Tangem Review: A Crypto Hardware Wallet Unboxed!

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Tangem advances the way crypto enthusiasts transfer, store and exchange their assets. It has high-level security and focuses on emerging tech & standards, interoperability, and open-source software. In this “Tangem Review,” we will be diving deep into the platform and all its features. 

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Summary (TL;DR)

  • Tangem is a high-tech company that has laid down its roots in the blockchain sector and was founded in the year 2017. 
  • Tangem Cards help transfer, buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency in just a few taps with your device. 
  • Tangem TWIN is basically a set of two cards that are programmed to access the same Bitcoin wallet. This second card is like a backup key. 
  • With Tangem Notes, you can use the top six cryptocurrencies like BTC, BNB, ETH, XRP, DOGE, and ADA. 
  • Tangem Mobile app supports both iOS and Android but with versions 13+ and 5.0, respectively. 
  • The firmware is also audited by the top audit security firm known as Kudelski Security. 
  • Tangem Wallet allows you to manage over 600+ tokens and 13 blockchains. 

What is Tangem?

Tangem AG is a well-known high-tech company in the blockchain sector. It is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, with branches in Eastern Europe, APAC, and North America, and was established in the year 2017. They partner with major players like Cardano, Stellar, Kudelski Security, VISA, NXP, and Samsung. Moreover, they are members of the leading blockchain industry associations like Hyperledger and GBBC. Tangem owns and promotes technologies that securely bring digital assets to the physical world and serve people in 108 countries. 

Tangem Website
Tangem Website

Tangem Review: Features

  • Tangem has a simplistic design with no need for batteries, PC, or even wires. You just need to have a smartphone. 
  • The platform offers its users complete ownership and security of their private keys.
  • Tangem app allows users to buy, sell and even transfer cryptos in just a few taps. 
  • The Tangem platform also offers users the highest certification level among all crypto hardware wallets.
  • Tangem wallet has over 600+ currencies on 13 blockchains simultaneously, and 100+ dApps are also accessible.
  • The platform is easy-to-use as it has NFC-powered Store and Transacts Digital Assets.
  • Tangem cards can be taken and used everywhere. It supports worldwide Standard & Express services available.  
Tangem Features
Tangem Features

Tangem Review: Tangem Wallet

Tangem wallet is a multi-currency hardware wallet that helps manage various cryptos with access to DeEx, NFT, DeFi, and more. The wallet helps you manage your favourite currency over 13 blockchains and across 600+ tokens. Moreover, the buying and selling of cryptos are also easy as it lets you buy crypto with Apple/Google pay, credit cards, and debit cards. In addition to this, you can stop worrying about papers, pictures, and seed phrases by using another Tangem Wallet as your backup.

The card generates private keys, making it secure as your primary device, but only three cards can be connected to one wallet for ultimate backup. Furthermore, it is firmware audited by the world’s top laboratory, Kudelski Security. 

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Tangem Wallet
Tangem Wallet

Tangem Review: Tangem Card 

A Tangem card is a high-level secured hardware cold wallet that is made to store any kind of Bitcoin/digital assets or other cryptocurrencies on blockchain technology. Also, it can perform an infinite number of transactions and are fully reusable.  

Tangem Card allows you to

  • Check the assets it’s holding and the validity of the card.
  • It shows the assets blockchain address.
  • Allows you to buy crypto in the app directly using Apple/Google pay or with your credit card.
  • Send funds to other blockchain wallets or Tangem Cards. 
  • You can pay Merchants who are currently accepting crypto via QR codes with this card. 
  • IP68 further makes this card virtually indestructible in the face of water and dust. Moreover, you can even put it in snow.  
  • The card is durable enough to withstand and perform from -35C to +85C. 

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Tangem Review: Tangem Note

People new to crypto need not worry as Tangem Note is explicitly designed for them. Users can purchase or sell crypto freely in just a few clicks. This feature of Tangem is as simple to use as regular cash; all that you’ll need is a smartphone and a card.

Moreover, you can just hand your Tangem Note like cash to anyone, and they will have cryptos on their hands. In addition to this, Tangem Note is a perfect choice if you want to invite your family, friends, or colleagues to the world of crypto. These are unlike the classic gift cards as it keeps on growing. Furthermore, NFC in your phone and Tangem app is just enough as it needs no batteries, wires, or computers. 

Tangem Note
Tangem Note

Tangem Review: Tangem TWIN  

Tangem TWIN is a Bitcoin hardware wallet that helps secure access to your Bitcoin with no cost to safety and utmost ease. Here two cards meet one wallet, which means you will get two cards connected to one Bitcoin wallet. TWIN does not ask or require you to keep track of anything other than your own card – no passcodes, pictures, or seed phrases. The second card is used as a backup.

Moreover, by giving your second TWIN card to your loved ones, you can securely share your hardware wallet. In addition to this feature, the TWIN hardware wallet is highly secure as it is EAL6+ certified, which is marked as the highest level of security among all the hardware wallets today. Kudelski Security also audits it to ensure data privacy at all times, even from Tangem itself. 

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Tangem Twin
Tangem Twin

How to get started with Tangem?

To get started with Tangem, you need to follow some steps right away, and those are

  1. First, get your Tangem Wallet.  
  2. Then download the Tangem App from the links present on their website. 
  3. Scan the card correctly by holding your phone over the card and generating the private keys. The private key will be automatically generated when you tap your card to your phone using the True Random Number Generator. 
  4. Load your funds to a Tangem card by transferring them from another wallet or buying crypto in the app directly using Apple/Google pay or Credit Card. 
  5. Lastly, set up your backup on Tangem Wallet. 
Tangem Sign-Up
Tangem Sign-Up

Tangem Review: Security 

Tangem provides excellent security to its users and keeps their funds safe. It generates a unique private key by making use of the True Random Number generator. This private key is further never disclosed anywhere and to anyone. It also has the highest certification level among all the hardware wallets- EAL6+ by Common Criteria. Furthermore, the firmware is audited by the top audit security firm called Kudelski Security.

Moreover, the Tangem card architecture keeps your keys secure and offline. In addition to this, each Tangem Card holds a secure chip that further allows you to carry and store digital assets. Furthermore, the private keys that were talked about earlier do not exist before you start using the card. It will only get generated when you activate the card and is permanently stored. This means that nobody can access this key, not even Tangem itself.

Tangem Security
Tangem Security

Tangem Review: Mobile App

The Tangem mobile app helps you access your Tangem card quickly. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that connects the robust Tangem hardware wallets and the mighty blockchain. Once the Tangem app is downloaded, tap the card, and NFC technology will enable you to check your account balance and manage all your crypto -from transfers to holdings, all with rock-solid security you can trust. The mobile application is available for iOS and Android users both. Moreover, some points need to be noted while downloading the mobile app, and those are:

  • The android version should be 5.1+ with tag reading and NFC support. Android 7.0+ smartphones with the newest NFC modules are recommended for better performance and stability of NFC communication. 
  • The app should be installed before buying Tangem banknotes if you will use them with your smartphone devices. Due to poor NFC performance, a few smartphone models have been disabled. 
  • Your smartphone occasionally loses NFC connection while withdrawing funds from Tangem beta banknotes. At that moment, just repeat until it succeeds or try using another device. 
Tangem Mobile App
Tangem Mobile App

Tangem Customer Support 

The customer support service provided by Tangem aims at providing its customers with every possible solution. They have a dedicated FAQ section with many frequently asked questions from users. Here you will get answered to most of your queries.

If still some of the queries are left, you can raise a support ticket on their website. Moreover, this Beginner’s guide is available for all the users to get knowledge about the platform. In addition to this, you can also join the global community of Tangem Users via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

Tangem Customer Support
Tangem Customer Support

Tangem Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Tangem is present in about 108 countries on five continents, except for Antarctica.  The Tangem mobile app is not compatible with older iOS models or devices that lack NFC support. 
Your transactions/operations in blockchain are never tracked. Your smartphone might sometimes lose NFC connectivity while withdrawing funds. 
Tangem card is durable enough to perform from -35𝇈C to +85𝇈C. 
It has ultimate security and the highest certification level among other crypto hardware wallets. 
Buy, transfer and sell your crypto in just a few taps using the Tangem mobile app. 
It has 600+ currencies on 13 blockchains simultaneously. 

Tangem Review: Conclusion 

At last, I would just like to say that Tangem is a well-versed platform with various products and features. It is dedicated to using digital assets globally and enhancing their nature. It has an advanced one-stop ecosystem of cryptocurrency wallets that works precisely like credit cards with NFC modules. Moreover, the platform has ultimate security with the highest level of certification. Hope with this “Tangem Review”, you must have gathered enough information about the platform. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you lose one TWIN card?

You can still access your wallet with the second card if you have lost the first one. You may also set a password in the Tangem App if you further want to protect your card. Hence, because of this password protection, anyone who may try to access your lost card would be prevented from doing so. But, if both cards are lost, you will not recover your funds. 

How do I check the validity of a Tangem card?

In order to check the validity of your card, you just need first to open the Tangem app and then tap the card to the NFC scanner present inside your phone. It will take only a few minutes. Furthermore, the app will verify all the Card details and see if it’s genuine or not, obtain the balance from the blockchain, and possess the correct private keys.

What are the Public and Private keys?

Public Key – This kind of key is similar to your mailing address; you share it to receive emails. This key is meant to be distributed among people to receive your funds there. Moreover, it is derived from the private key. 
Private Key – This key should be kept a secret because it gives you access to your crypto and allows you to sign transactions. If you own this key, you are the owner of the funds. 

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