Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi

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Huobi falls under the list of one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you are well aware that investing in cryptocurrencies can sometimes be a little complicated. So here comes the role of crypto signals that are proven to be accurate and have also generated profit for their traders. Hence, here in this article, we have compiled the Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi.

FeaturesCoinCodeCapVerified Crypto TradersOnwardBTC
Subscription PlansStarting from $70. Starting from $99.Starting from $19.50 per month.
Futures SignalsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Spot SignalsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Trading BotCornix botCornix botCornix bot
Free trialFree Crypto SignalsNo free trialUsing Bybit
ExchangesBinance, Bittrex, Huobi, KucoinBinance & BitmexBinance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Kucoin, Okex, Bybit, etc.
VIP ChatAvailableAvailableAvailable
Backed byCoinMonksVerified Crypto TradersOnwardBTC


  • Huobi is available in 130 countries and also supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform provides its traders with features such as futures trading, margin trading, auto-trading, etc. 
  • CoinCodeCap is a one-stop solution that will provide you with every essential need to make your trading experience even more smooth. 
  • Verified Crypto Traders is one of the oldest and trusted crypto signals providers, making its first move in 2018.
  • OnwardBTC, with the help of Bybit, provides you with quality signals and offers a month’s free trial. 

What is Huobi?

Huobi has an impressive trading volume of $2.3 trillion, i.e., 6.3 billion per day. This makes it one of the largest crypto exchange platforms. Huobi was founded by Leon Li and was first established in China. however, it is a Singapore-based exchange. Huobi Global is one of the most extensive offerings of the platform. It is a global Huobi crypto exchange that has 15+ fiat currencies available and supports 200 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the platform also has its token, and it falls under the top 100 currencies by market cap. To learn more, read Huobi Review.

Best Crypto Trading Signals For Huobi
Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi
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Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi: CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap provides the best crypto trading signals for traders using Huobi. We offer you the technical and fundamental analysis of crypto signals and stops you from chasing the market. Coinmonks, a non-profit organization that backs us, is a crypto educational publication and provides informative content. The content is based on crypto assets, different platforms, reviews, etc. Additionally, we try to keep our traders updated on every news related to the crypto market. 

How does it work?

We help our traders comprehend a successful trade by providing them with the information that we receive from our team of professional traders. We send you periodic signals based on available opportunities. Additionally, in our CoinCodeCap classic telegram channel, we post regularly about the market trends and opportunities. Also, we will provide you with accurate trading signals. Moreover, our team does all the work for you and provides you with all the relevant information to open and close a position. Hence, you can continue trading from your phone and with a job in hand. 


  • CoinCodeCap classic telegram channel will provide you with all the updates and market opportunities.
  • There is only a one-time subscription fee that we charge our traders and no additional fee above that. 
  • Our educational platform will provide you with many informative articles and reviews to learn from. 
  • In addition to crypto signals, we also provide you with an automated trading bot to help you automate your trade and gain profit even when you cannot monitor market positions. 
  • We use mathematics to predict market prices and increase our trader’s chance of achieving the target. 
  • Furthermore, we will provide you with stop-loss, entry, and exit positions in a trade along with crypto signals. 
Coincodecap Features
CoinCodeCap Features

CoinCodeCap NFT Signals

Our NFT signals are capable of identifying the most profitable flips, tracking the hottest trending NFTs, and alike, and then acting upon those findings.

We want to help our members to become very profitable traders by providing them with NFT trading signals by allowing you to track which projects NFT collectors and influencers are aping into the real time.

Further, we select the right NFT sets for you. The only thing you have to do is follow our trade signals.

Best Crypto Trading Signals For Huobi
CoinCodeCap NFT Signals

Fee Structure

We have designed our subscription plans keeping in mind your needs. If you are an apprentice, you can try our one-month plan and continue later with bigger plans if satisfied with our service. There is a one-time non-refundable subscription fee to be eligible for our crypto signals. We provide you with four subscription plans which are as followed:

  • 01 month plan: $70
  • 03 months plan: $210
  • 06 months plan: $420
  • 1-year plan: $840
Coincodecap Pricing
CoinCodeCap Pricing

Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi: Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is one of the oldest crypto trading signals services that provide the best crypto trading signals for Huobi. The platform is mainly known for its accuracy, risk: reward ratio, and consistency in the cryptocurrency market. The signals provided them are on Binance, Bitmex, Binance Futures, Coinbase, and Bybit. There is a technical analysis with every signal. Moreover, they give an accuracy of up to 80%. 

Verified Crypto Traders
Verified Crypto Traders

How does it work?

Verified Crypto Traders have their Telegram channel where they post daily signals. The platform usually provides take-profit, stop-loss, buying and selling range, and many market opportunities. In addition, they provide you with a Cornix bot to follow that will automate your trades. 


  • They provide technical analysis and weekly updates on videos of trade/ideas.
  • The platform will provide you with both spot and margin, along with explanatory chart calls.
  • The platform has a VIP service with different features and also has a free-for-all channel. 
  • The primary focus of Verified crypto traders is on Binance, Binance Futures, Kucoin, Bybit, and Bitmex signals
  • Moreover, their platinum club videos also cover Gold, Silver, Stock market, and forex analysis. 
  • The support service of the verified crypto traders is good, and they keep their traders updated on all the latest updates of the crypto market. 
  • Furthermore, in our Verified crypto traders telegram channel, they post profit, stop loss, buy range, etc. 
Verified Crypto Traders Features
Verified Crypto Traders Features

Fee Structure

Following what they provide, they charge their traders a relatively affordable and undervalued fee. There are four subscription plans with different time duration, and those are as following:

  • 01 month: $99
  • 03 months: $270
  • 06 months: $540
  • 12 months: $999 
Best Crypto Trading Signals For Huobi
Verified Crypto Traders Fees

Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi: OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC made its first move in the market in the year 2019 and has become a platform for the best crypto trading signals for Huobi. Whether a beginner or an expert, their goal is the same for everyone, i.e., trade crypto profitably. They can provide you with the best community in crypto with their expert knowledge and year of crypto experience. They have 24*7 customer service to help you out with all the answers you need. Moreover, with the help of their partner Bybit they can give a free month to all their traders. 


How does it work?

OnwardBTC operates all its signals through a telegram channel and automates all your trades. It also supports the Cornix bot. OnwardBTC, in addition to this, is also partnered with Arya Signals and specializes in leverage trading.


  • They have an OnwardBTC telegram channel where they post long-term and short-term signals. These are the take profit, entry, exit, and intraday signals that are open for some time. 
  • OnwardBTC for VIPs, develop technical analysis, and discuss all the information along with current open trades. 
  • They offer you a 30-day free trial to try out their content available on the platform. 
  • There are cipher alerts that are also a part of crypto signals to make everyone aware of the current market opportunities. 
  • The platform has trading bots that automate all your trades and runs 24*7.
  • For long-term and short-term signals, they come with Bybit DCA. 
Onwardbtc Features
OnwardBTC Features

Fee Structure

OnwardBTC believes that everyone should try out their content because they offer a free trial of 30-days to everyone who wants to join the platform. This is the reason why they give you a free premium month whenever you open a Bybit account with their link and load some amount on it. Hence, allow you to check out the platform first and then let you decide whether to move forward with it and become a part or not.  

Furthermore, you can also open and join the platform as a regular user without opening a Bybit account. The pricing to join their telegram channel and get started with the platform is $19.50 per month, a nominal price for everyone. 

Best Crypto Trading Signals For Huobi
OnwardBTC Fees

You can also automate your trading using the Huobi Trading Bot.

Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi: Conclusion

The number of customers in the platform is evidence of its stability and rate of expansion. Furthermore, it is a beginner-friendly platform and is also ideal for experienced traders. Hence, crypto trading signals offered by various service providers will be a cherry on their cake. The above mentioned is the list of the Best Crypto Trading Signals for Huobi, which will give you a better idea about the signals you should pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Huobi user identity verification?

In Huobi, user identification is usually made within 24 hours. You can also submit your request if your account does not get verified within three working days. 

Is Huobi Global safe?

Huobi Global has been marked as one of the best crypto exchange platforms. Hence they have a premium quality security level. Moreover, the platform has even gone through and passed many third-party security tests. 

How does Huobi work?

Huobi works the same way other cryptocurrency exchanges work. Trades can trade cryptocurrencies, and the platform charges them a transaction fee to make money. The exchange focuses on stable coins that the U.S. Dollar backs. 

Can Americans use Huobi?

The answer to this is no, as the U.S. residents cannot trade on the Huobi. The residents can create an account and deposit trades, but the KYC can not be verified for U.S. residents.  

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