CRO Market Analysis November 2021

The CRO is’s token which popped onto the internet suddenly from nowhere from 0.2103 to 0.7409, and at an all-time high, it was at 0.9648.

Cro Market Analysis November 2021
CRO Market Analysis November 2021

What is the CRO coin?

CRO is the name of the token for with a market cap of 18 billion dollars which was around 5 billion dollars. It multiplied from there by three times approx which was huge for the exchange with 30,263,013,692 total coin supply, and due to it, there was a change in the rankings of CRO coin, and it is ranked 13 as per coin market cap stats.

CRO Token Analysis

The main reason behind the pump of the coin is they made a deal worth 700 million dollars naming right for the stadium LA Lakers home, and now it would be called

The CRO doubled its market cap and was at 18 positions. It was one of the biggest deals for naming rights in sports history. This made headlines, and it was everywhere in the news. Now it is at the thirteenth position and soon will move upwards looking at the trend.

CRO Price Prediction

CRO recently broke out the symmetrical triangle and is currently in good support. Therefore, we can expect an excellent bullish move from it moving further in this bull run.

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Cro Price Prediction
CRO Price Prediction

It has a great future if they are expanding in the same phase due to more and more people seeing cryptocurrency as an investment, and even the crypto market is expected to grow as more countries accept it. So before investing or taking any step, please research the market and trends, then only invest.

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Nothing in this article is financial advice, and you should only invest in the market you believe is suitable for your portfolio.

Kaushal Mandal
Kaushal Mandal


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