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Binance Usa Offers Zero Free Crypto Trading

Binance US Starts Offering Zero-Fee Trading

Key Takeaways Customers of Binance US are not charged any fees on the spot market pairs for BTC/USD, BTC/USDT, BTC/USDC, and BTC/BUSD, and there are no volume requirements. The charges were brought shortly after Binance.US announced a new, three-tier trading…

Goodcrypto Review

GoodCrypto Review: Is it Safe or Legit?

GoodCrypto is a portfolio tracker and multi-exchange trading app that lets you trade cryptocurrency on any exchange, anywhere, and anytime. This GoodCrypto review will take you through the platform’s functionalities, features, security, and many other aspects.  Summary GoodCrypto is an…

Uphold Review

Uphold Review: Is it Safe or Legit?

Uphold is a platform with a combination of trading assets like cryptocurrency, equities, and metals. We will discuss its features, products, prices, supported wallet, safety, fees, and much more in detail in this Uphold review.  Summary Uphold a crypto exchange…

Basics Of Crypto Trading

Basics on Crypto Trading for Beginners

Different Types of Cryptocurrency Trading Requirements for Choosing a Specialized Crypto Platform Cryptocurrency Trading Advice Conclusion Different types of Crypto Trading Long term Crypto trading The first is long-term crypto trading which is known as ‘buy and hold.’ In this…

Binance To Delist Luna Perpetual Futures

Binance to Delist LUNA Perpetual Futures Tonight

Key Takeaways Binary Futures will execute automatic settlements and delist the Coin-Margined LUNA perpetual contracts.  The USDT-Margined LUNA Perpetual Contracts’ leverage and margin levels will be adjusted. All existing positions will remain the same. Each tier’s maximum leverage and beginning…

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