Animesh Tripathi

Animesh Tripathi

Bard Ai Rebranded As &Quot;Gemini&Quot;

Bard AI Rebranded as “Gemini”

Last week was quite interesting in the field of AI. Many big tech players have entered the field by introducing their newly released products and patents. After the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google has been continuously launching new AI features…

Best Antivirus Software For Pc

Best Antivirus Software for PC

Suppose you buy a new PC, carefully protecting it from physical harm, ensuring it remains clean and scratched-free. But what about its internal and digital security? In today’s digital world, thousands of lurking hackers are just waiting for an opportunity…

Ai Movies

15 Best AI Movies You Must Watch

Cinema is a mirror of our imagination, reflecting the depths of human creativity and the boundless potential of technology. Directors are the dream weavers, taking abstract ideas and weaving them into the fabric of reality. In this captivating realm of…

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