CoinCommute Review | Read this Before Signing Up!

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CoinCommute is a cloud-based crypto exchange platform that allows you to buy and sell many cryptocurrencies. In addition, CoinCommute platform engaged cryptocurrencies are secured and backed by a risk guarantee fund. In this article, we will review CoinCommute and bring all possible details.


  • CoinCommute is a cloud-based crypto exchange platform.
  • The platform charges GST tax and transaction fee both.
  • To list crypto in CoinCommute, users must send all details to their official mail. No other method is available.
  • Safe to use.
  • Need to be careful while sending money to their QR for buying crypto.

What is CoinCommute?

CoinCommute provides a platform to buy cryptocurrencies and create a crypto portfolio. It works on both web browsers and mobile apps. Their refer and earn offer makes it more attractive as they offer users $10 worth of cryptocurrencies.

Coincommute Review

CoinCommute Review: Features

As CoinCommue offers to buy and list, we will list some of its features that will help you understand all about CoinCommute.

  1. Deposit: Users will have to send money to their mentioned UPI QR code with their details, i.e. USER ID and contact details. In case any difficulties occurred. The amount sent in mentioned QR will be converted into USDT coins and can buy all listed Crypto. 
Coincommute Review | Read This Before Signing Up!
QR code to send money
  1. API Documentation: CoinCommute’s API documentation is available on
  2. Privacy Policy: CoinCommute policies regarding users personal information assure that they take care of it. Users must click on the agreement to confirm the site can collect their information. For ID verification, they collect bank account details. They mention the retention and use period of everything they collect.
  3. Listing: To list crypto in CoinCommute, the user must send information to the website’s mailbox. The information must include token name, Introduction, ERC20 token address, security report and contact information. CoinCommute’s team will contact you as soon as they receive the application.
Coincommute Review | Read This Before Signing Up!
Products and services

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CoinCommute Review: Fee Structure

CoinCommute charges an extra GST charge as well as transaction fees.CoinCommute  

Doesn’t have any platform-specific transaction fee. They haven’t mentioned anything extra in their platform regarding fees.  

Is CoinCummute safe?

CoinCommute is safe to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While sending money to their QR code, users need to be attentive. The privacy policy of CoinCommute is mentioned in their platform. Some major points to notice from their policies are mentioned below.

  1. CoinCommute mentions the usage of every detail collected by the user for clarification.
  2. Retention period of every document and information is mentioned like payment records are retained for 5 years, contrat or withdrawal of subscription is 5 years.
  3. The Company, pursuant to Article 29 of the Personal Data Protection Act, has the following technical, administrative and physical measures to ensure safety.

 Users can believe CoinCommute in terms of privacy and security. They have established themself in the market as of now and can be trusted. However, beginners can choose another platform to start crypto trading.

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CoinCommute Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Strong privacy policies.Transaction fee as well as GST.
Most of the cryptocurrencies are available.Payment using UPI QR code needs to be improved.
Refer and earn policy offers crypto worth $10.


CoinCommute is an excellent platform to create your own portfolio of cryptocurrencies used by many users. Although sometimes users won’t prefer it because of the payment process. As users need to send money and wait for a response from the team to respond and the same for listing crypto, beginners don’t prefer CoinCommute. People who have been in the market for a long time choose this. Other features are as good as other trading platforms, and we can prefer CoinCommute for trading. Hope you got all the required info and cleared your doubts. 


Frequently Asked Question

  • What is CoinCommute?
  • CoinCommute is a cloud platform for exchanges and trading.

  • What are the fees deducted by CoinCommute?
  • CoinCommute charges a transaction fee and GST.

  • How is money added to the CoinCommute user’s profile?
  •  As soon as the team receives money, they convert the amount to USDT coins, and it reflects in the user’s account. 

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