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RevenueBot is a software that uses the API keys to automate trading on crypto exchanges. The platform allows us to use numerous bots simultaneously, allowing us to trade multiple crypto pairs. Let’s have a deeper look at this RevenueBot review.

Features Rating 
Platform Reliability8/10
Ease of Investment9/10
Platform Pricing9/10
Customer Support7/10
Exchanges Supported9/10
Security 8/10

What is a Trading Bot?

Trading bots are designed to automate your trading strategy, so you don’t have to stick to the screen all the time. Furthermore, crypto bots are efficient and restless in providing returns to you while you’re spending some quality time with your family.

Further, since these are automated emotionless software, they only do what they are programmed to; hence, they are very handy in situations where a human can easily panic and make a wrong decision.

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What is RevenueBot?

RevenueBot is a platform designed for automating users’ trading on cryptocurrency exchanges with the help of API keys. The platform operates based on the Martingale betting system, i.e., only one good trade is needed to turn your portfolio around. In addition, you can either create your bot from scratch or copy the already excellent performing bots at the platform.

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Furthermore, you can run multiple bots simultaneously and thus trade various cryptocurrency pairs at the same time on one or different cryptocurrency exchanges. This bot works from the “cloud”, and it eliminates the need to install the software on your 

computer and leave it turned on so that the bot can operate uninterrupted. 

Revenuebot Review

RevenueBot Review: Features

  • Moreover, this platform provides users with a marketplace to buy or sell their bot configuration. The marketplace is full of proven bot configurations with entire statistics of its operation within a chosen timeframe.
  • If the user is a new bee to the platform, they can also purchase the mentoring service to find themselves a mentor and receive personalised help from an experienced user of their platform. The user also can choose their mentors from the marketplace, which also displays the mentor history.
  • You’re also eligible to claim a bonus through the referral program. On referring to your friends or social followers, you’ll be entitled to 30% of the platform’s earnings.
  • RevenueBot offers taxonomy to make the user comfortable working with statistics. Further, each bot is entitled to multiple tags, which can further help filter statistics output by the required tags.

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Revenuebot Taxonomy
RevenueBot Taxonomy

RevenueBot Review: User Interface

  • RevenueBot is a straightforward platform and easy to navigate.
  • RevenueBot takes a lot of measures to make its platform easy to use. One of the features among the measures is the “Quick Start Menu”, which simplifies the creation of the bot for the users without doing a lot of fine-tuning. 
  • The QuickStart menu offers the users a lot of hints and recommendations. All that the user is supposed to do is set the most necessary and understandable settings, and the rest all becomes automated, which is suitable for most cases. 
  • The user is kept informed of every crucial decision that the bot takes on the user’s personal account, by email, by SMS, and in Telegram. 
  • Since the bots might be overwhelming for beginners, the platform has introduced trading templates.

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RevenueBot Trading Templates

The three types of templates are normal mode, low-risk mode, and aggressive mode.

  1. The normal template mode is for cases where the volatility is not high and does not take a lot of time to get used to managing the bot’s work. 
  2. Low-risk trading mode is suitable to make a small profit and requires minimal control of the bot’s work. This model implies that a small part of the user’s deposits are involved in trading, implying that the profits are also small. 
  3. The Aggressive trade mode allows us to take the highest risk, which might eventually come with higher returns.

RevenueBot: Trading Strategy 

Revenue Bot has helped the user automate trading with the help of the following:

  • Algorithm long where in accordance with the start conditions and settings, the bot will first sell the crypto it buys at a higher price and only then purchase more. 
  • Algorithm Short was in accordance with the start conditions and settings; it works the other way around where the bot first sells cryptocurrency, which is brought at a lower price. 
  • This platform uses a grid of safe orders where the user is supposed to have a certain amount of deposit in their account, which the bot uses in parts and traded in a precalculated method. It helps in efficient average trade entries and profit from price changes. 
  • If the volatility of the trading pair is low and the price does not change, then the bot is forced to remain idle. For bots to not be idle, the platform implements the volatility analyser developed by them, which switches the trading pair and identifies the best trading pair, which is profitable trade and automatically assigns it to the bot and increases the number of profitable trades.
  • You can also use signals from the TradingView. 
  • Moreover, the platform provides another excellent feature called the “Bot Simulation Mode”, where you can verify the bot’s settings and check for inaccuracies. It helps you test the strategy on a 60-day timeframe using historical data. 
  • Further, the platform hedges your risks by activating a second bot in case the market goes against your trading strategy.
  • RevenueBot offers a trailing stop mechanism to maximise income.

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RevenueBot: Security 

  • All the funds of the users are stored in their accounts on respective cryptocurrency exchanges. Further, RevenueBot uses API Keys to automate your trades.
  • This platform also offers two-factor authentication to protect user accounts. 
Revenuebot Review | A Must Read!
RevenueBot Security

RevenueBot: Pricing 

  • RevenueBot does not charge any commission or fees for using their bots. Instead, RevenueBot trades funds already in the user’s account on the exchange. 
  • All the services of the platform are absolutely free until the bot earns the user their first income. The platform charges a fee of 20% from the profits the user makes while trading but not more than 50USD per calendar month for every type of trade that the platform offers, including SPOT, Futures USDS-M, and Futures Coin-M. 
  • Users with small deposits are not required to pay a monthly fee every month and charge a commission on the income received. On the other hand, users with large deposits for the initial days of a new month collect commission write-offs for a maximum of 50 USD and are not required to pay any commissions till the end of the month.
Revenuebot Pricing
RevenueBot Pricing

RevenueBot: Customer care

The user can reach out to the platform by raising a ticket or emailing them. Furthermore, the user can also find them on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. A separate section is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions in case of if the user is facing any doubts.

Revenuebot: Customer Care
RevenueBot: Customer Care

RevenueBot: Exchange Compatibility

Revenue Bot supports a number of cryptocurrencies which include the following:


The deposits of these cryptocurrencies will automatically turn into BTC when the deposit is made at the current exchange rate. In addition, it provides the trading bots for the following platforms: 

  • Trading bot for Binance
  • Trading bot for EXMO
  • Trading bot for FTX Futures
  • Trading bot for Poloniex
  • Trading bot for Kucoin
  • Trading bot for OKEx

RevenueBot: Pros and Cons 

There is no commission or fee charged for using the bots. RevenueBot is available only in two languages.
It has a referral program with which the users can maximize their income.User Interface might not be too intuitive for beginners.
RevenueBot also provides a knowledge base and blogs to its users. 
The bots are versatile with different settings. 


RevenueBot is a very attractive source of passive income. Further, it is versatile with different settings according to the choice and needs of the user. It would make the user’s experience of transitioning from manual to automated trading easy and help you earn decent returns. Further, this platform provides users with various features and functions with no commission or fee.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is RevenueBot safe? 

Yes, RevenueBot is entirely safe to use as all of your funds stay at your preferred crypto exchange. Further, the bot automates your trades using API keys, such that nobody has withdrawal rights to your funds.

Q. What are the Referral program benefits that the user can get? 

 The user will be entitled to 30% of the earnings they have received from the users they have attracted. 

Q. How can the user reach out to the platform?

The user can reach out to the platform by raising a ticket or emailing them. A separate section is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions in case of if the user is facing any doubts.

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