CBET Review: Must Read Before Playing Crypto Betting Games!

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Cbet is an online gaming and casino platform for investors to play (gamble) and win crypto. Further, it is one of the best crypto casinos in the market as it provides a series of games such as E-Sports, virtual sports, live casinos, etc. Hence here’s a Cbet review that can help you win prizes and bonuses by playing games and gambling.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Cbet is an online betting platform where you may bet on a variety of sports and events.
  • Further, you can win UPTO 10 free flights or 200 EUR Welcome Bonus.
  • You can play various games such as Sports Betting, Live Casino, Casino, JetX, BankX, etc.
  • The platform also has it’s own cryptocurrency, the CBET token.
  • $CBET tokens are community-run tokens that can be used to play various games and to hover around other things on cbet.gg.
  • The token is a BEP-20 and has some amazing features like flash loans, on-chain staking, and monthly supply burns to name a few.

What is Cbet?

Cbet is an online betting platform where you will get many betting events and more than 5000 gaming products. E-Sports, virtual sports, live casinos, and betting are some of the prominent features of this platform. Cbet casino is the global pioneer in online casinos.

Their services are truly the best serving millions with transparent casinos all around the world. In addition to its unique products, Cbet also provides its clients with reliable and dependable customer service.

Launched in July 2019, Cbet was launched with a vision to provide an excellent service to the players in search of the perfect gambling partner. Over its short period of the run, the platform has proved to be the best, most trustworthy, and transparent online casino, according to its user’s reviews.

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Cbet Money Review
CBET Money Review

Cbet Review: Games

Here are some of the betting events you can partake in at Cbet:

  • Sports Betting- With Cbet, you can bet on currently trending sports and stand a chance to earn fortunes. They let you bet on Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, and Hockey to name a few.
  • Live Betting- Live betting constitutes a prominent of Cbet as Live betting provides excellent value if you can spot comebacks (or blowouts) before it becomes obvious that they’ll happen. It keeps the user more engaged.
Live Betting
Live Betting
  • Live Casino- Cbet also offers live casinos providing more than 150 different live casino spots to choose from and play in real-time. Roulette, Wheelspin, monopoly and others are the top-rated games on their live casino.
  • Casino- The best thing about the casino section is that it’s dead easy to use. Even if you’re someone who has no experience in such an environment, you can quickly figure out how everything works. Choose among more than 3500 games to play this online casino which is at par with its game in the online gambling world.
  • BankX- This latest game is going sensational among its users. Three bet choices are available for you. Play with friends, if everyone puts a coin, you get more chances to see it explode after yours. The last one to bet has the total in cash!
  • JetX- JetX is an arcade looking slot game that was created by SmartSoft Gaming. This is an exclusive feature that you can only find here, and it allows you to win money quickly. In order to play with this feature, you have to place a stake of 0.10 USD, up to a maximum of 250 USD. Then, all you have to do is watch to see how far will JetX go.

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Cbet Bonuses

  • 10 Free Flights: Deposit 10 EUR and get a chance to win 10 Free Flights. To claim this offer, make a deposit of 10€ using one of the deposit methods listed on the “Deposit” page of your player account. After your money has been deposited to your account, go to your free spins tab and input the following bonus code in your player account within the hour: DISCOVER
  • UPTO 200 EUR Welcome Bonus: To play on JetX, take advantage of a unique offer that doubles your deposit! After placing a minimum deposit of 10€, all players are eligible for the bonus.
  • Wager Rage Slots UPTO $300: Enjoy a 50% reload bonus up to 300€ on all deposits made during the day every Wednesday at Cbet, plus 50 free spins on a different machine every week. Participate in the wager race slots by betting on Casino and LiveCasino!
10 Free Flights
10 Free Flights

Cbet Review: Mobile Application

The Cbet platform is currently servicing its users through the website and mobile applications. However, the mobile application is not explicitly available on the Google Play Store or Apple store. You can avail of the mobile application service through a link mentioned on their official website which you can find down below the home page.

Mobile Application
Mobile Application

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Cbet Deposits

Depositing on Cbet is very easy and it usually takes a few seconds to deposit money on your Cbet.gg account. Different payments methods to deposit money and their limit are given below. There is no deposition fee.

Cbet Deposits
Cbet Deposits

Cbet Withdrawals

Withdrawing money from Cbet can be done through various payment gateways. One noteworthy thing here is that before a withdrawal is allowed to be made your deposit has to be wagered at least one time, this means that the amount you have deposited needs to be played for once. If the deposit is done via a cryptocurrency, then it has to be wagered 3 times.

Cbet Withdrawals
Cbet Withdrawals

Is Cbet Safe?

Cbet is an entirely safe platform to gamble and play along with earning fortunes for yourself. It offers more than 3000 casino games from the providers. Each of the providers at Cbet is 100% legit and offer secure encryption so you can game safely. Your assets are also stored in cold wallets ensuring maximum safety.

What is Cbet Money?

$CBET, or as they like to say, the money of gamblers, is a community-run token that can be used on its parent site, Cbet. This is a BEP-20 token, i.e., developed on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The token is relatively new and puts a lot of questions in the user’s mind. Here are some of its features:

Cbet Money
Cbet Money

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Cbet Money Review: Features

In all fairness, for a relatively new token, $CBET holds a lot of potential. Though there are certain things which you need to look upon but overall, it’s worth giving it a shot, at least once. Here below are some well-put and intuitive features that can prove to be quite beneficial for the user base.

  • Get extra funds on your Cbet account.

Whenever you deposit $CBET on your Cbet account, your balance gets +25% extra funds! A well-pondered step favouring their side as the users will be tempted to invest more in their Cbet account.

  • On-chain staking

Well, you might ask what is on-chain staking. It basically means earning money even without making transactions. Each $CBET wallet holder will receive 5% of all transactions executed on-chain pro-rata based, which essentially translates to “in proportion”. Meaning a process where whatever is being allocated will be distributed in equal portions. There is no need to transfer your tokens to anyone; hold and earn while the world is gambling.

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Cbet Review: Must Read Before Playing Crypto Betting Games!
On-chain staking
  • Flash Loans

This feature is something users find pretty beneficial. Whenever we are in need of cash or money in our bank accounts, we are deliberately forced to sell our tokens, which is not a bad thing but something that disturbs our portfolio. But here, you do not need to sell your $CBET tokens if you need cash. Instead, the platform offers 50% flash loans to their users whenever they need them. So get 50% flash loans and keep your tokens safe in your wallets!

  • Monthly Supply Burns

For those who don’t know what crypto-burning is, “Burning” crypto means permanently removing a number of tokens from circulation. It can help the cryptocurrency rise in value. In this case, 50% of all $CBET deposited on Cbet will be burnt every month, further benefiting $CBET holders from Cbet users’ activity!

  • Liquidity Acquisition

5% of all transactions made on-chain going for 50% as BNB on the exchange, 50% as $CBET Token on the exchange, the contract is locked from the start.

  • Live Price Calculator

It helps you check the current price of the CBET token before you think of purchasing it.

  • Time Machine

An extremely cool feature for the minds that wouldn’t rest. Everyone has a craving to compare their past asset’s price to the current market price, and Cbet lets us do the exact same. On their website, you’ll find a time machine that will help you find the historical price of Cbet. It will also help you know your investment’s worth you had in the past if you would have it in the present. Interesting, isn’t it?

Time Machine
Time Machine

Statistics of $CBET

Total Supply: 1015 (1 quadrillion)Listing Type: Fair Launch AuctionExchange: PancakeSwap
Blockchain: Binance Smart ChainSmart Contract: CBETType of token: BEP-20
Statistics Of Cbet.gg
Statistics of Cbet

Where to buy $CBET?

You can buy Cbet tokens on its own parent website, Cbet, and on PancakeSwap.

Where To Buy $Cbet?
Where to buy $CBET?

From Cbet’s website:

  1. For buying the tokens on Cbet official website, you have to go to the home page and click on buy cbet tokens.
  2. A window will open. You are required to fill in all the details mentioned there.
Buy From Buy From Cbet.gg Websitecbet
Buy from Cbet website
  1. Whenever you are done, click on finish registration.

Note that the currency you’ll select here will be your default currency used for all transaction purposes in the future.

  1. The currencies available are USD, EUR, BRL, CAD, and RUB.
  2. You can use a Visa card, MasterCard and many others to continue your transaction.

From PancakeSwap:

You can buy Cbet tokens on PancakeSwap’s website as well. The available pairs are BNB/ CBET and ETH/CBET.

CBET Money Review: CBET Referral Program

Every time you refer your Cbet referral link to someone (link mentioned on the top-left when you open the homepage), you’ll receive $20 in BNB or an equivalent amount in other currency, given that a successful registration happens with that link.

You can also get that link through a telegram group. To get the telegram group’s link, you have to visit the website as shown below in the image.

Cbet Referral Program
CBET Referral Program

Should you invest in a CBET coin?

Investing in any crypto has its own set of risks and profits, but here are some of the expository features of $CBET that you might find important.

  • The market volume of cbet tokens, though pretty low as of now, is increasing at a reasonable rate, manifesting the likeability of this token among users, albeit it still has a long way to go.
  • $CBET desktop is very user-friendly, and it is feeless (when purchased from the official website).
  • It is compatible with wallets like MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet.
  • The demerit is that this token can currently be used only for gambling and playing different games on Cbet.


It is very early to put it in a box, good or bad category per se. Though $CBET is a promising coin and is also very well thought out, just like other cryptos, it has risks too. Therefore, you must research and consult your financial adviser before investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I create my Cbet account?

All you have to do to get started is click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the upper menu header and fill in all the required fields. Once all this is done, your account will be fully active.

2- Is CBET token legit?

The token, though fairly new, is pretty reliable and offers a lot of perks to its user. The user base is increasing steadily exhibiting it is legitimate. However, just like other cryptos, it has risks too.

3- How can I buy Cbet tokens?

You can buy Cbet tokens on its own parent website, Cbet, and on PancakeSwap.

4- Is my invested money safe in Cbet?

All the investments, in the form of Bitcoins or $CBET, are stored in cold wallets that are completely isolated from any online system. Being in cold wallets, they are protected with air-gap isolation. Also, all wallets are encrypted ensuring robust security.

5- Does Cbet have a mobile application?

Yes, Cbet has a mobile application. You can avail of the mobile application service through a link mentioned on their official website which you can find down below the home page.

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