StealthEX Review: Is it legit? [Must Read]

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StealthEX is a user-friendly platform that has been operating in the cryptocurrency exchange market since October 2018. Hence, in this StealthEX review, we will look at all the platform’s features and how you can use your credit card to buy crypto assets.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • StealthEX is a user-friendly crypto exchange that is operating since October 2018.
  • The platform offers various features such as instant transactions, no limits, floated and fixed exchange rates, etc.
  • You can easily start using StealthEX by choosing a trading pair and entering the receiver’s address.
  • The platform also provides you an option to buy crypto assets using a credit card.

StealthEX review: Features

StealthEX has a wide user-base and provides its services internationally. In addition, thousands of users include it in the top crypto exchanges for the following reasons:

  • A great selection of cryptocurrencies: Since StealthEX offers over 600 assets, this platform is the answer to “which crypto exchange has the most coins?”. New tokens are constantly added to the platform. Also, StealthEX publishes articles about different crypto projects regularly to help investors find the best coins.
  • Instant exchange: StealthEX is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges with fast transactions. Users don’t need to provide much information or wait for hours to get their tokens.  
  • A non-custodial platform: A user is the sole owner of the private key and digital assets. There are no intermediaries or centralized authority to control the funds. This minimizes the risk of wallet hacking and cryptocurrency theft.
  • No limits: Users are allowed to exchange as many coins as they need.
  • Floated and fixed exchange rates: A floated exchange rate is set by default, and it changes with the market conditions. But users can change it to the fixed one if they want to reduce possible risks and make precise crypto-to-crypto swaps.
  • Partnerships: StealthEX provides the best way to buy crypto and partners with Swapzone, Swapspace, and other popular projects. 
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How to Use StealthEX Exchange?

If someone wants to buy crypto and wonders how to use cryptocurrency exchange, they should follow this guideline:

  • Select the pair and the sum for the exchange at StealthEX. For example, ETH to BTC.
  • Then, press the “Start exchange” button.
  • Enter the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
  • Make the deposit.
  • Receive exchanged tokens.

The process usually takes from 5 to 30 minutes. The precise time depends on the exchange sum, a particular token, and the network congestion.

How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card?

StealthEX lets everyone buy crypto with credit cards with no hidden fees. Users can buy assets with EUR, RUB, USD, and GBP. In addition, more fiat currencies will be added soon. 

Fiat exchange feature is an excellent way to buy the most frequently used cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), Algorand (ALGO), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and many more.

How to use cryptocurrency exchange with a credit card? It’s as easy as when someone exchanges one crypto to another. This process is provided with the help of Mercuryo and takes just a few minutes.

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Steps to Buy Crypto with a Credit Card?

You can follow the below steps at StealthEX to buy crypto assets using a credit card:

  1. Switch to Buy Crypto.
  2. Select a suitable fiat currency from the left drop-and-down list and a cryptocurrency from the correct list.
  3. Enter the sum they want to exchange and see how many tokens they will receive to their wallets.
  4. Press the Start Exchange button.  
  5. Provide the recipient’s address, confirm with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documents.
  6. Get transferred to the Mercuryo platform and follow the steps there.

StealthEX review: Customer Support

If users have issues buying cryptocurrency or want to solve their problems instantly, customer support is ready to help them. It’s possible to contact it through online chat or their email [email protected]. Customer support works 24/7 and answers questions immediately, even at night.

But before contacting the support team, it’s better to visit the FAQ page. Answers on exchange time, fees, limits are available there.

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StealthEX Customer Support

StealthEX Review: Mobile Exchange App

StealthEX has just released its own brand new product, a mobile crypto exchange app, and it’s already available on GooglePlay. It has become even easier to get the best rate for your favorite cryptocurrency! Over 600 crypto coins and tokens are listed.

StealthEX review: Summary

After all, StealthEX is a convenient platform for users who think about the best crypto exchange. This platform allows everyone to buy as many coins as they need using fiat money and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, since it’s non-custodial, all transactions are secure, the process itself is quick and easy to understand, even for amateur crypto investors. 

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