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Bitsler initially started with big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, but you can now gamble with more than 20 cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they give away over $1 million in promotions every year. This Bitsler Review will take you to further depth of knowing this bitcoin casino.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Since its inception, Bitsler has been in operation and has a well-maintained focus on crypto gaming. 
  • Bitsler casino supports 18+ cryptocurrencies including a Bitsler Coin. 
  • The casino is licensed and offers 100% provably fair games. 
  • It provides a vault feature for its players to move when they are not in use. 
  • The design of the website is sleek, absolutely responsive and clean.

What is Bitsler?

Bitsler is a well-known online gambling casino site that was established back in November 2015. They allow their users worldwide to play games such as Roulette, Caray Cruz, Dice, and Multicolor. They always try to come out with something new for their users and focus on being trustworthy. Moreover, they are currently licensed under the Curacao gaming laws.

Furthermore, the platform aims to bring users a fully transparent experience by offering various cryptocurrency payment options and emphasizing anonymous gameplay on their platform. As a result, the Bitsler community helped it become the leader in the Cryptocurrency gambling industry. 


How to get started with Bitsler?

  • Open the Bitsler website and click the Register button present on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, fill in the Email address along with your birthdate
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation mail with an OTP. Submit the OTP and move to the next step.
  • Lastly, type in the username that suits you the most and gets started with Bitsler casino.
How To Get Started With Bitsler?
How to get started with Bitsler?

Bitsler Review: Products

Casino Games

Bitsler offers classic casino games like Blackjack, Plinko, Boom, Flash Roulette, Twist, etc. These are homemade casino games with an auto bet and probably fair features to ensure a great gambling experience. 

Sports Games

They also have a sportsbook to bet on all your favorite sports games. These games include Soccer, Cricket, Ice, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, etc. Moreover, you can bet with all the 18+ cryptocurrencies. 

Esports Games 

Along with the Casino and Sports games, the platform also offers Esports games. The games which come under this category are Counter-Strike, Dota2, King of Glory, Starcraft, League of Legends, etc. All esports markets are based on in-game score events or results at the end of a scheduled match. 

Bitsler Products
Bitsler Products

Bitsler Games

There are a large variety of games available on the platform for the users to choose from. These games at Bitsler are a little different from the classic crypto casino games. However, the rules in each game are easy to understand, and all these bitcoin games guarantee all the players an unforgettable experience. 

Below are some of the popular games that the website offers:

  1. Fruistler: This game allows you to bet on up to 20 lines. One should not forget to use the Auto bet function and make excellent usage of Bitsler Wild Symbol. 
  1. Twist: This is the newest dice game, with more auto betting options and a new look. You just need to choose your payout by dragging the Bitsler logo and your bet amount. This game has a 2% house edge. 
  1. Blast: Blast is the game that will make you become an astronaut. Blast is a multiplayer game, and you will share the same rocket with your friends. The rocket will increase the multiplier as high as it gets, but one should be careful to withdraw the money before it crashes. 
  1. Cara y Cruz: The meaning of Cara y Cruz is the heads and tails of a coin. Here at Bitsler, they have adopted it with a version using three coins. Essentially, providing one of four outcomes, you select a minimum of one and up to three possible outcomes. 
  1. Roulette: It is Bitsler’s most traditional casino game. They use the French Roulette, which has only one zero. 

Bitsler Review: Deposit Fees

You must set a password before depositing your security. Bitsler doesn’t have as such minimum or maximum deposits for their coins. You can deposit any amount, but consider the minimum bet amounts for each game and minimum withdrawals. 

Bitsler Review: Withdrawal Fees

Bitsler currently uses a dynamic minimum withdrawal system, and there are no maximum withdrawal limits. However, you can check the amount whenever you try to withdraw, and the minimum withdrawal is already set on the amount field. Your withdrawals will be sent once there are no unconfirmed deposits on your account. Additionally, your withdrawal will have 0.00060000 Bitcoins subtracted to cover the blockchain transaction fee. These are minimum withdrawal fees for some of the popular currencies:

  1. Bitcoin(BTC): 0.00020000
  2. Ethereum(ETH): 0.00100000
  3. Litecoin(LTC): 0.00200000
  4. Ripple(XRP): 0.0001
  5. Dash(DASH): 0.00100000
  6. Ethereum Classic(ETC): 0.00100000

Bitsler Vault

Bitsler has an added feature of Vault. You can use this Vault to safely store your coins if you want to risk them while playing. You can follow the below step to use Vault:

  1. Go to the Deposit option present on top of the screen, then click on Vault for the coin of your choice. 
  2. Choose the currency in which you have balance and type in the amount you want to move. 
  3. Lastly, click “Deposit to Vault”, and then the amount will get deposited. 

Similarly, if you want to withdraw the coins to your main balance, click on the Vault again and then on the double arrows. Chose the amount and press “Withdraw from Vault”. 

Bitsler Vault
Bitsler Vault

Is Bitsler Fair?

Bitsler is probably fair as it uses a verification system. This system allows players to check the integrity of every bet and confirm they have not been manipulated. In addition, you can check the rolls and make sure that they are fair. The platform generates random numbers using a server seed, two seeds, client seed, and nonce. Moreover, the server seed is hashed and is shown before the game begins. This will ensure that the platform can’t modify the ticket during the game. Furthermore, these seeds are used to generate a probably fair number between the range 0 to 99.999. 

Is Bitsler Safe and Legit?

Bitsler is no doubt a secure platform that offers fair games to players. Two-Factor Authentication is the best tool Bitsler can provide to increase your account security. Players can also add extra protection to your account by adding security access by email. This will ask you for confirmation whenever a new IP address or device tries to access your account. Furthermore, there is also an option to set a password for your account. 

Bitsler also has a verification system, which may lead to a transaction in the system marked as pending. This measure was implemented to protect your account from hackers, as well as Bitsler’s integrity. Further, Bitsler uses Provably Fair that allows users to check the code for every bet, and make sure they have not been manipulated.


Bitsler Review: Bonuses and Promotions

The platform offers various promotions, bonuses, and codes to its players. In addition, it organizes various contests and tournaments that are held periodically. However, it does not provide a welcome bonus that most of the players love.  

  1. VIP Program: Bitsler offers a VIP program where you can play a game to level up. The different levels start from Iron to Diamond Legend, but each level also has five other sub-levels. In the VIP club, players can start getting cashback even on the first level and can earn points as they play forward. 
  1. Daily Wagering Contest: Bitsler gives equivalent to $20,000 in Bitcoin weekly. There are wager contests that can start randomly and can last from 30 minutes up to one week. There is always a need to check out the wager contests model to see the active contests. Here prizes are available in all supported currencies and are paid out within 24 hours from the end of the promotion. 
  1. Billion Bets Event: Players can celebrate every billion bet milestone with a $5000 prize pool for 50 winners. The 1st winner is the player who makes the billionth bet. The 49 remaining winners are the players who get the duplicate roll number as the billionth bet. The winner gets points based on his VIP level and bet amount. 
  1. Bitsler Coin Challenge: It is one of the biggest ongoing promotions, which was introduced on November 26th, 2018, and it came to replace their old Bitcoin faucets. It is a challenge to show your bankroll growing skills. Whoever gets the most BTSLR Coins daily and weekly will be rewarded. There is an equivalent of $5000 worth of BTC up for grabs every week.
  1. Dice and Multicolor Progressive Jackpots: Sometimes, your balance increases without an apparent reason, even when you are not paying attention. All this is because you hit a piece of Bitsler’s Progressive Jackpot. This is one promotion where you don’t have to do anything as everything is done automatically if you have bet high enough to participate on their Progressive Jackpots. 
Bitsler Bonuses And Promotions
Bitsler Bonuses and Promotions

Bitsler Review: Customer Support 

Customer Support of a platform should be good enough to provide insightful answers to players. Bitsler provides its Help to players via Live Chat, Support Forum, and Help Center/ FAQs. The Help Center present on the website will answer most of your questions but if you still have any doubts/questions, feel free to contact their friendly support from the menu on the left side. There you can click on Help and then on the Support button. You can also send them an email directly to [email protected]. Moreover, the casino also provides you with a live chat option to get your questions answered. The live chat option is enabled 24*7 to provide you assistance. 

Bitsler Review: Affiliate

As a Bitsler Affiliate, you will earn money over every wager the player makes, no matter if they win or lose. Bitsler Affiliate is the perfect way to earn cash whether you have a website/blog, a YouTube channel, or just some interested friends/followers. You can register to join their affiliate program, send your affiliate link, and invite your friends to be a part of Bitsler. The commission rate that you earn with the affiliate program is 5%. 

Bitsler Affiliate
Bitsler Affiliate

Bitsler Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
All games are provably fair. There is no fiat currency support.
It has fast and simple account registration.It charges a withdrawal fee. 
Supports multiple cryptocurrencies and also offers Vault for coin storage when not in use.There is no free play option on any of the games. 
It has an excellent VIP program.No welcome package for new users. 
There are regular contests, promotions, and bonuses. There is no phone support. 
Live Chat, Help Center, and the Support forum is available. 

Bitsler Review: Conclusion

It is a well-known brand within the bitcoin gambling community. Instant withdrawals, excellent live support, massive promotions, and a community sense increase player retention. They started provably fair games but added a sportsbook in 2020 and thousands of third-party games in 2021. Moreover, the website’s overall design is one of the plus things, primarily because its proprietary software powers it; everything works picture perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add an avatar?

Players can change their Avatar by going to the settings option on the right side menu. Then, click on Avatar. You can then click on “Upload Avatar” to make the Avatar of your choice. 

How to check Level and Level Progression?

Your level depends on how much you have wagered; the highest you are, the better; leveling up will give you access to reward chests, cashback, forum, chat rains, promotions, and various bonuses. Simple click on your profile present on the right-hand corner and have a look at your progress. 

How to rain in the chat?

You need to follow the below steps:
Click on the rain icon at the bottom of the chat.
Choose the coin.
Choose the total amount you want to rain.
Pick the number of users that will divide the total amount equally.
You can write a message if you wish to do so.
Press “OK”, and it’s done. 

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