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Luna Token Market Analysis December 2021

Luna Token Market Analysis December 2021

The Tera network has two coins, mainly their native token LUNA and the other stable coin UST. Luna’s coins market capitalization is around 25 billion dollars, with the current price sitting at 65.63 dollars which was around 40$ around November.…

$Mana Token Market Analysis December 2021

$MANA Token Market Analysis December 2021

Decentraland is a metaverse project, which saw an increase in the market cap. It’s coin, $MANA’s value multiplied 5 to 10 times. What is Decentraland? Decentraland is a virtual reality decentralized platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain where the…

Sand Market Analysis 2021 November

Sand Market Analysis 2021 November

The NFT gaming industry is developing and putting more and more resources into their gaming project developed for blockchain and metaverse. Sandbox is a metaverse game that is suddenly gaining popularity, and its token name is $Sand.The Sand coin suddenly…

Cro Market Analysis November 2021

CRO Market Analysis November 2021

The CRO is’s token which popped onto the internet suddenly from nowhere from 0.2103 to 0.7409, and at an all-time high, it was at 0.9648. What is the CRO coin? CRO is the name of the token for…

Gala Price Prediction [November 2021]

Gala Market Analysis November 2021

Gala is the name of their in-game token used to play their NFT based game. The price of 1 gala token sits around 0.628$ with a whopping market cap of 4.3 billion$. Moreover, it was around 0.0861$ and with a…

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