TrailingCrypto Review – A Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading Platform

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In this article, we will review TrailingCrypto, a cloud-based platform where you can access a wide range of order types on all exchanges. Besides, TrailingCrypto doesn’t lock your funds. Therefore, you can place multiple orders using the same funds, and funds will be used by orders which executed first. 

The highly specialized nature of the TrailingCrypto platform suggests that it is more suited for intermediate to professional traders. The platform warrants one to have a decent understanding of the trading landscape.

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  • Multiple exchanges available on the platform 
  • Availability of many advanced order types which are not supported by many exchanges till date
  • No Lock-In of funds
  • Security is not compromised at all
  • Support 24*7
  • Decent interface for a trader 
  • Cheaper when compared to its competitors.

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TrailingCrypto Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive interface that offers all the tools that a trader needs.
  2. Focuses heavily on security to ensure traders have safe trading experience
  3. The support for multiple exchanges makes it quite an attractive sell
  4. Offers a variety of advanced order types


  1. Does not support all the exchanges
  2. Not suited for beginners since there is a significant degree of technicalities

Top Features Of TheTrailingCrypto Platform

There are several reasons to choose TrailingCrypto. Let’s see some of the features offered by TrailingCrypto.

Pull-down menu for exchanges

Using the pull-down menu, you can select your preferred exchange or switch to different exchanges without having to leave the TrailingCrypto interface.

You can access some of the major exchanges such as Binance, BitMex, Bittrex,, and many others. This means that you do not have to exit the platform to access different exchanges.

Trailingcrypto Review – A Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading Platform
Pull Down Menu

The order section

On the left side of the crypto-trading platform is the order section where you can select your preferred order type. There are different types of order types such as market buy, market sell, limit buy, limit sell, take profit, and stop-loss, among others.

Once you have selected your preferred order type, you can fill in the quantity you would like to purchase and also switch between different cryptocurrency pairs. Once you are done with the details, you can then submit your order.

Trailingcrypto Review – A Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading Platform
The order section

Charts and charting tools

The TrailingCrypto platform also has a helpful and comprehensive chart section where you can access charts for different cryptocurrency pairs. It gives traders a view of what is happening in the market. The charts are customizable and also accompanied by a variety of tools. 

Traders can also use their preferred indicators to fine-tune their trading strategy.

Trailingcrypto Review – A Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading Platform

How is TrailingCrypto different from other multi-exchange trading platforms?

Any trader with a crypto exchange account can use TrailingCrypto. 

TrailingCrypto supports multiple crypto exchanges. It also provides the advanced order types on all exchanges. Besides, TrailingCrypto does not lock users’ funds while creating orders.

What kind of user experience should one anticipate?

TrailingCrypto has been designed to offer a premium trading experience. Traders have access to a variety of useful trading tools such as technical indicators and charts, which help traders to make sense of the market performance. It also features multiple order types that traders can execute. 

It also supports dark mode in the trading space for users which can be enabled from settings.

Trailingcrypto Review – A Multi-Exchange Crypto Trading Platform
TrailingCrypto dashboard review

Performance and Security measures 

TrailingCrypto has also focused intensively on making sure traders are protected from hacking or theft of their wealth. It has thus invested heavily in making sure that the crypto-trading platform is not compromised. One such measure is the use of API keys when switching from one exchange to another to authenticate the trader’s identity with their accounts in the exchanges.

Another noteworthy security feature is the two-factor authentication (2FA), which provides an extra layer of security, making it difficult for any unauthorized entry or use of another person’s account. 


TrailingCrypto has a competitive and reasonable price. It has a freemium plan for beginners. But, if you have been trading for a while, then I will suggest you go for the premium account subscription, which will cost you around USD 8.34/mo. TrailingCrypto also offers a substantial discount of 30% on an annual subscription, 20% on half-yearly, and 10% on a quarterly subscription. 


TrailingCrypto provides an advanced crypto trading bot and unified trading platform to enable users to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from a single interface. 

With its wide range of features like provision of using advanced order types on multiple exchanges, integration of all popular crypto exchanges, no lock-in of funds, etc. TrailingCrypto is a must-try for all beginners to professional crypto traders.

Let us know what you think about our TrailingCrypto review in the comment section.

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