Gala Market Analysis November 2021

Gala is the name of their in-game token used to play their NFT based game. The price of 1 gala token sits around 0.628$ with a whopping market cap of 4.3 billion$. Moreover, it was around 0.0861$ and with a market cap above 500 million$.

From there, it just multiplied within two weeks.

Gala Market Analysis November 2021

Gala Games has a blockchain-based nft game that players should enjoy and have fun with without being a blockchain expert. They have around a 1.3million active users on their platform. Gala is not about one single game. Instead, they have built an ecosystem where you can find various games available in their portfolio.

Gala Games
Gala Games

What are Gala Games?

They have different types of games available on their platform. However, only two playable games are available now.

  • Town star
  • Spider tanks

Games that are under R&D and can be seen soon live are

  • Mirandus
  • Echoes of empire
  • Fortified

My favorite on the list is Mirandus, and I can’t wait to play the game when it launches.

Gala Token Analysis

It has a total supply as per coin market cap of 35,240,112,493, and the current price sits around $0.74 (at the time of writing) with a market cap of 4 billion $ which is going to grow and looking at the gaming market, which is has a potential to produce around 100 billion dollars. So Gala also has a great chance of increasing its market cap. Moreover, limiting the total supply to only 35 Billion Gala, it is evident that the project is aiming for a long run.

Gala Price Prediction

It broke out the bullish pennant and showed good bullish momentum for a further move upside. Further, as it is already pumped a lot (which it still is, Up by more than 70% in a day). Therefore, the best thing to do here is to DCA and keep buying as the price goes up. Further, don’t forget to take profits when you believe a correction is coming. Further, seeing the rallies on SAND and MANA, GALA seems to be aiming for the same levels. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, if we aim for $5 in the perspective of this bull run.

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Gala Price Prediction
Gala Price Prediction

The project looks great and has excellent potential to grow but before investing or making any move, research it and then invest in it. Moreover, after NFTs it’s time for gaming and metaverse to continue the legacy of rising to the moon. Therefore, here we are, diving into the gaming world.

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Nothing in this article is financial advice, and you should only invest in the market you believe is suitable for your portfolio.

Kaushal Mandal
Kaushal Mandal


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