Bitpay Card Review – Is this Crypto Card worth buying?

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Do you want to buy your groceries, pay your rents, and bills quickly with crypto? Then Bitpay card is the number one solution for all your crypto-related problems. As the tagline of Bitpay suggests, you can effortlessly make all your Crypto-based payments with a Bitpay card and “Live on Crypto.” Today, we will see the review of the Bitpay card.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Bitpay card is a prepaid Mastercard.
  • The Bitpay card is one of the many Bitcoin and other crypto services provided by the Bitpay platform. 
  • You can use a Bitpay MasterCard as a reloadable, prepaid debit card, but it is not a credit card.
  • In addition to Bitpay cards, you can also use the Bitpay Wallet app to manage and spend bitcoin. You can also turn the Bitcoin into dollars there and pay it with the Bitpay card.
  • Stephen Pair and Tony Gallipi founded the Bitpay platform in 2011.  
  • Bitpay is a payment platform that enables Bitcoin payments.
  • Bitpay does not charge any conversion fees while loading your card from the crypto wallet or while reloading the card. 
  • Bitpay offers high ATM withdrawals, which makes it a popular crypto debit card among its users. 
  • Metropolitan Commercial Bank issues this Bitpay card, and it is currently only available for United States residents. 
  • This crypto credit card charges us a sum of $ 5 if we are an inactive cardholder. 
  • You have to get the Bitpay card by ordering one through the Bitpay App. Before ordering or creating an account, make sure to check and enter all the required verification details.
  • You will get the Bitpay card around 7-10 business days.
  • Unlike other crypto debit cards, this Bitpay card doesn’t offer us any rewards or cashback for our purchases.

What is a Bitpay Card?

Bitpay card is a Master prepaid card according to the Bitpay platform. This Bitpay card helps us to convert crypto into fiat currency easily.

You can use the Bitpay card to make purchases wherever Mastercards are accepted. We can use the card to make online transactions and for ATM withdrawal. Bitpay’s Master card’s primary purpose is that it aids us in bridging the gap between real and virtual currencies. The Metropolitan Commercial Bank issued the Bitpay card.

Bitpay is a crypto payment gateway platform that was founded in 2011 by Stephen Pair and Tony Gallipoli. It is a platform that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Bitpay helps Merchants to accept and approve crypto-based payments. In earlier times, the Bitpay platform only focused on Bitcoin transactions, but now they have branched out to offer other digital assets and cryptos. 

The team launched the Bitpay card in June 2020.

In the present times, the Bitpay platform has a base in more than 38 countries. But only people living in the United States can use Bitpay MasterCard. 

The platform has partnered with PayPal, WordPress, Newegg, and Microsoft to ensure a user-friendly experience. Let’s dive into more details about the card.

How to get the Bitpay card?

  • Before starting your card ordering process, make sure that your Bitpay App is fully updated. 
  • You can update/download the BitPay app on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Then click the card icon within the Bitpay app and order a card. The card usually takes 7-10 business days to get delivered. 
  • Since Bitpay is subjected to USA banking laws and regulations, just like a standard debit card, you need to provide some information before proceeding to order the card.
  • US residents can submit any of the following IDs: Passport, Driver’s license, State ID, Passport Card, Residence Permit (Green Card), Work Permit, Immigrant Visa.
  • You will need to provide the following to help Bitpay verify your identity: Full Name, Address of Residence (No PO Boxes), Date of Birth, Phone Number, Social Security Number or ITIN, A photo of your identity document, A clear selfie of your face
  • When you provide the necessary personal details and documentation for verification, you will get a wallet.
  • Then you can order a Bitpay MasterCard via the Bitpay App and start making crypto payments using the card.
  • Once the card is available, you will have to pay the $10 issuance fee to Bitpay to receive the card, and then you can start spending!

Bitpay Card Review: Activation

After you receive your Bitpay card via mail, it will be easier to activate the card. After you receive your Bitpay card via mail, it will be easier to activate the card.

Bitpay Card Activation
Bitpay Card Activation

Get the app, load the wallet or order the card

  • In the Bitpay app, go to the ‘Card’ section.
  • Then click the ‘Activate’ icon. It will be in the top right of the screen.
  • Then you will have to enter some required information they ask in the Bitpay app. Enter the information. This step is to verify your card.
  • Lastly, you have to create a PIN for your card.  
Buy Crypto From Bitpay Card
Bitpay Card Review: Buy Crypto from Bitpay card

How to Use the Bitpay Card?

Operating a crypto debit card is the same as other traditional debit cards. Using the Bitpay Card for purchases is similar to using conventional debit cards, with only a few slight differences. A Bitpay Card transaction works like this:

  • If you deposit crypto assets, Bitpay will automatically convert your funds to USD. 
  • If you spend your funds online or in-store at any Master card approving merchant. 
  • You will receive a confirmation that you have enough funds available to complete the transaction.
  • The merchant will, in turn, receive the payment in his local fiat currency.

Bitpay Card Review: Features

Bitpay card has some amazing features that you might not want to lose. Let’s have a look at the features in detail.

Instant reloads

Bitpay does not charge conversion fees while reloading our card balance from bitcoin to fiat currency. Also, the exchange rates are at a competitive rate. 


This card is for people who want to live and spend on crypto. The Bitpay app helps them to view their balance, reload instantly, request pins, and manage all the crypto debit card transactions wholly.

Enhanced security

This enhanced security feature of the app has an EMV chip that helps you lock your card and control how you spend. 


You can spend and pay your bills worldwide and anywhere using this Bitpay crypto debit card. Either online or using a pin or make an ATM withdrawal. 

Bitpay MasterCard Review: Benefits

  • When we convert bitcoins into dollars and load the value in the card, Bitpay doesn’t charge any exchange fees for it. It is one of the major plus points of using a card. But Mining and Network fees are applicable when we transfer funds into Bitpay MasterCard. The amount charged for this Bitcoin transaction might vary from time to time. But we must check the price of the fees charged before the confirmation and add funds to the Bitpay card. 
  • Another key benefit is that this Bitpay debit card is available in almost all United States states. Many prepaid crypto cards have avoided the jurisdiction of the United States. But the Bitpay platform’s Master card can be availed and accessed in all the 50 states of the USA.
  • We know that Bitpay is a platform that has been there since 2011. Since the Bitpay platform is one of the reputable and considerably the oldest platforms in the crypto market industry, its prepaid card is a safe option to use. People may peacefully go for the opportunity knowing that it comes from a trusted platform. We can easily trust this brand and opt for choosing to become a user of it solely because of its long durability in the industry. 
  • Another one of’s significant advantages is that it provides us with high ATM withdrawal limits. As Bitpay cardholders, we have the luxury to withdraw money up to $6000 per day. But this boon can also become a curse if our Bitpay card gets stolen or lost. 

Bitpay Card Review: Withdrawal limits

In case of withdrawal, you can’t withdraw more than  USD 2,000 per withdrawal. Also, you can only do a maximum of 3 withdrawals in a day. So technically, you can make an ATM withdrawal of up to USD 6,000 per day. While spending, you can’t reload or spend more than USD 10,000 a day. This is considered an adequate Bitpay Card limit for most people. You can’t load or spend more than that. On your card, you are allowed to have only USD 25,000 as your maximum balance. 

Bitpay Card Fees 

Bitpay card charges considerable fees for its services. There are no monthly maintenance fees. To get a Bitpay card, we have to pay $ 10. If your card gets stolen or lost, so for card replacement, you have to pay the same $ 10. When you withdraw money from the ATM using your card, Bitpay will charge you a fee of $2. 

They will also charge a 3% of currency conversion fee if you are spending or paying outside the United States. But no fees are applied when you load or reload your card with cryptocurrency. This is usually done through the Bitpay App. 

Bitpay Card Review: Customer Support

In the ‘Help’ section of the website, there are many ready-made questionnaires and lots of Frequently Asked Questions list. You can refer to them.

Bitpay Card Review: Pros and Cons

Like two sides of a coin, everything has its pros and cons. We have tabulated some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Bitpay card below. You can take a quick look at them in the table below and decide further.

No fees are charged for loading Bitcoins into the Bitpay card.The Bitpay card cannot be accessed freely, a price of $10 must be paid to get the card. If our card gets stolen or lost, we should again pay a sum of $10 to access it.
The Bitpay app is very helpful in monitoring and managing all the card’s transactions, view balance, and activities. Another limitation is that Bitpay cards are currently only available in the United States. When we use it outside the United States we have to pay a 3% currency conversion charge.
No exchange fee is charged for the conversion of Bitcoin into fiat currency. There is no cashback or rewards offered for purchasing a Bitpay Master card when we compare it to other crypto debit cards.
Bitpay Master debit card is popular among many for its high ATM withdrawal. We can withdraw coins up to $60000Also, the card supports only Bitcoins.
There are no monthly maintenance fees is charged for Bitpay card. And Bitpay allows you to buy a gift card for our account. The customer support of Bitpay is not good. In case of fraudulent issues, they ask us to resolve them on our own.
If we don’t want to hold a physical card, we can opt for a virtual card option. This will also make our shopping experience safer.A  price of $5 is charged if the Bitpay card is not used for a period of 90 days.
There is no proprietary token offered when we consider the whole Bitpay platform.

Is the Bitpay Mastercard the right choice for me?

This Bitpay card is best suited for people who are residents of the USA. If you like to have a wide variety of altcoins, then this is not the right choice of card for you. Also, if you are someone living outside the United States, you won’t access this crypto debit card. But you can keep yourself updated with the website as the company is trying to bring their card to other parts of the world.

Since there is no conversion fees charged for this Bitpay MasterCard, it has become an attractive option for everyone. Even without the cashback offers, too, or is still a popular card because of its High ATM withdrawals. Along with the Bitpay crypto debit card, check out the other crypto debit card options available in your jurisdiction as well before moving on to make a final decision regarding the Bitpay card.

Bitpay Card Review: Conclusion

Turn your crypto into cash quickly and spend it via’s Master card. Bitpay card is one of the cards issued from a trustable platform. You can easily convert Bitcoins into fiat currencies without any charges. Also, there are no charges for loading Bitcoins, and they also offer high ATM withdrawals. Go for this Bitpay card and spend life on crypto. 

BitPay’s crypto debit card allows you to bridge the gap between fiat and virtual currencies. Since Bitpay is a master card, you can use it in stores or to make online purchases only in places where master card payments are accepted.  One of its major drawbacks is that the card is not accessible to regions or countries outside the United States. Residents of the United Stated can only access it. Also, it supports only Bitcoin currency. The company is trying to make its card accessible worldwide.  

Also, even without giving rewards and cashback offers, this card is one of the popular crypto debit cards. This is because it doesn’t charge conversation fees, and it also provides a high ATM withdrawal limit. You can withdraw up to 6,000 USD per day. The Bitpay App will also help you to manage Bitpay’s Mastercard’s card transactions effortlessly.  

If you are a USA resident or think this crypto card will favor your crypto spending shortly when the card is accessible everywhere, then surely go for this crypto debit card option! 

Bitpay Card Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bitpay Card have a mobile app?

Yes, there is a Bitpay app. You can download it on both Android and IOS devices. Also, the Bitpay app is needed to order your Bitpay card. You can also use the Bitpay app as a cryptocurrency wallet, like using it for spending your coins or send money to your friends.

Is the Bitpay Card safe?

The card is secure and a safe option. Bitpay cards are protected by your signature and also your PIN. They also provide Two-factor authentication (2FA), provided by Google Authenticator. The Bitpay card is also not linked to any personal bank information or other financial accounts.

Does Bitpay have account limits?

– Daily Spending: $10,000
– Monthly Spending: No Limit
– Yearly Spending: No Limit
– Daily ATM: $6,000 ($2,000 per TXN)
– Card Balance: $25,000
– Daily Top Up: $10,000

Does Bitpay report card activity to the IRS?

No. Bitpay does not report debit card activity to the IRS. IRS reporting only applies to merchants who use additional Bitpay services and reach threshold requirements.

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