Convert Bitcoin – Best Crypto Exchange Services

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There are multiple crypto exchange (Coin Swap) services that help you covert cryptocurrencies. Most of these services are non-custodial and do not require signup. Using these services, you can convert bitcoin or altcoins. In addition, some of these services also offer to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat. Let’s dive in.

How does Coin Swap work?

Let’s say you want to convert 1 BTC to ETh. Here is an overview of the exchange process step by step. 

  • Select 1 BTC, and the service will populate the amount of Eth you will receive based on the exchange rate (This exchange rate is approximate and varies for different services)
  • Enter the Ethereum address in which you want to receive the ETh. 
  • Then the service will show you a Bitcoin address, send the exact amount of BTC to that address 
  • Enter your email for notifications (Optional)
  • Always save the OrderId or TransactionId, in case something goes wrong
  • Now wait for your coins 


ChangeNow is one of the most reliable crypto exchange services. It doesn’t require any signup and doesn’t impose a maximum limit.

In addition, you can also buy cryptocurrencies using your Master or Visa card with ChangeNow.

 The team has built multiple products around coin conversion. Such as NowPayments helps you accept payment in any cryptocurrencies and convert in the currency of your choice instantly. 

ChangeNow features:

  • Support fiat-to-crypto buying
  • Automatically provides the best exchange rate
  • APIs available
  • Available on web and Andriod
  • Supports more than 50+ crypto assets including Stablecoins

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Convert Bitcoin - Best Crypto Exchange Services


ShealthEX is a user-friendly crypto exchange that is operating since October 2018.The platform offers various features such as instant transactions, no limits, floated and fixed exchange rates, etc. In addition to this, the platform has been operating in the cryptocurrency exchange market since October 2018 and supports over 350+ cryptocurrencies.

ShealthEX Features

  • It is a non-custodial exchange that offers various services.
  • This platform offers a wide range of assets and tokens that are listed on its website. Some of the most popular currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, etc., along with Hype coins and DeFi tokens.
  • The ShealthEX platform is best suited for business, crypto beginners, and experienced traders. The platform is easy to use and understand.


ShapeShift is one of the oldest crypto exchange service. The company was founded in 2014 by Erik Voorhees.

You don’t need to signup for crypto-asset exchange equivalent up to $50K.

In addition, you can sign up and connect your wallets to exchange your crypto on Shapeshift, if you want high-value exchange. ShapeShift also has a Fox token, using which you can avoid fees.

Other than a crypto exchange service, Shapeshift also built other products, such as CoinCap, a crypto market API provider, and Keepkey, a hardware wallet. 

ShapeShift features:

  • No signup (up to $50k equivalent crypto-asset exchange)
  • Non-custodial
  • Buy crypto using fiat
  • You can connect crypto wallets
  • Supports multiple crypto assets
  • Automatically provides the best exchange rate
  • APIs available 

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Convert Bitcoin - Best Crypto Exchange Services


Changelly is a non-custodial coin swap service that does not require any account creation.

Unlike other coin exchange services, Changelly is transparent about the fee. It charges .25% as an exchange fee and has high exchange limits. However, If you are a developer, you can integrate with Changelly APIs or use its widget to earn money.

Changelly features:

  • Non-custodial and No signup
  • High exchange limits
  • Support cryptocurrency buying and selling for fiat 
  • Transparent .25% as transaction fee 
  • Automatically provides the best exchange rate
  • APIs available
  • Available on web, Andriod, and iOS
  • Supports more than 150+ crypto assets including Stablecoins
Convert Bitcoin - Best Crypto Exchange Services


Swaplab is a simple crypto exchange service using which you can convert Bitcoin and other altcoins. Like other services, It is a non-custodial and doesn’t require any signup or account creation. 

SwapLab features:

  • No signup and non-custodial
  • Supports 20+ assets
  • Automatically provides the best exchange rate
  • Available on web
Convert Bitcoin - Best Crypto Exchange Services


SimpleSwap supports more than 225 cryptocurrencies. It’s a non-custodial with no signup needed.

In addition, anyone can integrate with SimpleSwap using its APIs and earn a commission for every conversion. 

SimpleSwap features:

  • upports 200+ assets
  • Offers APIs for integration
  • Automatically provides the best exchange rate
  • Available on web
Convert Bitcoin - Best Crypto Exchange Services


Swapzone is an exchange aggregator working with non-custodial instant cryptocurrency swap services. Currently, the service supports over 300 assets for swaps at best rates and operates through 10+ partnering platforms (for example, Changelly, SimpleSwap, Godex, and ChangeNOW). The aim of the platform is to provide as much information on cryptocurrency swap rates and services as possible, all in one convenient interface.

Swapzone features

  • Non-custodial
  • No registration or account creation needed
  • Wide range of coins and tokens to choose from (includes Stablecoins)
  • Multiple exchange partners with the possibility to choose among services
  • Exchange offers sorted by the best rate

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Convert Bitcoin - Best Crypto Exchange Services

Wrapping up…

CoinSwitch is a crypto exchange aggregator that shows the best exchange prices by scanning multiple websites. Therefore, you would like to check it out before using the services mentioned above.

In addition, many of these crypto exchange services provide APIs, widgets, affiliate links, and white label solutions. You can earn commission by integrating or advertising these services. 

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