1xBit Review | Online Sports Betting Using Crypto

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Online cryptocurrency casinos have a more diverse and modern selection of games available than conventional casinos and appealing deals and free withdrawals to entice players to sign up and continue to use the site.

1xBit is a next-generation cryptocurrency gambling network that integrates sports betting with an online casino and provides a one-stop gaming experience. Crypto casinos are becoming increasingly common, and they now embrace a large variety of cryptocurrencies. This 1xBit review will examine the online casino to see how it compares to the rivalry in a rapidly expanding market for cryptocurrency casinos.

What is 1xBit?

1xBit is a cryptocurrency-based online gaming site. It currently has over three thousand games and is still growing. More interestingly, the platform offers live games such as Live Roulette and Blackjack. 1xBit is among the oldest Bitcoin casinos, which has a solid reputation in the cryptocurrency world. 1xBit has interpreted its platform with over 52 languages, and there are 24 different crypto coins available. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to use the app in your native language.

1xBit was founded in 2016 and has expanded to become one of the world’s largest crypto-betting platforms.  

However, there is much more to 1xBit than meets the eye. It is a natural progression in the online gambling industry. This is because cryptocurrencies allow you to stake anonymously. 1xBit has a lot to give any gamer in the betting world.

The platform’s most appealing feature, however, is its privacy. There is no need for KYC!

Summary (TL;DR)

  • 1xBit is a safe and reliable cryptocurrency gambling platform.
  • The platform is targeted toward sports betting.
  • It accepts 25 cryptocurrencies, cash, and online payments.
  • 1xBit supports 400+ gambling games.
  • Up to 7 BTC bonus for new 1xBit users
  • 1xBit had over 5000 slot games.
  • It has a matchless user-friendly interface.
  • 1xBit enables the operation of multi-currency accounts, this makes it easy to bet.
  • Zero deposition and withdrawal fees.
  • 1xBit allows one-click registration without having to share your personal details.

1xBit Gambling Games

The 1xBit supports 400+ gambling games and has divided these games into four categories. You can also bet on lots of different games available including politics and weather.

  • Live betting allows you to gamble on sporting events that are taking place.
  • Digital Sports allows you to gamble on automated virtual sports.
  • Slots, with over 5000 distinct slot games to choose from
  • Classic betting games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker are available in a live casino.
  • 1xGames, a collection of over 160 custom party games featuring dice games and rock paper scissors.
  • Toto pays out huge sums if you accurately guess the results of several sports matches in a row.

Is 1xBit safe?

Before depositing real money, it is essential to verify the credentials of every online Casino. 1xBit is among the most developed casinos, which have been in operation for nearly five years and have a proven track record of meeting the needs of both casino and sportsbook players.

Client reviews on social networking sites indicate that platform security is a source of great satisfaction for platform users.

The platform’s cutting-edge security mechanisms, such as SSL encryption, offer some assurance that your assets and information will be kept secure. We recognize that two-factor authentication is possible and suggest enabling it as an extra layer of security.

How to use 1xBit?

To start with 1xBit, go to their official website. Then, click Register And Get Bonus, and after completing a short captcha, you will have your very own 1xBit account!

After that, you will be assigned an account number and password automatically. You are not required to enter your email address, but we recommended you to enter your email address because the platform would otherwise sign you out if you close the window by mistake.

If you decide to enter your email, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter your email address: Fill in the form with your email address. You will get a confirmation email. To verify your email address, click the button on the email in your inbox and then follow the link.
  1. Email verification: Check your spam folder if you don’t receive your confirmation email right away. To protect yourself from potential hackers, you should now create a strong password for your account.
  1. Begin by playing: If your account is verified, you can begin depositing cryptocurrencies and playing games at the online Casino. There is a long list to select from, but keep in mind that you can just bet what you can afford.

1xBit Welcome Bonus

New 1xBit users will earn up to 7 BTC in bonuses. As you would expect, you’ll have to spend (specifically, gamble) a lot of money to get your hands on the total payout. It is worth noting that the word mBTC frequently appears on the 1xBit website. 1 mBTC is short for 0.001 Bitcoin, which is approximately 11$USD at the time of writing.

1Xbit Review | Online Sports Betting Using Crypto
1xBit Welcome Bonus

This is how the 1xBit welcome bonus functions. You must deposit at least 5 mBTC (approximately USD 55) or an equal amount of another cryptocurrency. You must then wager 40 times the amount within 30 days to receive the bonus.

The first deposit can only be up to 1 BTC. Put, to receive the 2x bonus on your first deposit of 1 BTC; you must wager 40 BTC in 30 days.

When you deposit at minimum the required sum for the second time, you will receive an extra 50% of what you deposited to bet with, up to a limit of 1 BTC. In this scenario, it would be 0.5 BTC on a maximum deposit of 1 BTC.

The third time you deposit money, you will get twice as much as you did the first time, up to 2 BTC. The fourth time, you will receive an additional 50% of what you deposited, however this time up to 3 BTC. Note that to use these bonus funds, you must wager 40 times the amount you deposited!

1xBit Review: Deposits and Withdrawals

To deposit 1xBit, click on the green Deposit button in the top left corner to bring up a screen listing all accepted cryptocurrencies.

1Xbit Deposit
1xBit deposit

Deposits and withdrawals appear to be completed on the first confirmation (at least for Bitcoin), implying that you do not have to wait more than 20-30 minutes, based on network traffic.

You can deposit cryptocurrency by clicking on it and sending it to the provided address. You can even purchase cryptocurrency via one of the payment portals. Keep in mind that the minimum deposit sum differs based on the cryptocurrency you are depositing.

Take note of the minimum withdrawal sums as well, because if you deposit too little and then change your mind, your funds can become trapped! When your funds have arrived, you can see a closed envelope next to the Deposit button.

1Xbit Withdrawal
1xBit withdrawal

When you’ve done gambling and would like to withdraw your prize money or just changed your opinion and would like to start, go to the Withdraw Funds tab on the hand side of the window.

You can withdraw in any commodity that is available to deposit with; however, keep in mind that you have to pay all winnings in Bitcoin, but you can draw any of the 25 accepted cryptocurrencies listed earlier. There is no need for a KYC to remove your winnings from 1.

Gambling on 1xBit

Before we jump to the gambling part, it is essential to discuss the promo code system below the bonus tab. Any time you put a bet in 1xBit, you win a small number of Promo Points. You can redeem these points for a variety of incentives, like free lottery tickets, free bets, free bonus games (with real-world prizes), as well as the ability to exchange your points for Bitcoin.

An Instance Of A Few Promo Codes Available On 1Xbit
An instance of a few promo codes available on 1xBit

1xBit Sports Betting

As previously mentioned, 1xBit is targeted toward sports betting. Here you can find almost every upcoming match for virtually any sport you can think of, including Gaelic Football!

You can calculate your reward by the probability of the outcome of any given matchup. See the image above. These odds are still shown at the top of the main screen, next to the countdown timer.

1Xbit Review: Sports Betting
1xBit Review: Sports Betting

In the picture above, you can see that betting on Lyon to win would result in a 1.26x return, betting on a draw will result in a 6.15x return, and betting on Dijon FCO will result in a 12x return. You’ll also see a timer for when the game starts.

Placing A Bet On 1Xbit
Placing a bet on 1xBit

If you decide where you’d like to gamble, try clicking on the event/outcome you assume will occur (Dijon FCO wins, Every team will score 2, sometimes more goals, etc.), and a panel will appear on the right side. Here, you can bet mBTC up to the maximum risk indicated.

You can also ‘automax’ your bets, which implies it will automatically put the highest bet number in mBTC (assuming you have the funds!). Or, you can select the 1 click bet option on the right-hand side (as shown in the image above), enter your stake (in mBTC), and tap away!

Virtual sports betting on 1xBit

1xBit‘s Virtual Sports tab contains things you might not have realized existed: actual virtual sports! Including virtual hockey, virtual horse racing, and virtual cockfighting, the future has arrived! Compared to the standard sports gambling tab, third-party apps run several of the virtual sports available here.

Virtual Ice Hockey In 1Xbit
1xBit Review: Virtual ice hockey

They each have their own interphases for making bets, and a few (like the hockey one above) register bets in USD rather than mBTC. Don’t worry; 1xBit always charges all incentives in BTC.

Esports in 1xBit

On 1xBit, clicking on the Esports betting tab will take you to the Esports section, accessed from the standard Sports tab.

Esport Betting
Esport betting

The same method and logic apply: click to position your bets, mention the maximum wagers and switch to the Live area of the Esports tab to bet on games currently active. Tournaments in League of Legends, Call of Duty, and other games are available for wagering.

Slots on 1xBit

At the time of publishing, 1xBit had over 5000 slot games. You can scan for slot games by the provider on the left side. This is significant for Bonus events (more on that in a second). Slot machines on 1xBit seem to calculate bets and prizes in mBTC. You can purchase spins for as little as 0.25 mBTC to as much as 100 mBTC. Some slot games, including 3D slots, are incredibly immersive and animated.

1Xbit Review: Slots Games
1xBit Review: Slots Games

Some games in 1xBit’s slots category have automatic Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Bingo. If you find a game that you like, you can Favorite it by clicking on the little star that appears when you move your mouse over it in the games tab. You can return to the game at any time by clicking on the Favorites icon on the left side, just above the Categories area.

You can enjoy up to four different slot games on the same screen at the same time. Try clicking on the other game you would like to play, and the screen will break!

1xBit Bonus Events

Bonus gambling tournaments appear from time to time. These limited-time activities usually last two weeks. You can gain points to be qualified to win up to 0.1 BTC (these are different from the Promo Code points mentioned earlier).

Users who earn the maximum bonus points in the set deadline win the reward associated with their ranking (usually top 5). Be sure to read the terms and conditions of every incentive competition thoroughly!

1xBit Live Casino

1xBit’s Live Casino provides a realistic casino feel from the comfort of your own home (or wherever else you are with your computer). This is undoubtedly one of 1xBit‘s most excellent features, as it provides hundreds of vintage live games with a natural person (usually a pretty lady) handing out the cards in real-time and HD.

Mega Roulette Game On 1Xbit
Mega Roulette game on 1xBit

A few of these live games are hosted by third parties, while 1xBit hosts the others directly. Since not all of them are active simultaneously, you can have to search for quite a while before finding a live game.

1x games on 1xBit

1xGames are casino games developed by 1xBit. There are approximately 160 games available to download at the time of writing, and new games seem to be added to the list regularly.

1Vgames On 1Xbit
1vGames on 1xbit

Unfortunately, you cannot play several games simultaneously, but all 1xGames provide additional features and promotions that you can access through a toolbar on the right-hand side. Since all 1xGames are created by 1xBit, switching between games requires less of a learning curve – most are very simplistic, and each game’s guidelines are readily available.

Toto on 1xBit

Toto on 1xBit entails accurately identifying the results of various future sporting events such as hockey and football. You cannot, of course, get what matches to bet on, but 1xBit will provide you with a list if you click on any of the sections.

Toto On 1Xbit
Toto on 1xBit

For example, if you accurately determine the outcome of 14 consecutive pre-selected basketball matches, you can win up to 23.4 BTC by betting as little as 0.10 mBTC!

Extras on 1xBit

The remainder of 1xBit’s features are grouped under the Extra tab. You’ll find a section of entirely unrelated games, tools, and helpful information here. The most significant are the Statistics and Results tabs, both of which are available from the top right-hand corner of the page regardless of where you are on the site. You can find the results of all sports matches in great detail right here. 

Regrettably, the effects on how much money you earned in betting on each game are not displayed.

1xBit Lotteries

Lotto (under the Lotteries subheading), Lottery (also under the Lotteries subheading), and Lotto Instant Win is also available on the Extra page (under the TV Games subheading).

Lotto offers you access to 25 separate lotteries, which they sort by the jackpot size in mBTC. They have listed the draw dates for each Lottery under the Play button. When you press Play and scroll down, you’ll find the rules for each Lottery.

1Xbit Review: Lotteries
1xBit Review: Lotteries

The Daily Lottery is precise.  Lotto Instant Win provides a comprehensive experience comparable to Live Casino. Some lotteries last as little as three minutes and have a maximum reward of 100 Euros (roughly 10 mBTC).

1xBit Review: Cryptocurrency Supported

Customers can gamble with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Chainlink, ZCash, Verge,  Bithsares, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, QTUM, Monero, Ripple, Dash, USD Coin, Bitcoin Gold,  Dogecoin, NEM, Tether, Dash, Stratis, Tron, True USD, Digibyte, OMG Network, Paxos Standard, and Basic Attention Token on 1xBit. You can even withdraw winnings through any of the 25 cryptocurrencies mentioned above.

1Xbit Review: Cryptocurrencies Supported
1xBit Review: Cryptocurrencies supported

1xBit Review: Customer Support

Customer service is available through both life chats and emails. Live chat typically responds quickly but is slow to assist you genuinely, or they forget about you. The team responds to emails as soon as possible.

1xBit Review: Pros and Cons

25 different cryptocurrencies are accepted.Not accessible in all countries
Massive variety of gambling games are availableThe quality of other translated language is poor
Easy and quick registration supportUnblocking welcoming bonus is a lengthy task
Various live games are available 

1xBit Review: Conclusion

The 1xBit is a revolution for both the gaming and finance industry.  The platform accepts many cryptocurrencies and their compatibility with other payment methods. Its compatibility for different modes of payment attracts a huge crowd. The availability of various types and forms of games caters to the needs of many. The mobile application for 1xBit makes it easy to bet without going through the hassle of logging into PC and thus providing a smooth gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages and countries are available on 1xBit?

This platform has Over 60 languages translated into the 1xBit platform. However, at the time of publishing, customer service was only available in English. The network does not fund certain countries due to a lack of regulatory clarification because of the Cryptocurrency industry’s evolving nature. The good news is that you can play the games if you can access the website, as unsupported countries are automatically geo-blocked.

Is it easy to use the 1xBit?

Real. The website is well-organized, with the different betting markets divided into parts. When looking for a specific game, navigating the web is easy and intuitive. The filter feature is an excellent way to find the game you want to play.

How do I purchase cryptocurrency to submit to the platform?

There are several related crypto exchanges for depositing to the 1xBit account. This figure can differ depending on the country in which you live. Since we could not validate exchange rates, it is probably best to buy your cryptocurrency until accessing the site.

Is 1xBit Safe and Legit?

1xBit is running for more than 5 years and follows good security practices. However, don’t keep too much money on the platform and never bet what you can’t afford.

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