5 Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

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Cryptocurrency wallets offer the users a digital solution to securely store and manage blockchain assets & cryptocurrencies. Users can send, receive and trade cryptocurrencies by using crypto-wallets. So, this article will help you to know about the best five crypto wallets in UAE.

Summary: Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

FeaturesLedgerTrezorMetamaskCoinbase WalletTrust wallet
Wallet TypeHardwareHardwareSoftwareSoftwareSoftware
DeviceMobile / DesktopMobile / DesktopDesktopMobileMobile
Supported Cryptosmore than 1,800 different tokens1000+ coins and tokensAll ERC-20 tokensSupport 500+ tokens like BTC, ETH, BCH, USDC, USDT ,etc.More than 40 blockchains and 160k+ assets supported.
SecurityCertified Secure ElementPin code 24-word recoveryUses a password manager, certification levels CE and RoHs.Biometrics support, Privacy mode, Seed phrase backupSecure Enclave, biometric authentication & optional cloud backupsSeed phrases to recover funds, No identity leak, Biometric security

What are Crypto Wallets?

A crypto wallet is defined as a physical medium, device, program, or service that stores the public/ private keys for transactions of cryptocurrencies. For instance, a user buys a bitcoin. However, since bitcoins have no physical form, how will the users securely keep those bitcoins? Therefore, a crypto wallet will help in storing cryptocurrencies and digital crypto assets.

Types of Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets. But there are two most common wallets which are mentioned below:

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are physical devices used for storing cryptocurrencies. These wallets do not connect to internet-run applications. Instead, they keep your funds safe from attackers by storing your private keys in offline mode.

Types Of Bitcoin Wallets
Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Software Wallets

In contrast to hardware wallets, software wallets are non-physical programs that are downloaded on computers. Moreover, these wallets are encrypted and you own your private keys; however, completely offline hardware wallets should be preferred while storing a great number of crypto assets.

1st Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

Ledger: Hardware Wallet

Ledger wallets are one of the most popular hardware cryptocurrency wallets with more than three million+ sales and are also considered to be the best Crypto Wallets in UAE. It is made by Ledger, a company headquartered in Paris. With Ledger, you can store, secure, and manage over 1800+ crypto assets. Moreover, Ledger securely keeps the user’s private keys and offers isolation between devices and private keys.

In addition to all of that, you can also earn a passive income on your crypto assets directly through your hardware wallet. Ledger supports staking and also trading your assets directly through the Ledger Live mobile app.

5 Best Crypto Wallets In Uae
ProductsLedger Nano SLedger Nano X
MaterialIt is made of brushed stainless steel and plasticIt is made of brushed stainless steel and plastic
Bluetooth ConnectionNot supportedSupported
Color OptionsSix color optionsBlack
Is Ledger Safe?Certified Secure Element
Pin code 24-word recovery
Size56.95mm x 17.4mm x 9.1mm72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm
Compatibility64-bits desktop computer and also compatible with Android 7+ smartphones64-bits desktop computer and also compatible with smartphones
Weight16.2 g34g
Connector on productUSB Type Micro- BUSB Type-C
PriceRs.5265.00 (GST and duty not incl.)Rs.10619 (GST and duty not incl.)
ProsLedger contains a Secure Element (SE) chip that protects your private keys.
Ledger is one of the cheapest crypto wallets in the market.
Comes with the Ledger Live app.
ConsNot found any.

2nd Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

Trezor: Hardware Wallet

Trezor wallet allows you to store, send and receive your cryptocurrencies safely. It was released in 2014 by a company named SatoshiLabs, located in the Czech Republic. Also, Trezor offers two wallets, and both of them inherit the top security features. To conclude, a Trezor wallet is a larger device when compared to a ledger wallet.

5 Best Crypto Wallets In Uae
ProductsTrezor OneTrezor Model T
Display128 x 64 pixels240 x 240 pixels
Size60mm x 30mm x 6mm64mm x 39mm x 10mm
USB TypeMicro BType-C
Bluetooth ConnectionNot supportedNot Supported
DisplayMonochrome display +2 buttonsFull-color touchscreen
CompatibilitySupport all major computer operating systems on mobile devices, and Android is supportedSupport all major computer operating systems: On mobile devices, Android is supported
CPU120 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex M3) running a custom developed system.168 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M4) running a custom developed system, the Trezor Core.
Supported cryptocurrenciesSupports 1000+ cryptocurrenciesSupports 1200+ coins
PriceEUR 49EUR 159
ProsThere is an easy GUI built-in to the device and friendly application to perform your crypto transactions.
Its seamless integration with MEW (MyEtherWallet) makes ERC-20 easier and safer to store.
ConsUsers might be required to learn about new concepts such as “security seeds.”
Transaction opportunities are limited. Two-button navigation can often be tricky.

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3rd Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

Metamask: Software Wallet

MetaMask is a browser-based plugin that acts as a wallet and allows users to connect with blockchain networks like Ethereum via a browser (Also have mobile apps). Moreover, via MetaMask, users can also interact with Ethereum Dapps. What sets Metamask apart from other digital wallets is its encryption capabilities. Additionally, passwords and private keys are stored securely, with the user only needing to manage their independent seed phrase.

Wallet TypeBrowser extension
Supporting PlatformsBrowser, iOS, Android
User GuideStraightforward and easy to read Swift user on-board process
UI and VisualLight, clean and simple UI
Account ManagementOne single wallet address for different tokens in an account, a Single seed phrase for multiple private keys
Is Metamask Safe?Biometrics support, Privacy mode enabled by default- EIP-1102, Seed phrase backup
Token StorageSecurely store ETH,  ERC20 tokens (like Dai), and ERC721 tokens
ProsIt comes with an elegant interface for ease of use and smooth actions private keys kept on the browser
ConsOnly supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens “hot” wallet – safety concerns

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4th Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

Trust wallet: Software Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile-based, open-source, and multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet. Also,  Binance had made Trust Wallet its officially recommended wallet application and has absorbed some of Binance’s technology. Further, the trust wallet is effortless to use, and it’s very user-friendly, especially to non-tech-savvy users. Currently, over 5 million people are using the Trust Wallet worldwide.

Best Crypto Wallets In Uae: Trust Wallet
Best Crypto Wallets in UAE: Trust wallet
InterfaceSimple and easy to use
Accessibilitycan be accessed across mobile platforms, iOS, and android
DecentralizedHas a decentralized finance environment, Trades directly from Binance DEX
KYC RequirementNot required
Network FeesThe network fee is different depending on the coin. No additional fee is charged for using the wallet
Non- custodial walletDecentralized wallets with complete control over private keys and funds
SegWitSegmentation Witness Integrated
Is Trust wallet safe?Stores private keys, Seed phrases to recover funds, No identity leak, Biometric security
ProsTrust Wallet offers a clean and straightforward user interface (UI) that significantly enhances its usability. The wallet allows you to swap and exchange digital assets without leaving your wallet.
ConsDoes not offer two-factor authentication (2FA). 

5th Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

Coinbase: Software Wallet

The Coinbase Wallet app allows users to store and secure their crypto assets. You do not require an account on Coinbase to use the Coinbase Wallet app. Moreover, Coinbase Wallet helps users manage their private keys and store their crypto assets directly on their devices without a crypto exchange. Further, You cannot connect Coinbase Wallet to your bank account to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with US Dollars or other fiat currencies. Also, the most amazing part is you can download and use Coinbase Wallet anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the wallet is completely free to use and does not store your private keys. Coinbase is the biggest regulated trading platform in the USA, and hence you won’t be facing any security issues. You can learn more about the platform from our Coinbase review.

Coinbase Wallet
Coinbase wallet
InterfaceUser-friendly and easy to use
AccessibilityCan be accessed across the web, Android, and iOS
Supported CryptocurrencySupport 500+ tokens like BTC, ETH, USDT, UNI, LINK, BCH, USDC, LTC,etc.
Securitykeys are protected with Secure Enclave, biometric authentication & optional cloud backups
Wallet connectivityWifi
ProsIt is well funded and backed by a reputable exchange.Ability to access more digital financial instruments than just cryptocurrencies
ConsActs as a hosted wallet, so keys are stored elsewhere

Conclusion: Best Crypto Wallets in UAE

While choosing a crypto wallet, you should always look forward to the reviews of that wallet. A high-quality and secured wallet is a must to protect your crypto assets. Therefore, your crypto wallets are as safe as your devices. So, take every necessary precaution to secure your password and always store them. Unfortunately, if you lose your password, then your crypto assets are also at risk of loss. You can go with the Coinbase wallet as it has the trust of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Or you can choose the Ledger Hardware wallet, as it is the safest hardware wallet on the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Ledger device genuine?

A few simple checks can assure you that whether your device is a genuine Ledger product or not:
Origin of the Ledger product
Box contents
Condition of the recovery sheet
The initial state of the Ledger device

Is it possible to switch from my existing wallet app like Metamask, MyEtherWallet, etc., to Coinbase wallet?

Yes, it is possible. Each and every wallet makes use of a private key to secure its assets which you can easily import into the Coinbase Wallet. So you just need to look for the 12-word recovery phrase in the settings menu of your current wallet and then use that exact 12-word phrase to sign into Coinbase Wallet.

How do I install Metamask?

Go to Metamask and select from Android or iOs for mobile applications and select chrome for desktop. You can also go directly to Chrome, Google Play, or Apple App Store(Soon).

Is Trezor a good wallet?

Yes, Trezor is a reliable and trustworthy wallet in the cryptocurrency world. It is a well-known hardware wallet that serves high security and is being used by more than 1 million crypto users globally.

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