7 Best Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms

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If you’re with a great chunk of money and your platform charges a 0.5% fee, then you probably might be paying a lot more than you should. Hence, there exists zero fee crypto exchange that charges you very minimal or no fee. This article will ponder around 8 such platforms and will try to help you determine which of them is best for your trading journey.

Summary (TL;DR)

  1. There are various exchanges in the crypto market that charge no fee for trading.
  2. Amplify, a crypto platform supporting 11 assets, operational in 176+ countries enables- P2P trading, Fiat gateway, asset analytics, and custodial services. However, it does not work in the US.
  3. Moving on, Crypto.com serves 100+ crypto assets on deep order book liquidity. It offers a wide variety of financial services. However, It is not globally accessible.
  4. Kucoin allows multiple crypto assets, fiat currencies, and trading pairs. Moreover, it extends the advanced and massive variety of financial services at high liquidity.
  5. Lykke is a trading platform but known for its wallet. However, It is not suitable for beginners; US traders can not trade on the portal.
  6. Likewise, Newton is a No Fee Crypto exchange for Canadians that offers few primary services.
  7. Phemex is a Singaporean exchange with limited services at users’ disposal. It offers crypto trading and leveraged and spot trading without any verification.
  8. Shapeshift is a crypto trading platform for quick and instant transactions. It offers crypto swapping, two order options- fast and precise, and cold wallet service. It is globally available. 

Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges can eat up a huge portion of your profits. Therefore, we decided to look for exchanges that do not impose any crypto trading fee.

Exchange Supported CryptosFeatures
Amplify11Globally available; fastest P2P trading; secure
Crypto.com100+A wide array of crypto assets, fiat currencies, and trading pairs
Kucoin200+Comes with Spot, Margin, Derivatives, Trading bot, etc.
Lykke90+Functional Lykke Wallet
Newton10+Suitable for Canadian Traders; offers rare coins
Phemex12Suitable for anonymous traders
Shapeshift50+Known for quick and instant trade

1st Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Amplify

What is Amplify?

It is a crypto trading platform that enables crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto transactions. In addition, the portal affirms trading Bitcoin & Altcoin is commission-free. Consequently, it ensures strong portfolios. Moreover, it extends many services in over 176 countries.

Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Amplify
Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Amplify

Amplify Features

Amplify exchange has numerous services, but the primary one being P2P trading. Also, traders get asset analysis and a quick trading option with complete security.   

  1. Peer-to-Peer Trading: It primarily works as an exchange for P2P trading. It is one of the fastest trading portals for P2P transactions.
  2. Fiat Gateway: Users can purchase/ sell fiat and cryptocurrencies quickly and safely.
  3. Asset Analytics: It extends analytics of assets to ensure maximum profit with each transaction.
  4. Secure Funds: It keeps all the users’ funds safe with cold storage technology. 
  5. Custodial Services: The portal extends insurance to the secured funds up to 100M USD as an added safety measure.

It connects various source exchanges and liquidity to bring the best bid and offer. It supports 14 crypto pairs. Moreover, It brings forth security and custody solutions. It verifies and checks all the sellers, extends 2-FA, escrow, highest level encryption, in addition to professionally audited security.

Why to choose amplify?

Amplify has a transparent fee structure with no hidden fees. In addition, it does not charge any commission on trading for retail traders. However, there is no prerequisite for zero-fee trading and it is accessible for all. 

Pros and Cons

Simple and SecureNot available in the US
Transparent Fee Structure; No hidden feesLess number of crypto assets
Best Bid and Offer to get the best price for your transactions
Suitable for beginners and experienced

2nd Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Crypto.com

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is a fast-growing crypto exchange serving over 10 million traders and accepting 100 cryptocurrencies and 20 fiat currencies. In addition, it offers multiple services on a deep order book liquidity in all market conditions. To know more, read our Crypto.com Review.

Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Crypto.com

Crypto.com Features

  1. Crypto Trading: Users can buy/ sell crypto at the best possible execution price without any markups.
  2. Derivatives Exchange: The platform allows BTC/ USD perpetual contracts with USDC as collateral. Leverage trading goes up to 50X leverage.
  3. Crypto Earn: Users earn interest up to 6.5% p.a. for storing their funds.
  4. Crypto Credit: Crypto Credit extends instant loans for up to 50% of collateral value. Moreover, the interest rate ranges from 8%-12%, depending upon the balance of CRO- Crypto.com native token.
  5. DeFi Wallet: Even so the users get non-custodial wallets, the control over funds and private keys remain with them. 
  6. DeFi Swap: Users can swap DeFi Tokens from their wallets directly with DeFi Swap.
  7. VISA Card: Traders from Canada, the UK, Singapore, the USA, and Europe can obtain a Crypto.com visa card and use it at supported retail or merchants.
  8. Mobile App: Users can access the Crypto.com app for fast, easy, and safe trading via iOS and Android devices. 
  9. NFT Platform: Crypto.Com has it’s in-house NFT platform.

Additionally, Crypto.com gives features such as Syndicate, Supercharger, and Margin Spot.

The platform supports deposits through electronic bank transfers or wire transfers. It adopts cold storage wallet and 2-FA measures for security.

Crypto.com does not charge any fees on deposit. Furthermore, debit/ Credit card crypto purchases are at the zero-trading commission for the first 30-days. This later goes between 1.49%- 3.99%. After that, trading fees start at 0.20%.

Pros and Cons 

Low transaction feesMight be Overwhelming for a beginner
A user-friendly platform
A wide range of cryptos and crypto trading pairs

3rd Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Kucoin Exchange

What is Kucoin Exchange?

KuCoin is a crypto trading platform offering over 200 cryptocurrencies with a wide array of trading pairs, fiat currencies, and crypto services. In addition to this, It provides high liquidity to over 6 million users in a simple and functional interface. To know more, read our KuCoin review.

Kucoin Exchange
Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin Features

Kucoin offers 200+ crypto assets and a variety of features/ services at users’ disposal. It can go from the margin, futures, OTC, lending to P2P.

  • KuCoin Margin Trading: KuCoin offers margin trading with leverage up to 10X for 35+ trading pairs. Moreover, users can go LONG or SHORT positions.
  • Kucoin Futures Trading: Users can sell future standardized contracts of various financial assets. In addition, traders can trade margin contracts with up to 100X leverage.
  • KuCoin OTC Trading Desk: A platform apt for bulk trades without crypto price variations. *KYC is essential for OTC trading. 
  • KuCoin Lending Platform: Users can lend crypto to other users with interest rates ranging from 0-0.2% for up to 28 days.
Kucoin Lending
Kucoin Lending
  • KuCoin P2P: Users can buy/ sell crypto through P2P trading with PayPal and other fiat payment methods.

The extended interface is intuitive and user-friendly. It enables limit, stop, post-only, iceberg, and market orders. Moreover, It provides advanced charts for trading. 

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Pros and Cons

Low feesBank Deposits not supported
A wide array of crypto assets
Rewards on staking crypto assets
No-compulsion of KYC

4rth Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Lykke Exchange

What is Lykke Exchange?

Lykke is an unconventional crypto trading exchange. It extends a trading platform for crypto-to-fiat and vice versa trading. In particular, the Wallet offered by Lykke is what attracted traders. It is in the form of an app available for iOS and Android devices.

Lykke Exchange
Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Lykke Exchange

Lykke Wallet Features

Lykke Wallet can do much more than storing crypto for you. It can:

  1. Validates transactions
  2. Import Private Keys
  3. Portfolio Management 
  4. Margin Trading
  5. Crypto Transaction without any fee or commission

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Lykke extends financial products/ services catering to B2B and B2C levels. It provides security through KYC and AML standards and a wide array of trading pairs. 

Lykke does not impose any trading fees. The withdrawal fee is also as low as 0.0005 BTC; fiat withdrawal is free. Deposits supported are – wire transfers and credit cards. Lykke does not charge deposit fees. Although, banks might charge a transaction fee.

Pros and Cons

Low feesUS Traders can not Trade
SecurePoor Customer Support
Many crypto assetsNot Suitable for beginners
Functional Mobile Crypto Wallet
Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Options

5th Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Newton Exchange

What is Newton Exchange?

Newton is a Canadian crypto exchange decently new in the market. It focuses on Canadian traders with few crypto assets at disposal. Yet, it delivers cryptocurrencies not supported by other exchanges in Canada.

Newton Exchange
Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Newton Exchange

Newton Features

Newton is a simple platform with limited digital assets and services. However, an advanced version offers more features and lower fees. 

  1. It majorly focuses on the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few others {XRP, XLM, XMR, USDT, QCAD, DOGE, BCH, and USDC}.
  2. It provides a mobile application for iOS and Android. 
  3. It comes with a built-in wallet. 

Moreover, It has an advanced portal- Newton Pro. Firstly the interface provides a transparent order book. Secondly, the Maker/ taker fee stands at 0.10%, with a 4X tighter spread.

Newton Features

It accepts deposits and withdrawals via direct deposit, wire transfer, and cryptocurrencies. It offers high liquidity. In particular, direct deposit and crypto deposits and withdrawals are quick. Moreover, It has high-class security. It is PIPEDA-compliant. 

Newton does not impose any trading, deposit, or withdrawal fee. However, it makes up for this by charging on the spreads varying from 0.5%-1.27%. Also, a network fee is applicable.

Pros and Cons 

It is a crypto exchange from Canada and for Canada. 

It has low fees and is a functional mobile application. However, It has minimal features with no ease and privacy in trading.

Offers rare coins not offered by Canadian exchangesCannot withdraw until FIAT payment clearance
Low feesPervading Access to Bank Account
Mobile applicationOnly accessible to Canadian Traders

Limited cryptocurrencies

6th Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Phemex Exchange

What is Phemex Exchange?

Phemex is a Singaporean exchange focusing on spot trading and derivatives. Nevertheless, It extends many other services. To know more, read our Phemex Review.

Phemex Exchange
Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Phemex Exchange

Phemex Features

The main focus of Phemex is spot and derivative trading. Moreover, leverage options of up to 100X are available. 

  1. Crypto Trading: Trading View includes order book, price charts for target crypto, order history, and buy/sell boxes.
  2. Leveraged Trading: Phemex enables leveraged trading for up to 100X leverage for 7 trading pairs. It also allows perpetual contracts.
  3. Spot Trading: Users can spot trade on eleven cryptocurrencies against USDT- BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, XTZ, LTC, ADA, TRX, ONT, BCH, and NEO. 
  4. Mobile App: It offers an equally functional application for iOS and Android devices.

The exchange keeps adding more crypto assets for trading.

Pros and Cons

No KYC ProcessUS-investors not allowed
Anonymous Traders Friendly

7th Zero Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Shapeshift

What is Shapeshift Exchange?

Shapeshift is a crypto exchange that supports over 50 cryptocurrencies and altcoins each for on-the-spot trade. Though, It does lack some significant altcoins. It holds up to 940 trading pairs.

Shapeshift Exchange
Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms: Shapeshift Exchange

Shapeshift Exchange Features

It extends two order options:

  1. Quick- The quick order is fast, but prices vary a lot in seconds.
  2. Precise- Users get to use a higher deposit limit along with a constant exchange rate.

Traders can begin using the portal without any registration or sign-up. This allows complete anonymity on the exchange. Along with a trading platform, Shapeshift presents a crypto swapping service and a cold crypto wallet. 

Shapeshift accepts deposits through Credit and Debit cards, Cryptocurrency, and Banxa.

It does not charge any trading fee. Alternatively, it imposes a mining fee. This fee varies from crypto to crypto. For example, 0.0006 BTC. Additionally, there is no deposit or withdrawal fee.

Pros and Cons

User-friendlyScams in the past
No verification requiredUnregulated
Suitable for anonymous tradersFiat currencies not accepted
Instant and Quick transactionsDoes not disclose transaction limit
Low feeShapeshift stores tokens of users

Conclusion: Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange Platforms

Phemex, Crypto.com, Kucoin, Amplify, Shapeshift, Lykke, and Newton are the best zero-fee crypto exchanges. Amplify is suitable for P2P trading. One offers the fastest and secure transactions, while the other makes it commission-free. Crypto.com and Kucoin exchange provides a wide array of crypto assets. The first one gives many services; the second one extends an advanced trade portal.

Newton is for Canadian traders as they get to trade with rare coins. Traders desiring fast, quick, and instant trade options look for Shapeshift. Phemex is the right choice for anonymous traders. Moreover, Traders who want to do spot trading at zero fees should choose Phemex. Traders that trade on the go should invest in the Lykke wallet that works just like a crypto platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amplify available in the US?

No, Amplify is operational in over 176 countries. However, the US does not make it to this list. This is because amplified does not support crypto traders in the US.

Is Crypto.com a Good Crypto Exchange?

Crypto.com offers a wide array of features for cryptocurrency investors on a single platform. Customers can trade cryptocurrencies quickly and securely with a credit/debit card. Moreover, It includes advanced trading options, drawing tools, and indicators for intermediate and professional traders.

What is Crypto.com Coin?

Crypto.com has a native CRO token with a current volume of $215.47M. Users get exclusive benefits, discounted fees, and higher earnings on Crypto.com by using this token.

Can traders use Credit Cards on KuCoin?

KuCoin supports crypto purchases via VISA/ MasterCard, Apple Pay, and over 10+ payment options.

What are the withdrawal or deposit options on Lykke?

Lykke supports over 15+ ways to transfer funds. It goes from American Express, Cryptocurrency Deposit, Giropay, iDEAL, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, PaySec, POLi, Post24, Postepay, Przelewy24, Skrill, Sofort, SWIFT Transfer, UnionPay, to Visa.

What is the trading limit on Newton?

Newton places a trading limit of up to CAD 100,000 per transaction. Thus, a trader can trade for CAD 5,000,000 in a day.

Is KYC necessary for Phemex?

No, KYC is not essential on Phemex. Therefore, Phemex is suitable for anonymous traders.

Why did Phemex ban US investors?

Phemex is not operational in the US due to regulatory reasons.

What are the services offered by Shapeshift?

Shapeshift is a crypto exchange for crypto swapping and payment settlement via cryptocurrencies/ altcoins. Thus, it is worth investing in due to quick and instant transactions.

Is Phemex a zero-fee commission?

Phemex has a zero-fee policy for spot trading. However, They charge a premium for zero-fee trading. Premium prices are:
a.       $9.99, 30 days
b.       $19.99, 90 days
c.       $69.99, 365 days
Premium members get to enjoy additional features.
1. Contract Trading pulls maker and taker fee that goes 0.075% and -0.025% respectively.
2. Withdrawals are free; however, the network fee is chargeable.

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