NOWPayments Review : A Non-custodial Crypto Payment Gateway

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NOWPayments is a payment gateway that enables people all over the world to accept and make custody-free payments in cryptocurrency.

Created by ChangeNOW in 2019, NOWPayments is aimed to develop a client-oriented crypto payment gateway.

Pros and Cons

Let’s point out the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

NOWPayments Pros

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies support
  • Fiat conversion
  • Reasonable fees
  • Non-Custodial wallet support
  • Invoices

NOWPayments Cons

  • No Point of sale (PoS) support
  • No mobile app to use

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Nowpayments Review : A Non-Custodial Crypto Payment Gateway
NOWPayments features review

Let’s point out the key features of NOWPayments.

  • To begin with, NOWPayments has a transparent, safe, and easy to use APIs. In addition, merchants can enjoy a huge variety of widgets, buttons, and plugins that can be integrated in a few seconds. 
  • With invoices, you are able to receive payments from your customers quickly. This option positively influences the representation of your brand and enables you to track your financial operations in a minimalistic way. The instructions are simple: insert the order information, the currency, and set the price. Send your invoice as a link or a QR-code.
  • Our services provide you with an opportunity to convert fiat to crypto. You can pay in USD and receive cryptocurrency in return. To work it out, make an invoice, but don’t set the cryptocurrency, go to the URL, complete the instructions, pay, and get cryptocurrency sent to your address.

How it Works

Nowpayments Review : A Non-Custodial Crypto Payment Gateway
NOWPayments review: How it works

All you need to start using NOWPayments is just sign up with your email and insert your account settings. Generate your API, add a wallet, and choose your base currency. Control your payments via the dashboard, send and accept crypto. Also, generate includes via a special form to send them directly to your clients as links or QR-codes.

Comparison with other products

  • Low 0.5% transaction fee (Though no upper limit)
  • Crypto-fiat conversion
  • Option to add coins of your choice
  • Stable coin support
  • Non-Custodial wallet support

Moreover, with NOWPayments you can actually earn money: our beneficial Affiliate program is at your disposal. How it works? Introduce the service to a merchant, get 25$ in NOW token straight after the first transaction, and make passive income receiving 0,2% from each of the merchant’s operations forever and ever.

Nowpayments Review : A Non-Custodial Crypto Payment Gateway
Affiliate program

User Experience

NOWPayments provides its users with a cool and simple UX. The service has an intuitive dashboard on the left and well-structured options in each of the windows. The website itself is always easy to use with all the key features presented at the top of the page.

It takes just a few minutes to integrate our customizable buttons and plugins into the platform. Such options as invoices are also easy to use and save the time of our clients.

Performance and Security

According to reviews of our customers, NOWPayments meets the needs of cryptocurrency users in an impressively efficient way. As for security, NOWPayments has no negative cases.


NOWPayments is proud to provide its users with transparent fees that are up to 0.5%. If the operation requires any automatic conversion, exchange partners also take a fee of up to 0.5%.


Apart from NOWPayments, the company has a flagship product ChangeNOW, which can help crypto-fiat conversion. NOWPayments provides all the features of a mainstream crypto payment gateway app with a low transaction fee. So if you are looking for a crypto payment gateway, try NOWPayments.

Let us know what you think about our NOWPayments review in the comment section.

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