ExpertOption Review: Is it worth it?

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In the fast-growing financial markets, online trading has become a go-to option for many investors and traders. There are a plethora of online trading platforms to choose from however, ExpertOption trading platform has gained the interest of many traders in recent years due to its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features. Because of its many features, it meets the demand of all the beginner and experienced traders alike and provides a memorable trading experience. 

So here is the ultimate guide on ExpertOption especially for beginners.

What is ExpertOption?

ExpertOption is one of the top 3 most downloaded financial apps globally with more than 100 assets and stocks to trade in. There are more than 70 million registered users and it is becoming one of the leading social trading platforms. With an array of innovative trading and investment tools, the users can gain maximum profits in a very limited time only. Some of the key characteristics of ExpertOption are:

  • Security standards: It is verified by Visa and MasterCard and all data is encrypted with the strongest cryptographic algorithms. 
  • Multiplatform: Available on all platforms, i.e., web, Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad as well as Android.
  • Accurate quotes: Real-time market data is provided by leasing analytical agencies.
  • Easy withdrawals: Get funds easily to your bank cards or e-wallet with no commission to ExpertOption.

Let’s see all the features to know about ExpertOption and how to trade efficiently on the mentioned trading platform.

ExpertOption Review: Features

With the help of modern technologies, ExpertOption provides the fastest trading experience to its users. There are no delays in the order of executions with the most accurate quotes. This top finance application is available around the corner with 24/7 customer service available. To enhance the trading procedure, the platform adds new financial instruments regularly. Some of the known features of ExpertOption are:

  • Technical analysis tools which include 4 different chart types, 8 indicators, and various trend lines to access the market scenario.
  • Social trading covers deals worldwide and also has a feature to trade with your buddies.
  • Have over 100 assets including Apple, Facebook, McDonald’s, and many other popular stocks.
Expertoption Review: Is It Worth It?

Account Types

Catering to the different types of customers and their knowledge of trading, ExpertOption provides different accounts according to the user’s needs. They are broadly categorized as follows:

  • Micro: For beginners, this is the ideal account. With the maximum deal amount of $10, you get free access to educational material. Also, the maximum number of simultaneous open deals for Micro accounts is 5. You can upgrade to higher status when you feel ready. 
  • Basic: A higher status account to Micro, it has a higher deal amount of $25 with 10 simultaneous open deals. It is best suited to those who wish to start with an added advantage over beginners.
  • Silver: A highly popular account among traders which is paired with free consultancy for their trading strategies. With increased open deals and deal amounts, it also gets the facility of daily market reviews and financial research materials. 
  • Gold: This account has many privileged features like increased asset return up to 2%. It has a maximum deal amount of $1000 with a maximum of 30 simultaneous open deals.
  • Platinum: Platinum account is the best for serious investors and has exclusive account management. It has no limit for open deals and the trader can get up to 4% increased asset returns.
  • Exclusive: This is the highest status account which is invitation only. You can ask your account manager for further information.
Expertoption Review: Is It Worth It?

Social Trading

ExpertOption has one of the largest social trading networks. It provides an opportunity to trade with other investors globally and also with your friends. You can also watch them trade in open deals in real time.  

Other than trading across the globe, you can study the results of various VIP traders and get motivated by their profits. You can compete and earn returns easily and hence can climb up the leadership chart in your country. 

This social trading network of ExpertOption is connected to various social platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can follow this trading platform on the said social apps and get the latest news and trends related to trading

Expertoption Review: Is It Worth It?

How to create an account on ExpertOption

There are two types of accounts on ExpertOption namely free demo account and the real account. Both are easy to open and are user-friendly. Let’s see how to create an account on ExpertOption.

ExpertOption Free demo 

It is very easy to use the feature of a demo account on the ExpertOption platform. You can access this just by clicking on “Free demo” at the end of the home page. By doing this, the following screen will be shown. 

Expertoption Review: Is It Worth It?

You will get a demo balance of $10000 which can be used to trade in real time. Also, you can learn by participating in battles which will give you a hang of how things work on this platform. There is also a tutorial on YouTube to get to know ExpertOption better.

Real account

To open a real account, click on the tab in the top right corner of the screen. A dialogue box will appear.

Fill in all the credentials, i.e., your email, and set up a password. After that, check the box indicating the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. You can go through them on the ExpertOption website before opening the real account. 

Then click on Open account. Your account will be created.

To start trading, you need to deposit some amount via any suitable application be it MasterCard, Skrill, Binance, or Neteller.  

Expertoption Review: Is It Worth It?


You can get access to all the educational material while operating the demo account. On the left panel of the demo account screen, you’ll see many tabs like trade, apps, education, analytics, trade history, withdrawals, and many more. By choosing the Education, you’ll come across the following options:

  • How to Start: This gives a complete guide on how you can start trading with simple steps to earn. There are many other articles for beginners specifically on how much to invest and on how to make your first deposit. It also provides a guide on how to simplify withdrawals. 
  • First Steps: In this head, you’ll get access to all the material necessary to know for trading and market analysis. This includes risk management basis, chart types, trends, support and resistance lines, and alligator indicators.
  • Skill Development: This contains both basic and advanced material to help with trading like graphical analysis, understanding chart patterns, and trend continuation patterns. It also gives an overview of the fundamental analysis of political and economic events along with how to master trading psychology.
  • Recovery & Growth: This explains the common trading mistakes and how to avoid them, how to handle losing trades, and how to master emotional intelligence for trading success. It also has a guide for understanding lucky streaks in trading.
  • Trading Strategies: It provides a complete list of both beginner and advanced trading strategies for investors. Some of the well-known strategies at ExpertOption are the Martingale Strategy, Tweezers Trading Strategy, and V-Bounce Trading Strategy.

ExpertOption Review: Customer Support

There is a live chat option on ExpertOption to serve the facility of 24/7 customer service. You just have to type in your queries and it will connect you to the person in charge and all your issues will be resolved. 

Other than the live chat, you can also mail your queries to [email protected] and they will contact you in 1-2 business days to adhere to your issue. Or, just enter your details and press send. The consumer support team will contact you shortly.


ExpertOption Review: Conclusion

So to answer the question: is ExpertOption legit is that yes it definitely is! We have seen how the multitude of features of ExpertOption helps traders to start earning using simple trading techniques. Also, it offers a wide range of assets, a user-friendly interface, and sophisticated trading tools that equip traders with all they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced financial markets.

So, start trading today at ExpertOption and diversify your portfolio by using the amazing features available. 

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