Stormgain Review : Free Bitcoin, Crypto Options

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In this Stormgain review, we will discuss all of the platform’s crucial features. Stormgain, an all-new crypto trading platform that allows you to trade with zero commission fees as the platform does not charge you any fees until you gain returns. 


Stormgain Review : Free Bitcoin, Crypto Options

Detailed Summary

  • Stormgain is a UK-based crypto exchange established in 2019 and supports trading in crypto indices and tokenized assets while offering up to 300x leverage.
  • Furthermore, Stormgain offers free crypto trading signals to all its users.
  • You can also practice your trades and strategies in the demo account of Stormgain.
  • Besides all this, Stormgain offers an exceptional feature of bitcoin mining. You can earn free bitcoin every 4 hours by deploying the new miner feature.
  • It also has six different types of built-in wallets.
  • You can even earn extra benefits by participating in its affiliate or referral program.
  • Stormgain does not charge commission fees on trading. You only have to pay a fee when you earn profits on the platform.
  • It is a secure crypto trading platform with an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile interface.

What is Stormgain?

Stormgain was established in 2019 with headquarters situated in the UK, London. The platform is a member of the blockchain association and has gained tremendous popularity in a short period. Furthermore, the exchange offers various new and exciting features like Bitcoin mining, in which you can earn free bitcoin every four hours. Also, you can leverage up to 300x on your trading positions at Stormgain. Besides this, the platform is an official crypto trading partner of S.S. Lazio, a famous professional sports club based in Rome.

To Earn Free Bitcoin

Products by Stormgain

The platform offers various products; let’s try and understand what it has to offer:

  • Demo account: You can practice your trades and get a fair idea of how exactly things work at Stormgain’s using its demo account. You can also go through the Video education section to learn about various features offered at Stormgain.
  • Built-in crypto wallet: Stormgain has its built-in crypto wallet. You can open trades using any of the nine crypto-assets and avoid additional fees/ charges. Also, it helps you in accessing and managing funds on the app itself. Furthermore, if you wish to HODL assets for a long time, then you can earn interest on them using the Ledger Live app.
  • Bitcoin Faucet/ Bitcoin mining: Stormgain came up with its cloud bitcoin mining feature. In this, you mine or earn free bitcoins rather than the traditional crypto mining that requires complex equipment. Furthermore, you can log into your Stormgain account, click on the miner tab, and start your mining program to earn free Satoshi (one Satoshi is one hundred millionth part of bitcoin) every four hours. You can then use these assets to trade on Stormgain, and any profits earned will be directly transferred into your wallet. 

Earn Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin mining
  • Affiliate program – If you have a good network, you can even join the Stormgain affiliate program by filling a google form. In turn, you can earn multiple profits on the platform. 
  • Referral bonus – Refer your friends and stand a chance to win 15% of referrals withdrawn USDT earned after using the free bitcoin miner.
  • Loyalty Programme – You can earn more interest by participating in the loyalty program. The loyalty program was developed to provide more favorable terms for clients with high trading volumes. The specific terms enjoyed shall be determined based on the Client’s status. For more information, visit the Stormgain Loyalty program.

Stormgain Review: Mobile App

Stormgain has its mobile application available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, the application has an intuitive and fast user interface. Besides this, all the options and features of trading are available on the app. Also, it is convenient to go with an app rather than the website when deploying the mining feature. 

Stormgain Review: Mobile App
Stormgain Review: Mobile App

Stormgain Review: Trading Options

Stormgain offers various trading options across multiple trading pairs. We shall have a brief overview of the different trading options- 

  • Crypto indices- Consider the crypto index as a basket of several crypto assets. This basket helps in advancing your portfolio without confronting a more significant risk appetite. You can invest in such crypto indices on Stormgain. As of August 2021, the platform offers 3, 5 and 10 crypto indexes under one basket.
  • Leverage trading- Stormgain also allows its users to leverage up to 300x on their positions. However, while leverage trading brings opportunities for high returns, it also comes with very high chances of losses. Hence, beginners should always stay away from leveraged trades.

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Stormgain Market Tab
Stormgain market tab

How to use Stormgain?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started on Stormgain:

  • First of all, go to the official website of Stormgain and click on the get started button.
  • Further, enter your email and phone number and hit the register button.
  • Thereafter, complete your KYC by uploading the necessary documents.
  • Now you have to deposit some funds into your Stormgain’s wallet or buy some via your debit card or bank account transfer.
  • Under the Deposit tab, select a wallet and click on buy crypto via credit card or debit card.
  • After that, select the crypto assets you want to buy and hit the buy button.
  • Finally, click on the trade tab and trade in various crypto assets with up to 300x leverage. 
Sign-Up To Stormgain
Sign-up to Stormgain

What are Stormgain Crypto trading signals?

Stormgain offers free trading signals based on the technical analysis of professional traders. Furthermore, you can access the settings to alter take profit and stop-loss orders to curb risk. Moreover, it helps you completely automate your trading while giving minimal time to market research

Even we offer premium crypto trading signals through our CoinCodeCap Classic telegram channel. You can even automate our crypto signals using the Cornix trading bot.

Try Our Primium Crypto Signals

Tokenized assets at Stormgain

The Tokenization of assets is a process where an individual or an entity creates a digital token on a blockchain. Furthermore, the token derives its value from an underlying parent asset which can either be digital or physical. Furthermore, Stormgain tokenizes commodities (Gold and Silver) and stocks (Tesla, Google, Amazon, etc.).

Stormgain Review : Free Bitcoin, Crypto Options

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Stormgain Review: Crypto Options

What are Crypto Options?

Crypto Options are derivative instruments that allow you to take returns from the price fluctuations of the underlying digital assets without actually owning the asset. Furthermore, on trading with crypto options, you’ll be taking returns or losses as per the price difference between the current market price and the price when you opened the position. 

For example, let’s say you predict that the price of bitcoin will go up from $40,000 to $41,000. If you trade in the spot market, you’ve just made a 2.5% profit on your investment. However, now let’s say with the same capital you’ve invested in 1,000 call options, each costing $40.

Now let’s assume that the price of the options increases by 5x. Therefore, if you were to sell all your crypto options at a new price of $200 (5×40) and you’ll get $200,000 for the same investment of $40,000, which is almost a 500% return. However, all of the above assumptions can go wrong, and you can lose your entire capital.

Hence, always trade with caution and proper information in crypto options; you can learn more from our in-depth article on futures trading.

What are Stormgain Crypto Options?

Stormgain provides you an opportunity to trade on a variety of crypto options. You can find the list of available crypto assets from the Options market at Stormgain. You can begin trading on crypto options as it provides an opportunity to gain significant returns in a comparatively short time. However, it comes with increased risks; hence, beginners or even intermediate traders are advised to avoid crypto options trading.

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Stormgain Review : Free Bitcoin, Crypto Options

Stormgain Review: Fees

The platform charges zero trading fees from its users. That is, you can open and close trading positions without any charges. However, you have only to pay when you generate profit on the platform and 10% of your total profit earned is charged as fees.

Stormgain Review : Free Bitcoin, Crypto Options

All over, there are no deposit fees until you use debit/ credit cards. After that, a withdrawal fee is applicable depending on the assets you choose. Also, a commission is chargeable while using Stormgain’s exchange. You can look into the details in the Stormgain Fees section.

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Stormgain Review : Free Bitcoin, Crypto Options

Stormgain Safe?

Stormgain holds a fine reputation in the market and has not confronted any security threats to date. Furthermore, the exchange has 2FA security verification and also KYC verification. In short, Stormgain is a safe, secure, and fully legit crypto trading platform.

Customer support

Stormgain has a vast knowledge base that might have answers to a majority of your queries. Also, in case of any critical issues, you can describe your problem with all the necessary details under the help & support section and ping the support team. Thus, your query will be solved as soon as possible. Furthermore, the platform provides an option to mail your queries on [email protected], and in case of emergencies, you can call +1-844-584-7390.

Stormgain Review: Pros & Cons


  • It charges no fees on trading until you make a profit.
  • Stormgain offers six types of built-in wallets.
  • Leverage up to 300x on your positions.
  • Earn free bitcoins from the new miner feature.


  • Stormgain does not support the US and Canada
  • Does not support crypto to fiat exchange yet.
  • A limited number of crypto assets are supported.

Tormgain Review: Conclusion

Stormgain presents an excellent opportunity for all traders to enjoy some one-of-a-kind features such as miner, tokenized assets, crypto options, etc. Moreover, it also offers six different built-in wallets, eliminating the need to wander around to find a suitable wallet. Also, beginners can deploy video tutorials and free crypto signals for gaining returns while learning about the platform. Besides this, features like crypto indices which allow you to invest in a basket of various crypto assets, can be great alternatives for diversifying the portfolio. 

Furthermore, Stormgain supports leverage opportunities of up to 300x. Apart from this, you can get started on the platform by just following a few simple steps. You can also use crypto options to gain significant returns. However, crypto options are prone to high market risks. Therebefore, be sure and do your own research (DYOR) before opening any position in the crypto options market. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the official crypto trading partner of Stormgain?

S. S. Lazio is an Italian professional sports club based in Rome. Furthermore, the club is the official cryptocurrency trading partner of Stormgain.

2. Do you get any bitcoin bonus at Stormgain?

Stormgain offers a digital bitcoin mining feature where you can earn satoshis every 4 hours.

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