Top paid cryptocurrency and blockchain courses

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This article will revolve around various courses available to help you learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can take any of the numerous courses available. However, we have prepared a list of the seven best blockchain courses for you.


  • Blockchain technology is the future, and hence it can be considered one of the best career choices.
  • Many online courses offer video lectures, quizzes, major and minor projects, discussions, etc.
  • EatTheBlock Pro is a new platform and one of the very few offering one-to-one blockchain courses.
  • Coursera offers blockchain courses by professionals from the world’s best universities.
  • Udemy provides the most affordable and diverse blockchain courses.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of online blockchain courses, and on completing these, the completion certificate will be directly visible on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Udacity provides a nano degree program in blockchain technology and has a prerequisite of javascript.
  • PluralSight teaches you all the latest and traditional blockchain information available.
  • 101 blockchains is a dedicated platform for online blockchain courses and also offers research options in the blockchain.

Why blockchain and cryptocurrency courses?

A question arises here often, “why should I go for a paid course when I can gain all the information for free on the internet?” Let’s first answer this question.

These courses have a plan for you that will help you stay on track throughout the time. They provide video lectures, quizzes, and minor or major projects to help you grasp as many things as possible. 

You can learn things at your own pace; however, you need to be on time for the assignments and quizzes deadlines, which keep you going.

Top 7 cryptocurrency or blockchain courses

There are various courses available in the market, and we have sorted the best seven for your convenience. Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the details of these courses.

1. Cryptocurrency and blockchain by Coursera

Coursera has a list of courses to learn about blockchain, and you can choose any one of those. However, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies is the most popular website.


Course details

Professors from the University of Pennsylvania teach this course, and approximately 18K students have enrolled by the end of February 2021. The course has four parts, including video lectures, reading material, quizzes, and capstones.

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain By Coursera
Cryptocurrency and blockchain by Coursera

Things you will learn

You will follow this course in four modules, each of which is as below:

  1. Module 1: This part will cover the necessary information about bitcoins and how they work and deepen your knowledge about cryptocurrencies.
  2. Module 2: This part will introduce you to Blockchain and crypto technology and explain how Blockchain technology employs hash functions.
  3. Module 3: Here, you’ll analyze Beta and Alpha’s values and develop an understanding of cryptocurrency investment.
  4. Module 4: In this module, you’ll learn about blockchain and many different use cases for blockchain in various industries

Pros and cons

Coursera is the most popular platform for online courses.The courses are at least three years old.
Experts from the world’s best universities teach these courses.The information in the course is not up to date.
The courses are self-paced but with deadlines.

2. Six figures blockchain developer by EatTheBlocks Pro

EatTheBlocks Pro helps you build a world-class portfolio, increasing your chances of landing your first highly paid blockchain job. The 6 Figures Blockchain Developer course lets you gain all the necessary information before jumping into the blockchain industry.


The tutor Julien Klepatch also offers 1-on-1 private teaching lessons at an affordable price.

Course details

The platform focuses on teaching you in-demand skills and making you industry-ready. Their teaching idea is unique, and hence you can get on board before the teaching market copies their method.

Eattheblocks Course Details
EatTheBlocks Course details

Things you will learn

The program consists of four parts, details of which are as follows:

  1. Part 1: In this part, the course will introduce you to blockchain and ethereum.
  2. Part 2: Here, you’ll learn about developing smart contracts (Solidity 0.6).
  3. Part 3: Now, you’ll be assigned two projects to help you build a fantastic portfolio.
  4. Part 4: Introduction to the ‘Aim, Load Fire’ method will help you land your first blockchain job.

Pros and cons

A new teaching methodology is in use.
One-to-one courses are available.Only a single tutor teaches all the courses.
The course will help you get a job by the ‘aim, load fire’ method.

3. Ethereum-blockchain-developer

Ethereum-blockchain-developer offers web developers, enterprise developers, and software development professionals self-paced video courses with interactive labs to become successful Ethereum blockchain developers.

Things you will learn

The course mainly consists of six parts, which are:

  1. Section 1: Solidity and smart contracts fundamentals
  2. Section 2: Ethereum tooling such as Remix, Web3js, ABI Array
  3. Section 3: Understanding DeFi and contract compasbility
  4. Section 4: ERC20 Tokens and Token Sales
  5. Section 5: Understanding NFTs and ERC721/ERC1155 Tokens
  6. Section 6: Understanding Truffle, Hardhat and Foundry

Pros and cons

The course is very cheap compared to other platform Need JavaScript knowledge upfront
Has the same materials as $10,000 bootcampsNot free
Updated course videos and code examplesNot 100% beginners friendly
The course is a great mix of technical and practical knowledge of blockchain
You’ll get all needed knowledge for blockchain and smart contract development
Prepares projects for your own GitHub

4. Blockchain and bitcoin fundamentals by Udemy

Udemy is home to one of the most diverse blockchain courses. They have courses available for everyone, starting from a beginner to a professional looking out for learning more about the blockchain industry. 


Course details

You can see the series of courses offered by Udemy here. However, the most popular course for beginners is Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals. This course enhances your knowledge about blockchain and how they are applicable in business.

Udemy Course Details
Udemy Course details

Things you will learn

The course consists of four parts, which are as follows:

  1. Section 1: This part gives you a brief introduction to the course and Bitcoins.
  2. Section 2: This section has all the information and questionnaires to help you grasp things.
  3. Section 3: This section lets you know about things required for getting started in bitcoins.
  4. Section 4: The final section has some free resources for you in stock.

Pros and cons

There is considerable diversity in the courses available.There is a lack of details regarding tokens in the course.
The course is very cheap compared to other platforms.There have been cases of repetition of things in the course.
It helps you learn about the business applications of blockchain.

5. Blockchain basics by LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn is a significant job provider for both freelancers and job seekers. However, it also provides courses to individuals seeking to enhance their skills. LinkedIn offers a series of studies, and blockchain is one of them.

Linkedin Learning
LinkedIn learning

Course details

The Blockchain basics course is a beginner-level course and with a certificate of completion. The course covers skills such as blockchain, big data, and databases. The course tells about how blockchain technology offers to solve old problems and gives new capabilities.

Blockchain Basics
Blockchain basics

Things you will learn

The course has four parts and an introduction and conclusion. The four elements are:

  1. Trusting the internet: Here, the course coordinator talks about the risks involved in using the internet.
  2. What is a blockchain? : In this part, we dive into the basics of blockchain.
  3. Transforming transactions: We learn about the present and possible future applications of blockchain.
  4. Challenges ahead: Here, we discuss the potential difficulties in adopting blockchain.  

Pros and cons

The course certificate would directly reflect in your LinkedIn profile.There isn’t much detail about blockchain.
The first month of the course is free.You mostly get an overview of all the things in the course.
There is a diversity of courses available.

6. Blockchain developer program by Udacity

Udacity offers various courses in blockchain development, which begin from a duration of 4 months. Since blockchain revolutionizes, all the sectors that have their use, taking one of the courses makes you future-ready.


Course details

In this course, you’ll learn about blockchain development. The blockchain developer program helps you create your private blockchain.

The course, however, requires previous experience or knowledge in developing web apps using javascript and object-oriented programming.

Blockchain Developer Program
blockchain developer program

Things you will learn

The course mainly consists of five parts, which are:

  1. Blockchain fundamentals: Here, you’ll learn about how the blockchain data model works.
  2. Ethereum smart contracts, Tokens, and Dapps: Now, you advance your knowledge about blockchain technology with smart contracts.
  3. Blockchain architecture: In this part, you learn about privacy, decentralized file management, and security.
  4. Dapp with autonomous smart contracts and oracles: Here, you’ll be developing a decentralized application and enhance your grasp of blockchain technology.
  5. Capstone: Now, you’ll be using all the skills you’ve acquired and build a decentralized property listing application.

Pros and cons

It is a nano-degree program.There is a prerequisite of javascript.
You’ll get to create your private blockchain.The fee is very high.
The capstone project will help you maintain the market standards. 

7. Blockchain fundamentals by PluralSight

PluralSight has been teaching individuals and teams to increase their knowledge and help them work better together with an enhanced skill set. PluralSight provides a series of courses, and you can access them through their website or by clicking here.


Course details

The Blockchain – Principles and Practices course by PluralSight will help you understand the functioning of blockchain. In this course, you’ll be learning about how to store single and multiple transactions in a block using Merkle trees.

By the end, you’ll know about how nodes on a blockchain maintain consensus, and you’ll be able to create your blockchain.

Blockchain – Principles And Practices
Blockchain – Principles and Practices

Things you will learn

This course concludes in six parts, including the introduction and course summary:

  1. Introduction: You’ll learn the basics of bitcoin, blockchain, and what are public and private blockchains.
  2. Understanding the cryptographic principles used with blockchain: In this part, you’ll be learning about hashing and digital signatures.
  3. Storing transactions in blocks: You’ll get to know about how to hold transactions in blocks and about transaction pools.
  4. Applying proof of work: Now, you’ll be practicing some problems to crosscheck your learning.
  5. Maintaining consensus: The tutor will elaborate the challenge with the agreement and tell you about the longest chain.
  6. Summary: Now, you’ll have an overview of all the things you’ve learned throughout the course.

Pros and cons

The course is extremely detailed and covers almost all the aspects.There are no reviews of students available on the website.
The content is up to date.Personal plans do not have all the features.
Offline and mobile downloads are available.

8. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course by 101 blockchains

101 blockchains have been actively spreading the word for blockchains. They believe that blockchain technology is going to be the basis of almost all of the technologies. 

101 Blockchains
101 blockchains

Course details

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course will guide you through blockchain’s functioning and how it’s useful in business imperatives. You will gain the information required to meet the industry demands with innovative ideas to solve their problems.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional
Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Things you will learn

This course has five modules which are as follows:

  1. Module 1: The first module explains blockchain’s functioning, smart contracts, and public or private blockchains.
  2. Module 2: This module will help you understand why blockchain is useful for more than just cryptocurrencies.
  3. Module 3: In this module, you’ll learn about ripple, crypto assets, and trade finance on the blockchain.
  4. Module 4: This module tells about the applications of blockchain and the digital transformation due to blockchain.
  5. Module 5: The last module guides you through various real-life scenarios, which will give you an edge in the industry.

Pros and cons

The platform is entirely devoted to the blockchain.The course is elementary and lacks in-depth information.
The course is a right blend of practical and technical applications of blockchain.The platform lacks interactive content and case studies.
The platform uses simple pdf presentations.


There are various blockchain technology courses available on the internet. However, if you’d have to choose one, we’d suggest Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: An Introduction to Digital Currencies by Coursera since Coursera is the go-to place for online courses.

The 6 Figures Blockchain Developer course by EatTheBlocks Pro is also a great choice, as it provides you with an option for a one-to-one lesson on the blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which certification is best for blockchain?

Almost all of the online courses on blockchain technology provide a certificate. However, some of these like, Coursera, LinkedIn, etc., hold a more excellent value.

Is blockchain a promising career?

Many industry experts believe that blockchain technology is the future. Hence it wouldn’t be wrong if we say, yes, blockchain is the right career choice.

How do I start learning blockchain?

You should begin by learning the basics about blockchain and cryptocurrency and then visit various blockchain communities like the one on Reddit. Then you can take an online course on blockchain technology and begin your journey in this field.

Is blockchain worth studying?

Blockchain technology is the fastest-growing field, and hence you’ll never regret investing your time in studying blockchain. If you cannot take a university course surrounding blockchain, you can take many other online blockchain courses.

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