Trality and find out what else it hides under its hood.


  • Trality offers algorithmic trading possibilities for users with all levels of experience.
  • The world’s first browser-based Python Bot Code Editor, which comes with a state-of-the-art Python API, a lot of packages, a debugger and end-to-end encryption.
  • “Casual Traders” are provided with a boolean logic-based Rule Builder, that enables bot creation without coding skills.
  • Backtesting and exchanges integration supported
  • The platform is still in Beta so all features are currently still for free

Trality Features

Trality Marketplace

Trality’s Marketplace is a really cool space that brings together crypto trading bot creators and investors so that everyone can benefit.

Investors have the option to rent profitable bots tailored to their own risk tolerances and investment goals, while bot creators now have a way to monetize their bots and earn passive income from investors around the world.

And since this is an exclusive Marketplace, you won’t find any of these bots listed anywhere else. Trality even has an impressive range of options, including Binance, arbitrage, margin, grid, intraday, & index-tracking bots.

Code Editor

Trality’s breakthrough in the area of crypto bots is its Code Editor for bot creation. The company says it is the first to have a completely browser-based Python editor for trading bots. 

This allows users proficient with Python to benefit from their coding skills and write even the most sophisticated strategies with minimal delay and highest security.

The Code Editor is also completed with a debugger and popular libraries, like NumPy, Pandas, Tulip,TAlib, etc. For a quick start you can select one of the already prepared bot templates to serve as a basis for your future trading bot.

Rule Builder

On the other hand, Trality has the Rule Builder. It is basically a Drag and Drop interface to serve people who are not into coding, but still want to take the advantage of algorithmic crypto trading

The Rule Builder helps create flexible bots using boolean logic.

A bot’s trading logic is simply created by placing indicators and strategies in the respective order.

A variety of predefined strategies is also available for future customization.

Backtesting and paper trading

What’s cool about Trality is that you can slowly get accustomed to the process of algorithmic trading.

Creating a profitable crypto bot inevitably requires a decent backtesting and the platform seems to succeed in this aspect as well.

After a number of tries, I can say that Trality’s backtesting tool works noticeably fast (presumably because of the in-browser implementation). Given the availability of tons of historical data down to minute candles, the backtesting speed is really an achievement.

Moreover, the backtesting tool is quite flexible by itself. It allows users to select various scenarios and custom time frames to test the algorithm against.

Another handy feature is that all the backtest history is recorded, so at any moment you can switch back to the most profitable settings. Before the algorithm touches the waters of live-trading, it can also be sent paper trading as a forward test. 

Trality Backtesting

Once a bot is created and decently tested it can be instantly deployed for live-trading on a growing list of crypto exchanges. At this stage Trality supports only 4 exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Bitpanda
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken 

24/7 Cloud-trading

What I particularly liked about Trality is that it is a full-circle platform. Bots can be created, backtested and deployed in one interface. 

Most importantly the whole infrastructure is cloud-based, which means that there is no need for any additional installments or any bothering with managing a server for yourself. So the live-trading can be easily set to 24/7 mode and no potential profitable trade is missed. 

How it Works

Sign Up

The registration is super easy: just visit Trality, signup, fill in your email, click on the confirm link sent to your email and you are good to go.

Create A Bot

Obviously creating your bot is the most laborious and substantial process. To ease your burden you can appeal to Trality starting tutorials on the Code Editor and the Rule Builder, depending which one you choose.

Connect Exchange

Simply proceed to the settings menu and add your exchange account where you want your future bots to trade. Your respective API key will be required for live-trading.

Start Trading

Done in one click on the “start bot” button in the top right corner of the interface.

Should any troubles or questions arise on your way, you can find your answers on Trality’s “Getting started” help page.

User Experience

The Trality platform has a very friendly and convenient UI/UX. Regardless whether you are an experienced crypto trader, python developer or just a beginner, the interface is very clean and minimalistic. It does not overwhelm you with a variety of options, everything is quite intuitive and easy to access. 

Personally, as a newcomer, I was pleased by the overall friendly environment. It took me less than 5 minutes to learn how to use the Rule Builder to create and backtest my first trading bot.

The platform has well-developed documentation and help pages, which facilitate the journey. In case any issue arises, there is always a Telegram support chat to assist you.

Also I liked Trality blog, as they regularly post tutorials and handy readings there, e.g. there is a recent series of articles done by a professional trader, where he describes a bot creation process step by step. 

Performance and Security

Unlike other ready-made bots, Trality doesn’t guarantee N% profits for the bots created on their platform.

The bot performance depends upon a large number of factors like market conditions or trading amounts, but most importantly on your bot configuration.

So everything is in your hands, the smarter strategy you come up with, the more profitable it would be.

What Trality grants, in turn, is the complete safety of your funds and your intellectual property. The platform does not have direct access to your funds, the bots just send trading signals to exchanges, which users allowed it to.

Moreover, if the withdrawal rights are enabled, API keys connection will always deliberately fail. Users’ strategies and algorithms are fully sandboxed and end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no one apart from the user can access them.

Trality Pricing

For now Trality is still in its beta phase and all their tools are accessible for free. They have already drafted a preliminary price structure, which is available on the Trality pricing page, starting from €9.99.

However, keep in mind that this structure might change so make sure to check it again when they release their final version. 

What surprised me the most is even though the platform is still in its beta phase, I could use most of their tools without any limitations or bugs. From my perspective, the services are well-developed enough and could already be charged for.

So hurry up, test it yourself while it is still free and let’s see whether creators will stick to their initially suggested pricing.

Trality Pricing

Comparison with other products

As said, compared to the majority of crypto bots providers, Trality approaches the market from the other end.

Rather than providing pre-defined bots for immediate use, It puts its emphasis on bot creation tools, making them universal and accessible for the large audience.

Trality’s opposition to blackbox signal providers seems interesting in the view of their intention to run Crypto Bot Marketplace.

The company claims to integrate bot quality screening and sufficient bot documentation.

Curiously enough, how that would be implemented in a way it differs from the existing marketplaces. Again, let’s wait and see how it will turn out, but so far the idea seems really promising.

Trality Pros and Cons


  • Advanced bot creation tools
  • Code Editor to write bots in Python
  • Rule Builder to create bots by drag and drop
  • Comprehensive backtesting tool
  • Create, backtest and live-trade in one browser interface
  • End to end encryption for algorithms
  • Withdrawal-disabled permission for funds
  • Well written documentation
  • Completely Cloud based


  • Futures and Short trading not available
  • Only 4 exchange supported till now
  • No marketplace/Copy trading yet
  • No mobile app


After some intensive testing, I can say that Trality offers a very unique platform for traders of all levels. It can truly revolutionize one’s trading if used properly. 

If you are a novice in the field, you can easily access the Rule Builder and tutorials to practice your skills and get experience while doing paper trading.

However, if you are a trading veteran and you know Python, you just take Сode Editor with the backtesting tool to start breaking the walls on the supported crypto exchanges. 

Of course, one may argue that the project is still in beta, that some bugs may arise, some features are missing, there is no mobile app to monitor bots performance on the go.

However, the platform is free of charge, so the quality of the service delivered is definitely outweighing its weaknesses. Even if the pricing comes into effect, the preliminary rates seem quite reasonable. 

Anyway, whether you would like and use it or not, it is definitely worth you time giving it a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trality legit or safe?

Yes, Trality is safe and legit. Backed by some credible investors, Trality is building tools to create, test and execute complex trading algorithm easily.  

Does Trality have mobile app?

Trality does not have a mobile app for iOS or Android devices, for now.

How much does Trality cost?

Trality offer a free plan for you to create and backtest your strategies. Once you’re satisfied with your strategy and want to trade with real money, you can select one of our plans starting at 9,99€. See Trality pricing page for more information.

What coding language Trality support?

Trality currently support Python and the team working to support even more languages in the future.

Trality Alternatives



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