Animesh Tripathi

Animesh Tripathi

Media Monitoring

The Top Media Monitoring Software

In today’s digital age, keeping track of what’s happening in the media can be daunting. Whether you’re a business owner, a marketer, or someone interested in staying informed, knowing what’s being said about you or your interests is essential. That’s…

10 Ways To Earn Money Using Ai

10 Ways to Earn Money Using AI

In today’s world, thinking of our lives without AI is hard. It’s in our cars, phones, and even our homes. After the release of ChatGPT, many AI tools have been released; every tool is better than the other. So, in…


Top 50+ Best Content Marketing Tools and Apps

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, a startup called “Nova” faced some big challenges. They struggled to create compelling content and get people interested in their products. But then, something amazing happened. “Nova” discovered many amazing tools and apps…


Best Expense Cards for Freelancers

Meet two friends, Harry and Ron, and start with their life’s journey. Harry had an expense card, a magical tool that made managing money like a feather. He easily swiped, tracked, and budgeted, enjoying a smooth financial adventure. Ron, however,…

Claude Ai - Better Than Gpt-4?

Claude AI – Better than GPT-4?

On 30th November, OpenAI launched its best product in the market, ChatGPT. This was a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, as ChatGPT demonstrated the ability to generate coherent and engaging conversations on various topics. The public was amazed…

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