BitKan Review : A Crypto Exchange With Free Trading Bots

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BitKan is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a track record of 8 years of stable and secure operations. Hence, in this BitKan review, we’d guide you through the platform and all of its features, including trading bots.

Detailed Summary

  • BitKan is a popular crypto exchange that was established in November 2012.
  • Moreover, BitKan supports spot trading and also allows trading in futures. 
  • Apart from this, the platform also has its in-house crypto trading bot with various trading strategies to automate your trades.
  • BitKan also hosts a news section on its official site consisting of all the latest news related to the crypto industry and its platform.
  • It also supports peer-to-peer exchange, which allows selling crypto assets directly to the buyer.
  • Moving ahead, it also has a mobile app for both android and iOS devices. The app is available for the BitKan Pro version and has recently integrated a wallet.
  • Furthermore, the platform has its official token known as KAN. As a result, you are eligible for several benefits, such as up to 30% referral rebates on hodling KAN in your wallet.
  • The platform charges low trading fees. Also, it has a decent customer support and is completely legit. 

What is BitKan?

BitKan is a cryptocurrency exchange founded back in 2013. The platform offers various trading features like Spot trading, Futures trading, crypto trading bots, etc. Besides this, its android and iOS application also functions well as a crypto wallet. Furthermore, BitKan has recently partnered with to bring deeper liquidity to its spot market.

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Trading Options at BitKan

Stormgain offers various trading options across multiple trading pairs. We shall have a brief overview of the different trading options- 

  • Spot Market: In spot trading, you buy and sell crypto assets for instant delivery. The Spot order provides various order modes such as market order, limit order, Iceberg, TWAP, etc. Furthermore, you can buy/ sell holdings at the best available price through the market order. Or you can use a limit order to pre-set the buying or selling price.
Bitkan Spot Market
BitKan Spot Market
  • BitKan futures: While trading in futures, you pay for the asset for a specified price in future. Moreover, BitKan supports 200+ USDT perpetual contract trading pairs. You can even trade these perpetual futures contracts on several exchanges. Also, for functioning on multiple businesses through BitKan, you just need one KYC with the platform. However, Bikan Futures trading is accessible only through the mobile app.
Bitkan Futures
BitKan Futures
  • BitKan P2P: You can use BitKan P2P for direct selling or buying of USDT, BTC, and ETH. Moreover, you can select the buyer/ seller from the available list, choose the payment method and move ahead with a Peer-to-Peer exchange. However, Bitkan P2P is presently available only in some countries.
Bitkan P2P
BitKan P2P

Try The Bitkan P2P Now!

BitKan review: Features & Products

  • Crypto Trading Bots by BitKan:  The platform also supports an in-house Free Crypto trading bot that helps in automating the trades. Furthermore, the platform offers various Grid trading bots such as the Infinite Grid, Two-way Grid, Rebalancing, etc.
  • Multi Security on Wallet: The platform has a multi-security wallet that supports all major crypto assets like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. Also, the wallet is highly secured and is safe to use.
  • Flash execution: You can combat the market’s volatility with a smart iceberg and limit orders at BitKan.
  • Monitor your mining: The mining feature at BitKan provides an overview of the average seven days hashrate, date to next difficulty, blocks to next difficulty, and average block size of the past 7 days. Furthermore, you can connect your monitor by selecting the mining pool, entering a custom name and access code.
Bitkan Mining
BitKan Mining
  • Community and news: BitKan has a vast community that is a centre of attraction for leading blockchain projects, currency circles, self-media, etc. You can join the community for learning and growing with other crypto enthusiasts. Apart from this, BitKan also has a news section that hosts real-time information trends in blockchain and digital currency industries.
  • K-site: It is a specific section of BitKan for all the crypto users to share their opinions, knowledge, and thoughts on various topics with other fellow users. Moreover, you might find professionals like Willy Woo in the BitKan K-site section. You can even access the K-site directly from your mobile app.
Bitkan K-Site
BitKan K-site

Join The K-Site

The BitKan token (KAN)

KAN is an official token issued by BitKan. There are several advantages of HODLing the KAN token as it allows you to earn up to a 30% rebate on your invitee trading fees. Furthermore, you’re eligible for UPTO 34% OFF on your trading fees by using KAN.

Bitkan Token (Kan)
BitKan token (KAN)

BitKan review: Free Crypto Trading bot

BitKan also supports its crypto trading bot to automate the trading strategies and save the time of its users. Initially, you can deploy the AI recommendations inside the bot dashboard, which are already backtested. Besides this, BitKan supports various form grid trading bots like the infinite grid, two-way grid, etc. 

Furthermore, the platform offers a rebalancing bot and aims to bring many more bots to their users. You can learn more from our guide to Bitkan Trading Bot.

Try The Free BitKan Trading Bot

Bitkan Trading Bot
BitKan Trading Bot

BitKan App

Well, the platform supports a mobile application for the BitKan Pro version. Also, the app is available for both Android and iOS. It has a user-friendly interface but can be overwhelming for beginners. Some of the core features the app supports include a wallet, real-time prices, trading bots, Swap, Futures trading, etc. Besides this, the app also supports the news section and mining option. Moreover, you can top up your account through the P2P marketplace.

Also, you can invite your friends to register for an account on BitKan and enjoy up to a 30% rebate on holding KAN. However, the Google Play store blocked the BitKan Pro app, so you’d have to download the APK and then install it manually.

Download The App Now!

Bitkan Pro App
Bitkan Pro App

How to use BitKan?

You can follow the below steps to get started with BitKan:

  • First, head over to the official website of BitKan.
  • After that, click on the sign-up button in the top right.
  • Now, enter your email address and password to create an account.
  • Next, verify and log into your account. Then head over to the Portfolio section and click on deposit.
  • Thereafter, select the funds you wish to deposit and scan the code to complete the transaction. 
  • Furthermore, if you wish to buy using FIAT, head over to the security section and set up a security password.
  • After that, go to the P2P dashboard, select the seller with the best offer and proceed with the payment.
  • Finally, once funds are available, you can trade in the spot or futures market or even deploy the trading bot, preventing you from missing any market opportunities.
Deposit Funds In Bitkan
Deposit Funds in BitKan

How to use the BitKan app?

  • First of all, log into the desktop version and add a mobile number to your BitKan account
  • Then, download the APK file of the app for your device and log in with your mobile number. 
  • Once logged in, you can go to the Funds section to deposit funds.
  • Deposit crypto assets through the Waller Transfer or Deposit option and FIAT through the Top-up option.
  • Finally, head over to the Trade tab and select the market you wish to invest in.
Using Bitkan Trading Bot
Using BitKan Trading Bot

Is BitKan safe to use? 

BitKan is definitely safe to use as it is a well-established crypto trading platform that is completely legit. The platform uses various measures to secure your data which includes 2FA authorisation, KYC, etc. The platform also requires you to set up a security password, without which you would not be able to trade, deposit funds, or withdraw funds. Besides this, it deploys node physical isolation with the private key to ensure extra security to its customers. However, since the app is banned from the play store, you should always make sure that you’re downloading it from the official website, else it might contain bugs.

BitKan review: Fees

BitKan charges very low trading fees, which is based on a tiered system starting from 0.1%. Furthermore, you can reduce this fee to up to 0% by reaching VIP Level 9. Moreover, if you cannot increase your trading volume to such an extent, you can instead use KAN and enjoy UPTO 34% per cent off on your trading fees. Moreover, the in-house trading bots are entirely free to use for traders at BitKan. For detailed information, you can visit the official fees page of BitKan.

Bitkan Fees
BitKan Fees

Customer Support at BitKan

You can visit the help centre of BitKan in case you need any help from the platform. The help centre consists of FAQs, user guides, announcements, etc. However, if your queries remain unsolved, you can leave a message describing your issue in the live chat option inside the help centre. The live chat option is located at the bottom right corner under the help section.

Bitkan Support
BitKan Support

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BitKan review: Pros & Cons


  • The platform charges very low trading fees.
  • Enables Futures trading and P2P for FIAT deposits.
  • Provides in-house free crypto trading bot and wallet.
  • Vast community and supports real-time markets with various chart technical analysis tools.


  • Couldn’t find any.

BitKan review: Conclusion

BitKan is a famous crypto trading platform; founded back in 2013, and since then, it has held records of massive success. Moreover, the exchange supports various trading options like futures, spots, etc. Also, the platform supports an in-house crypto trading bot that allows you to automate your trades completely. 

Apart from this, the mining options help you in monitoring your machine anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, all over the exchange assists you in trading smartly while accessing the best crypto prices across the markets. Moreover, the platform provides an extra layer of security by asking you to create a Security password used for trading, withdrawals, password retrieval and security settings. Finally, you can simply download the APK file of the BitKan app to get started on your mobile phone.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to download the BitKan Pro app?

You can directly download the BitKan Pro app from Playstore or App store. Moreover, you can also download the APK file from the official website. However, you should make sure that you’re downloading the file only through the official website.

2. How to set up the security password in BitKan?

You can log into your BitKan account and head over to the security dashboard to set up the security password. After that, make sure you’ve added a phone number to your account, and click on the “Enable” button across the security password.

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