Earn Crypto – Passive Income by Staking Coins [MyContainer Edition]

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In this article, we will talk about how anyone can earn crypto by staking their Coins. Let’s dive in.

The era of earning money by collecting interest from the savings account is long gone. In today’s world, the economy is plagued by extremely low-interest rates. It is impossible to effectively battle inflation, let alone earn money in the process.

To battle growing inflation rates and to stimulate the economy, central banks continue their monetary policy. These policies rely on pushing quantitative easing, aka money printing to the maximum, and results in inflation. As we sit and watch the purchasing power of the Dollar, the Euro, and all other national currencies is decreasing.

Bitcoin and Proof of Work cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that grew from $1 in 2010 to $20,000 in just a few years. 

When you purchase and hold a cryptocurrency in a crypto wallet, hoping that the price will increase, its called HODLing.

Bitcoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency, which means that to earn more bitcoins, you need to mine them with the help of mining hardware. This hardware provides the miners with computing power necessary to solve cryptographic algorithms, discover new blocks, and process transactions. The process requires spending a considerable sum of money on machines and electricity they need to work. 

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We can all agree that Bitcoin mining was initially a great way to earn money, but those days are now behind us.

Mining PoW coins may no longer be profitable for individuals who don’t have access to cheap electricity or money to buy ASIC mining rigs priced at thousands of dollars.

Evolution of cryptocurrency and Proof of Stake coins

Bitcoin was indeed the first cryptocurrency, but since that time, we have observed a colossal innovation take place. As always, when the industry matures, new services and improvements crop up. 

We now have Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies, and mining is not the only way to earn crypto and more money.

Earning with PoS is similar to investing in traditional finances where investors can make their investments work for them. In short, Proof of Stake consensus allows you to make the most of your assets.

Earn crypto with “Proof of Stake” coins

Proof of Stake coins introduced a new concept of earning money through a process called staking. Holders of Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies can stake their coins to support the network and earn crypto.

The staking process happens when users keep the coin in a particular staking wallet, usually the official wallet of the cryptocurrency, or in online wallets that belong to exchanges or companies offering staking services.

The more coins you have and the longer you keep them, the higher your staking profits will be.

Staking has recently become accessible to the point that the total amount of staked cryptocurrencies has spiked to an all-time high of more than $8 billion. It means that more cryptocurrency than ever before is being staked.

Rise of ‘Proof of Stake as Service’

Along with the rising popularity of Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies, we observe increased interest in staking services. With staking services, investors can bypass the complexity of staking coins.

In addition, with staking services, they get rid of any technical problems and avoid the annoyance of having to validate transactions or manage a node in exchange for a cut of the revenue. 

MyCointainer – Evolution of Staking as a Service

MyCointainer is a leading and unique Staking as a Service platform. What is different about this service is that it offers a PoS hub-like platform. Therefore, allowing users to buy cryptocurrency, exchange it to different coins, pool staking, masternode staking. And all earnings are subject to compound interest at the same time. 

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So when you stake with MyCointainer, you get the most profit from your coins. Another important quality worth mentioning is the fact that MyCointainer is a financially regulated service.

They obtained a legal license to provide e-wallet service and Fiat to crypto transfers. What is more, all funds are protected by SAFU.

Last but not least, their safety protocols will ensure that your funds are protected at all times by multiple layers of security so that users can safely store digital assets and stake securely.

Simple Staking for everyone

The primary mission of MyCointainer is to bring the potential of the decentralized economy to the masses, make crypto investing, and earning as simple as web browsing. 

With a world-class staking rewards distribution engine, MyCointainer can support a considerable variety of PoS-based crypto assets. In addition, there are more than 50 PoS coins to choose from, and more quality coins are added each week.

Built-in cryptocurrency exchange

MyCointainer’s exchange is utilizing multiple API points to achieve the lowest prices. Therefore, you don’t have to hop between exchanges to find the best deal. Buying cryptocurrency with fiat money and coin swapping your BTC to other currencies, and vice versa was never this easy.

Other exciting features of MyContainer

So far, we have learned that MyCointainer offers increased earning potential with all-at-once staking, master node staking, compounding interest. You also can buy Bitcoin and other altcoins with Fiat money, then exchange coins to other coins… All right? No, not really. 

In addition, MyCointainer Insight, a blog-like service that is an excellent source of crypto-related information, interesting crypto guides, news about the world economy, and the blockchain. There is also a section where you will read about the most rewarding Airdrops happening currently. 

Last but not least, there is MyCointainer POWER – a subscription service that introduces cryptocurrency enthusiasts to new, interesting ways of earning money.

For a subscription of 3.90€ per month, users receive the best staking deal. Access to limited Masternodes hosted specially for subscribers and will earn 100% staking rewards. Usually, at that price, you’re able to get 1 or 2 servers on which you can host a masternode. With MyCointainer, you gain access to all of them! Also, MyCointainer will no longer collect staking fees. 

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