How to Earn Free Crypto every day with hi Dollars?

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Did you think for a moment that it’s a scam? Like earning 1 hi dollar every day without doing anything?? Ok, first thing first, obviously, you can’t get something in return until you give something first. Secondly, it’s not a scam. Don’t take my words for it; read the whole article and then judge me.

Now, as mentioned in the main heading, we will be receiving $1 using So, let’s see what hi dollar is and how you can earn 1 hi dollar every day.

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  • is a community-focused platform that’s aiming to create the hi ecosystem which can help us process faster crypto payments.
  • Users can earn 1 Hi Dollar every day by answering simple questions.
  • There are three ways through which users can sign up on and start earning. 
  • Other methods to signup, like through Facebook messenger, are coming up.
  • Besides this, users can also earn extra free Hi Dollar through their “Earning” program. 

What is is a community-driven crypto platform, which highly focuses on community growth over profits. It is a Singapore-based exchange, which was founded in 2020. It’s one of the latest exchanges, and the members of Hi are their significant stakeholders. Also, it is a non-profit organization where its team is devoted to revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure. 

Besides all this, it does not charge any fee for transactions. Further, no deposit fee is required, and also, there’s no minimum balance requirement. It offers different products and services including, crypto earnings with up to 40% APY. At the time of this writing, users earn about 1 hi token/dollars as daily rewards. This is available on a 1-year lock basis. Here, you can make your winning within a year after you complete all your account KYC requirements. To learn more, read the hi review.

So, you can profit after signing up for the platform.

Set-up Hi Dollars Daily Rewards via the Web App

If you want to earn bitcoins through the web application version of hi, first, you need to complete the sign-up process right. For this, the steps cover the following.

  • Visit the main website.
  • Then, you would notice many options on the top part of the home page. Select the “Web App” option at the top right-hand corner.
  • Here, you get two options for signing up. Either add your phone number and choose “Next” or your email address.
Sign Up
Sign Up
  • Next, a pop-up would come up with the checkbox for Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Click on the tick option, and then select “I’m new sign me up”. If you want to change your phone number, choose that option.
Agree To The Terms
Agree to the terms
  • You would get an authentication question, with exercises like adding shapes to show you are a genuine user and not a bot.
  • Click on “Ok”, or change the image and redo the step.
  • After this verification is successful, you get a one-time four-digit verification pin, e.g., 8871.
  • Add the code within the stipulated time.
Type In The Code
Type in the Code
  • If that is accepted, you will see the next slide for the password set-up. Here, you should add a unique password.
Set Up Your Password
Set up your Password
  • After selecting “Next”, you would get the prompt to add the username of the hi Dollars member who gave you the invite. Afterward, select “Submit”.
  • You have to add in all of the KYC verification inquiries with documentation uploading steps to complete your entire login process.
  • Then, opt for the Claim Rewards option and earn daily $1 rewards. 

Set Up Hi Dollars Daily Rewards via Telegram

You can also log into hi Dollars using the social media application of Telegram.

  • Directly go to the official site.
  • You would notice the option to sign up with different social media apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • This is visible on the bottom right side of the home page.
Earn Rewards
Earn Rewards
  • Click on the option of Telegram for free sign up.
  • The official bot of the Telegram API of hi would open up. Here, select the “Start” option and then make your language choice to English or other varieties like Italian or Deutsch.
Telegram Api
Telegram API
  • The application would prompt you to share the phone number you wish to register with hi Dollars.
  • Then, it would ask for the referral nickname as the service is using Private Beta at the moment. Add the name of the referrer.
  • Later, you can choose your nickname as well.
  • Now, you can begin getting your daily $1 rewards from hi Dollars. As mentioned earlier, there is a lockup period of 1 year in place. This means you cannot withdraw your rewards for a year.
  • Finish your KYC fill-up to withdraw all winnings. For this, select the Settings menu. The selection to “Verify Identity” would come up. Click on that.
  • The server would redirect you to the main web application to complete the identity verification steps.
  • The total period for KYC verification would take around 1-2 days after you add your image and necessary documentation. You can continue winning your daily $1 rewards while you wait for this to mature.

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Set up Hi Dollars Daily Rewards via WhatsApp

Like Telegram, there is the possibility to create a profile on hi Dollars via the social media platform of WhatsApp. Here, you can sign-up with an invite code, so you must acquire that first.

Using the WhatsApp Web Version

Also, for the best experience, you need to use the WhatsApp Web feature on your desktop browser device. For this, open the WhatsApp Web link from your desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) and link it with your phone device app through the QR code that appears on the screen.

  • The steps for setting up hi Dollar daily rewards specifically through the WhatsApp Web are as follows.
  • Visit the official website of hi Dollars, you would notice the free sign-up option through WhatsApp at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on it.
  • It would take you to your WhatsApp Web page.
  • The Hi bot chat would come up that you have to access. You can do so at any time; there is no pre-set time limit on this.
  • Type in “Hi” inside the message box of your chat.
  • A main menu automated message would come up with a list of action prompts with their corresponding activation number. These include 1 for “Claim Daily Rewards”, 2 for “Buy hi Dollars”, 3 for “Invite Friends”, and so on.
  • Type in “1” into the message box to claim your daily reward. 
  • This would activate your daily 1 hi dollar bonus that you can access via your flexible hi Dollar account.

Note: If you want to access any other options like “Invite Friends”, you can type Hi and get the main menu again. Also, note the steps are the same for you to get your one hi dollar through the mobile version of Whatsapp.

Reasons to Sign Up to Hi Dollars

There are many benefits that users can expect when signing up to the hi Dollars platform. Besides the easy-to-use interface and simplified sign-up/log-in steps, there are additional benefits for the hi users in the various Membership Tiers.

This system works as a Loyalty Program, where users earn benefits and rewards from holding their hi Dollars tokens. For eligibility, the platform calculates the total earnings of the hi Dollars member. This includes the tokens from their Vault saving and Earnings together.

The benefits are as follows.

  • Simple log-in processes- You can quickly sign up for daily rewards and other services of hi Dollars through different portals- the web application or social media apps. The platform is accessible through web browsers, android, and iOS mobile applications. With these simple integrated software support options, one can begin earning money quickly.
  • Secure access– Most users who join must first get a referral invite from other users. This makes the community safer and more exclusive, with a low number of undesirable participants.
  • Streaming services- Users get streaming services via their account and can easily access a high-level variety of content.
  • Masterclass- You can opt for the Free MasterClass plan and subscribe to different types of content available from verified professionals. This is mainly applicable for members in higher membership tiers with around 1,000 hi Dollars in their Earnings and Vault collectively.
  • Customer support– The customer support features are beneficial for people using hi Dollars, especially those who are entirely new to this type of platform. They get priority live support benefits, depending on their Membership Tier.

Other benefits include Financial Services without additional fees, concierge services, and even travel services.

Sign Up To Hi Dollars
Sign Up to Hi Dollars

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How to Earn More Money via Hi Dollars

There are different options available to earn extra cash through the hi Dollars platforms. Two standard techniques are through the Liquidity Provider Rewards or Earnings.

Liquidity Provider Rewards

Users have a higher earning opportunity, up to a million hi Dollar pool with almost a 700% APY.

For this, you can turn into a Liquidity Provider at PancakeSwap. There, you have to make your LP token deposits directly at You get a share at the 1 Million Rewards Program through this with a 700% APY earning potential.

The steps here involve:

  • Visit the PancakeSwap website.
  • Offer liquidity value on a HI/BUSD pair.
  • Finally, stake the Liquidity Provider HI/BUSD token at

The entire process would take approximately 5 minutes to complete. While this is a riskier option without the guarantee of a high return, the earning potential is enormous.

To learn more, read How to Swap Crypto on PancakeSwap?


Out of the two options, earning through this is relatively easy. You can earn around 40% APY as well.

  • First, you must deposit all the hi Dollars you did win into the Earnings section, e.g., 1000 hi Dollar tokens.
  • You can earn a $40 APY or less yield.
  • In addition, based on the Membership Tier you are at, like the Silver tier, you can win additional Boosts as well, e.g., 8%.

Comparatively, the potential for risk here is minimal. Not to mention, you can choose any length of time for the hi Dollars earning, from 90 days to 365 days. You can expect guaranteed high returns here, e.g., 479.99 Hi Return after one year.

Crypto Earnings
Crypto Earnings


Overall, there are multiple manners available to earn free hi dollars. Research all options and get the invite for one or more of the routes. Then, based on which is most convenient for you, select a method to sign up for the platform and gain at least $1 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the common use cases for Hi Dollars?
  • Generally, Hi Dollars are useful for earning high yields, up to a limit of 40% APY, fee-less or markup-less exchanges, easy and free money transfers across social chatting platforms, and several lifestyle benefits. 

  • In what ways can I earn tokens on hi Dollars?
  • You can earn tokens or hi Dollars on this platform through daily rewards from answering questions, buying hi Dollars, or through referral rewards by inviting friends to the platform. 

  • What is the average timeline of using Hi Dollars?
  • Typically, people using hi Dollars can get daily rewards and purchases, but they can unlock the daily rewards after 1 year. The unlock period duration lasts for 4 years. You must complete your KYC first to unlock your earnings overall. 

  • What to do with my hi Dollars if I stop using the platform?
  • In case you decide to stop your membership plan on Hi Dollars, you can sell your Hi Dollars.

  • What does it mean to save your hi Dollars on Flexible vs Vault?
  • After you buy hi Dollars at the current market rate, the amount would automatically enter your Flexible account. The tokens you purchase that have a 1-4 years lock would store inside your Vault. Based on the release period you select; you would get daily releases in pre-set proportional quantities. 

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